How do you feel when someone here preaches at you?

Sister Jean 2012/12/26 18:18:06
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  • USAF Vet 2013/01/24 09:49:03
    I feel___
    USAF Vet
    As a white, male, heterosexual, gun owning, conservative Christian, with NO criminal record, who loves and served this country, pay all taxes levied, and provide a service to the community, I’m beginning to lose my tolerance with the castigation, insults, name-calling and degradation, leveled my way, from liberal counterparts. Sure, I disagree with the radical left and the progressive agenda, so what…! I have personal beliefs. Unfortunately, there resides a sense that, in the liberal mind, I, and those like me, are pariahs, must be silenced, if not erased from this society. Am I wrong, or do liberals feel this is a ‘one-ideology’ society (theirs), and those who resist and dispel their agenda are a cancer on the country and must be eliminated?
  • MichaelDillon 2013/01/24 00:50:08
    I just haul out the ultimate weapon, I ignore them. ignore them
  • RainbowCloset 2013/01/23 19:10:53
  • Morrison 2013/01/03 19:07:38
    I feel___
    Nauseated. I've had to pull myself away from some Christians in my life because of this. Sad.
  • Veritas 2012/12/30 21:34:37
    I feel___
  • Jerry 2012/12/29 14:43:22
    I feel___
    ...... they say you shouldn't discuss politics and religion, I disagree with that, We talk about all kinds of political issues, and We also talk about all realm of religious issues, I include myself in both discussion forums, I will not use vulgarity in making my views known, I have a strong Christian belief in God, and I am not one to speak meekly in making my point of view understood, if people don't like what I post, then the delete key is not far away, over the years, God has given me a wonderful spiritual gift, on spiritual discernment, to be aware of oncoming changes and issues, before They take place, it's not anything magical, a person can listen or not listen, once I discern eagerness or disinterest I will know what to do..... if a person criticizes me, that is one thing, but speaking against God, I do take issue with, and will deal with each situation one by one, ...... I want to be compassionate and kind, so I don't consider myself a problem for this Soda Head website.....My Friends, They know me, and that makes all the difference in discussing all issues here, .......
  • Kurt 2012/12/27 19:49:44
  • jj ~ssǝuʞɹɐp ɟo uǝǝnb~ 2012/12/27 17:47:26
    I feel___
    jj ~ssǝuʞɹɐp ɟo uǝǝnb~
    it depends i mostly feel uncomfortable but when im in a bad mood it just pisses me off. like please keep your religion to yourself
  • baxter 2012/12/27 15:27:45
    I feel___
    I stop them and say you wasting your time i don"t belive in it go and find some one who does
  • Greg Saunders 2012/12/27 14:20:06
    Greg Saunders
    Depends if they're repeating dogma or instructing you. I won't have someone dictate to me just because they read it in a book.

    Much of what is wrong in this world stems from beliefs and much more because people say nothing.
  • Kidasha 2012/12/27 14:03:57
    I feel___
    depends on what their preaching
  • Kiki,Pixie,Worm 2012/12/27 09:02:59
    It depends on what they are preaching 0.0.
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/12/27 08:31:34
    Cunning Stunts
  • sjalan 2012/12/27 07:05:30
    I usually will enter into a debate with them using scripture to back up my position as well as the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts.
  • Gregaj7 2012/12/27 06:44:03
    If there's the Anointing of The Holy Spirit, fine. If not, exit time.
  • Al B Thayer 2012/12/27 06:15:16 (edited)
    I feel___
    Al B Thayer
    I'll let you kow when it happens.

    Now let me tell you what the bible says about that.
  • KarenInKenoshaWisconsin 2012/12/27 06:09:22
    I feel___
    I'm sorry, what did you say?

  • GreyHeart 2012/12/27 05:54:32
  • susan BN-0 2012/12/27 05:39:57
    susan BN-0
    I don't think anyone likes to be preached at.
  • Ishmael 2012/12/27 04:56:40
    I feel___
    Like posting two relevant scenes from Kingdom of Heaven. The first, I put no stock in Religion

    The second,A valuable Lesson
  • Lady 2012/12/27 02:24:10
    I feel___
    I let them and when they finally finish
    i m not listening gif
  • sneekyfoot 2012/12/27 02:22:54
    I feel___
    I try to see if they are sincere and make the jesture with a good heart , if that is the case I will listen consider and be polite .
  • MissJo 2012/12/27 02:20:40
    I feel___
  • The Amazin' Guru of Chibis 2012/12/27 02:12:44
    I feel___
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    man yawning
    Some of these guys think they're "all that" and they're not.
  • EDWARD G 2012/12/27 02:56:18
  • wildcat 2012/12/27 02:06:08
    I feel___
    sorry for them
  • JeffDeWitt 2012/12/27 01:11:00
    I feel___
    Generally bored... the only time I put up with being preached it is at church on Sunday.
  • michael 2012/12/27 01:09:06
    I feel___
  • Queen B 2012/12/27 00:14:55
    I feel___
    Queen B
  • JohnT 2012/12/27 00:13:59
    I feel___
    Being older I have heard 99% of the diatribe some folks spew as the latest insight in their knowledgeable view. I ignore most of it.
  • addie 2012/12/27 00:04:57
    I feel___
    annoyed sometimes, but their intention makes a difference and if they can also have a regular conversation.
  • Griegg 2012/12/26 22:48:04
    Every instance is different. Unless I'm being insulted by the person I don't mind.
  • rand 2012/12/26 22:16:00
    I feel___
    ...like maybe karma is biting me in the butt.
  • unaff 2012/12/26 22:11:12
    It really depends on the preaching. Though an atheist myself, I see value in some religious teachings. It's when it is used to justify bigotry and hatred that bothers me.
  • Sister ... unaff 2012/12/26 22:17:34
    Sister Jean
  • MadMax 2012/12/26 21:57:16
    I feel___
    Violent. Especially when it's an atheist. Oh whoops, they don't preach, they "inform." Jackasses.
  • Morrison MadMax 2013/01/03 19:13:16
    Wow. Believers in the supernatural are getting mighty insecure these days. Violence? Lovely.
  • MadMax Morrison 2013/01/03 23:11:41
    Of course, I don't like atheists so I must be a theist. I don't believe in the supernatural jackass. I didn't even claim I did you presumptuous prick. Piss off.
  • Morrison MadMax 2013/01/04 01:49:46 (edited)
    Calm down there boss. Don't go gunning down any school kids or anything.
  • John 2012/12/26 21:54:05
    I feel___
    As an atheist, I despise the self righteous, know-it-all types who think they and only they have it all down right and everyone else is wrong.

    I’ve had some good people offer a kind word based on their Christian beliefs or a gesture of prayer and I appreciate that. If it comes from a sincere and good place in their hearts, how could I be upset?

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