How do you deal with parents that think there ALWAYS right and that they do nothing wrong???

xxxKemo ♥Skellington xxx 2011/10/11 22:16:52
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  • MENAH 2011/10/12 16:24:04
    Ignore them.
  • JGF 2011/10/12 08:33:18
    You grow up and one day your children say the same thing about you.
  • Toby 2011/10/12 06:12:41
    Yes......... my mom chain smokes indoors and my mom refuses to admit that its a problem or bad

    & My dads apparently whipped & stupid enough to back her on that
  • Bill 2011/10/12 02:54:56
    Because you little monkeys didn't come with an owners manual, and we're doing the best we can.
  • Crazy Feet 2011/10/12 01:56:55
    Crazy Feet
    Its just a stage....they'll learn. :)
  • kcandi 2011/10/11 23:05:51
    If you figure anything out, let me know. I'm 51 and my mom's 80, and she's still always right, even when she knows she's wrong...
  • DesTay896 2011/10/11 23:01:11 (edited)
    i've learned that if im upset over somethin they do, i shouldnt tell them anything and just smile and act like nothings wrong.
    like this morning, i asked my mom if she would drive me late (15miles to school) so i could say goodbye to one of my friends that moved today and she threw a fit, then walked down in the middle of me telling my dad why i was crying and flipped out again about me pulling a guilt trip and how i had a month to say goodbye to her and that i needed to get over it.
  • Rocky 2011/10/11 22:27:13
    Our family ahd a way of coping with differnces in opinion. We got our say, then daddy had his say...then Mother told us how it would fall. Mother always won. Was that because she always answered last?

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