How do you control your sexual desire?

Layla 2010/01/05 23:44:10
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  • medwreck 2010/01/06 22:58:34
    Knuckle children of course.
  • babydracula 2010/01/06 22:56:30
    well...if im alone i just breath it out hopeing to use such a vital energy on something else or pleasure myself, if not i jump on my boy
  • House of Mystery 2010/01/06 22:12:20
    House of Mystery
    Why sought I control my sexual desire ? I don`t know a reason for this ! A wolf don`t also like to live in a cage !! :)

    Nice greets from Cologne !
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/01/06 21:44:36
    Lady Whitewolf
    Should I??
  • Zeus 2010/01/06 21:17:24
    Aw, do I hafta? :)
  • Nick 2010/01/06 20:14:16
    A healthy regiment of masturbation of course...
  • GLaDOS 2010/01/06 17:35:00
    Ignore it most often...or read something.
  • justus303 2010/01/06 17:31:55
    take my husband into the bedroom....works GREAT!!!!
  • Foxylady 2010/01/06 15:56:26
  • Rover Foxylady 2010/10/19 17:41:35 (edited)
    Control it? WHY??? I give it free reign!!!
  • Johnny Develle 2010/01/06 12:33:48
    Johnny Develle
    Have sex with someone really ugly, sober. Works for a while, you may a have to do it again in a few months though.
  • The heartless 2010/01/06 09:07:25
    The heartless
    I don't have any sexual desire in the first place.... sexual desire
  • Steford... The hea... 2010/01/06 20:47:48
    Steford doesn't follow
    Well I can bet you never did! (one of those fakers)?
  • The hea... Steford... 2010/01/08 05:05:26
    The heartless
    How can i fake it when i haven't experienced it??? whatever buddy...I'm sure you have faked it a few times in your life now haven't you???
  • Steford... The hea... 2010/01/08 12:39:39
    Steford doesn't follow
    How does a man fake orgasm? Have you ever had sex?
  • The hea... Steford... 2010/01/08 13:06:14
    The heartless
    Well i had no idea you are a man because i didn't look at your profile. I don't want to answer your next question.
  • Steford... The hea... 2010/01/08 16:25:41
    Steford doesn't follow
    That's fine with me!
  • <--That... The hea... 2010/01/06 20:57:35
    <--That guy
    That's a lie.
  • The hea... <--That... 2010/01/08 05:03:00
    The heartless
    sure...whatever you think buddy....some people think there are other things to worry about in the world than sex.
  • <--That... The hea... 2010/01/08 06:12:39
    <--That guy
    I'm not saying there aren't, but to say that you have no sexual desire is very strange.
  • The hea... <--That... 2010/01/08 11:54:06 (edited)
    The heartless
    Just because i don't have any sexual desire doesn't make me strange, wierd or any different to the next joe blow.......and even if i did find someone sexually attractive, they wouldn't find me sexually atracitve at all..I'm just to ugly for anyone.
  • <--That... The hea... 2010/01/08 18:58:09
    <--That guy
    Oh come now! I'm sure you're not ugly.
  • The hea... <--That... 2010/01/09 08:45:18 (edited)
    The heartless
    If you saw my profile you would see i'm very obsessed with a certain singer who is far more sexually appealing than i could ever be. I have felt like an ugly duckling and i have suffered the ugly wrath of self hatred since the age of 13 because i was constantly bullied and teased for my physical appearance. These feelings will never change for me and the feelings i have and feel affect everything in my life. I can safely say noone will ever find me sexually attractive and i won't ever find out or understand what that is about because i have never been in an adult relationship. People can say what they want about me on sodahead, they can say i am wierd of strange for not having any sexual desire for a person, but i can't share those feelings for a man unless i feel them myself. I am a shy person and to feel sexual feelings is strange and wierd to me or to any person that i choose to share them with.
  • <--That... The hea... 2010/01/09 18:29:06
    <--That guy
    Oh yeah. The girls do love Valo.
  • The hea... <--That... 2010/01/10 02:37:52 (edited)
    The heartless
    Not just girls..there a lot of boys that appreciate Valo as well.
  • <--That... The hea... 2010/01/10 08:20:31
    <--That guy
    In what way?
  • The hea... <--That... 2010/01/10 10:41:29
    The heartless
    Ask another male HIM fan and they will tell you lol....although i have seen other staight males say Valo is just hot....they appreicate the voice, the way he looks, and the fact that his voice is just beautiful...Valo has an apreciation for males as well...he has kissed and possiably done things with a few in his time lol....
  • <--That... The hea... 2010/01/10 18:38:44
    <--That guy
    I'm a male HIM fan, and I've got a guy friend who's into them too. He's not attracted to Valo though. We both go to HIM concerts for the same reason: the music.

    As far as Valo being bi, it wouldn't surprise me.
  • The hea... <--That... 2010/01/11 13:15:11
    The heartless
    Yes well i have never been to a HIM concert and if i were to go i wouldn't be one of those pitiful fan girls screaming for Ville to take his shirt off that's for sure. I would be the silent type given that i go to concerts by myself and i would admire V and the band from afar and just be there for to enjoy the music as well.

    ville shirt silent type concerts admire band afar enjoy music
  • <--That... The hea... 2010/01/11 20:44:35
    <--That guy
    I've only seen them once, but it was cool because it was on Halloween.
  • The hea... <--That... 2010/01/12 12:26:00
    The heartless
    You are very lucky!!!!:) I hope someday i can see them in concert.
  • <--That... The hea... 2010/01/12 18:30:18
    <--That guy
    They'll tour again.
  • <--That guy 2010/01/06 08:46:12
    <--That guy
    I take it into my own hands.
  • Johnny ... <--That... 2010/01/06 12:31:43
    Johnny Develle
    Both hands, wow
  • <--That... Johnny ... 2010/01/06 17:48:27
    <--That guy
    I've got to catch it.
  • Johnny ... <--That... 2010/01/06 17:54:41
    Johnny Develle
    Does it fall from the sky?
  • <--That... Johnny ... 2010/01/06 17:58:50
    <--That guy
    No, but it shoots so high that sometimes it feels like it does.
  • Foxylady <--That... 2010/01/06 20:41:35
    lol.. omg..
  • <--That... Foxylady 2010/01/06 20:56:49
  • Foxylady <--That... 2010/01/06 21:07:49
    Mmmmmmmmmmm..... Come get me

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