How do you bind and print your own novella?

Sour Dime 2012/03/02 23:00:26
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So for my senior project I'm going to edit, rewrite, and bind my old novella I wrote a few years ago. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good instructional site or book that walks you through the printing and binding process, I want it to be a hard cover, any suggestions?
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  • Nonpartisan 2012/03/03 18:23:06
    That is a very interesting Project, I have been putting off writing my first book for many years and have just started working on it. When I get far enough along I will have some of the same concerns that you have. The working Title for my book is:

    The Genesis of the First Real Campaign For the American People
    An Autobiography

    Mine is probably a much larger job than yours, and will take much longer to finish, especially considering that I have never written anything close to a book before.
  • Sour Dime Nonpart... 2012/03/03 19:23:48
    Sour Dime
    Yeah mine is just a novella of a romance fiction and will be done by june since well that's when it's due but i still want to do a nice job I'm unsure of the title, the previous title i had seems too cliche now it was running into folded arms.
  • Nonpart... Sour Dime 2012/03/04 20:28:02
    Sounds like an interesting project. That is something that I would have liked to do when I was in school. I would be interested to know how it works out for you. As you might have gathered I am more into working on things which deal with facts and help people. Good luck with your project.

    The book that I want to put together when I am sure that the legal case is completely over will be an expose of the facts of the case where some gentlemen stole two of my airplanes and the mess the courts made of it. Since the Courts published all of the lies that the thieves used in the case as their only defense as facts on the Internet as Gods truth, I thought I should take the several Xerox boxes of Court documents which prove that they were lying to the Court and edit them down into a book and publish that. In that case the editing job to get it down to book length would be massive. So far the Court case has cost me over a quarter of a million dollars, just to try to get my property back and to try to get the Court to slap the thieves hands and tell them officially that it is not nice to steal from people and that you should not do that, and so far the Court does not seem to care about justice, just their re-election Campaign.

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