How do I tell my christian parents I'm gay?

16 2009/08/02 01:28:37
My mom keeps talking to me about what kind of "guy" I should marry. My dad sometimes makes fun of gay people. On top of that its against their beliefs(I'm a christian too,I just don't believe God would ever say its a sin.)
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  • leann montes 2009/08/02 01:34:34
    leann montes
    well tell them slowly tell yhem out of nowere and say if i was gay would you be alright but tell them slowly

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  • Maddie 2012/04/20 02:18:11
    Im 10 years old and my parents are Christian (Im not really Christian) And im gay,I`m really close to my younger sister Emma and I think she would understand.

    But I heard this priest say being gay is a sin, What do I do!!! (And I told my friend but she said:Maddie your so gross!.
  • Julianna 2012/04/18 00:50:49
    I feel you, I just got the girlfriend of my dreams and both my parents r against homosexuality and i feel like they wont understand. I plan on just waiting it out, its my life, not theirs.
  • bisexualboy1988 2012/03/22 00:18:21
  • bisexualboy1988 2012/03/22 00:12:09
    well i just have to say this dont tell them or do im actuly wondering how to tell my mom i'll be damned if i tell my dad he'd kill me and my mom is the christian my dad isnt but again homosexuality and hetrosexuality is a choice sure some ppl are born that way but not all you cant really say all gay ppl are born that way somewome go gay after years of being cheated on by men and some men go gay later in life me personaly im bi-sexual i love me a bottom boi but i also love hittin the vagina so yes it is a choice for some dont argu with me im speaking from personal experiance its my choice to not choose just one gender as lsexual partners
  • Rightsforall 2011/11/06 12:51:47
    I wouldn't bother telling them until your a bit older or maybe in a stronger place to handle their comments and possible rejection. Just being honest. I found telling Christians the worst people to tell these things to they are so full of hate towards anything that goes against their on contradictions. Just say your not interested at the moment busy with whatever your doing or just don't say anything and when you move out of your parents home and are more independent then you can say. Because their is nothing worse than being dependent on them and letting them know you are gay because they can do anything to you to make you 'turn back' as it were. As my father did!!!

    " my whole family is christian and they all rejected me after having bought me up for the best part of 21 years they just turned their back and prayed to GOD !!!! and left me without any family or support" Non Christians welcomed and supported me ..... I think I know who's going to Heaven NC"
  • Dinosaur99 2010/04/30 04:51:09
    You can also read other people's stories online, or talk to other people on a helpline. :)
  • lovedance<3 2009/08/11 20:06:17
    i never told my parents. sadly enough, my mom said, that if she found out her child was gay she would kick them out of the house and wouldn't love them. my dad makes fun of gays too sometimes. so.. im sorry i dont know :/ ive never felt the need to tell my parents..but if you feel you should then im glad.
  • austin lovedan... 2011/10/09 04:42:30
    thats what my dad said and he is a really big christian and im really scared to tell them and if the kids at school find out ill be bullied forever and im in 8th grade plz email me at appleipodfreak@yahoo.com with some help because i dont know what to do
  • SHARON 2009/08/08 19:58:00
    Just sit them down and tell them.They are christians & your parents,so they'll love you regardless.I'm sure they'll also try to "talk" you into not being gay.Good luck.
  • For Your Entertainemnt 2009/08/07 18:41:07
    For Your Entertainemnt
    tell them the truth. if they dont support u. leave. it matters wat makes u happy not wat makes ur parents happy
  • Daniel For You... 2013/04/05 00:38:07
    No don't ever tell them, just keep it in forever, it makes you so much more stronger and interesting. Pretend to be what they already think you are because humans are creatures of habit. They were taught from kids raised up, to hate gay people, so it's all they know. Make them love you because you respect their beliefs, adhere to it, but don't pledge totally dedication to it in your heart. You will always be gay until you die, so why tell or make people know or except you, it has already excepted you sense the day you knew who sparked and fancied you soul. Make them remember that you were the best person that they ever have met, and at the end when your parents are dead, you can rewrite the song and you'll be able to say, what idiots, I was always gay and they never even knew it, and they even loved me too. God bless
  • dzynrbob 2009/08/04 21:41:09
    If they are CHristian, they'd have no problem with it. You see Christ fulfilled the Law because God knew we could not all adhere to it, and therefore gave us the freedom to live under His peace and forgiveness. Now, if they are Hebrew, then you'd have a problem, because the Mosaic law forbids a 'man to sleep with a man as a man sleeps with a woman'.
  • JohntheChristian 2009/08/03 23:53:36
    I can't give any advice. All I can say is if they take their faith seriously, they should Love you regardless of what they think of your lifestyle.
  • Kaimeso 2009/08/02 15:31:32
    Perhaps just respond to mom that right now you're not interested in guys, then go on about your life. Doubtful you would be able to change your fathers attitude, but mothers have a special love for their children regardless,...
  • Johnthe... Kaimeso 2009/08/03 23:54:01
    Isn't that a bit of a stereotype?
  • Kaimeso Johnthe... 2009/08/04 01:53:06
    And stereotypes are wrong why? If the shoe fits,....
  • Johnthe... Kaimeso 2009/08/04 01:56:36
    Fathers can be loving, Mothers can be cruel. Lets not give her unrealistic expectations, so that she hurts more if they turn out to be false.
  • Kaimeso Johnthe... 2009/08/04 01:58:45
    However statistically mothers are more accepting and fathers feel their manhood is threatened by homosexual people. By her post, her fathers opinion is clear.
  • Izzy 2009/08/02 11:57:47 (edited)
    just tell them that you feel hurt when they make fun of gays and tell them that it hurts you because you ARE gay. tell them that it also hurts you that you know they don't want to accept your homosexuality, and make sure to tell them that it wasn't a choice and that you were born that way, and that there wasn't anything they could have done to make you be straight.

    Christ taught us to be loving and accepting. so if they don't love and accept you anyway, they aren't very good Christian people, now, are they?

    best of luck. I hope I helped.
  • jake_rawks 2009/08/02 08:04:19
    Just do it man.
    But, if I were you, I'd have my best friend there holding my hand when I say it.
    It'll still be hard for them to understand though.
    So, just give them some time.
    Oh, and make them watch "Prayers for Bobby".
    That movie changed my life.
    I'm pretty sure it'll soften them up too.
  • Smokey 2009/08/02 04:38:58
    Say this: "Mom and Dad, I'm Gay."

    If they're REAL Christians, they will love you even though they may strongly disagree with your choice.
  • Izzy Smokey 2009/08/02 11:58:45
    it's not a choice. it's the way we were born.
  • Smokey Izzy 2009/08/02 12:29:34

    I'm not going to touch the subject whether or not gays are born that way or not. That's not the question that was asked. All I'm saying is, if we claim to be Christians, our first reaction shouldn't be about hate, but of love and understanding. Even if we disagree with the lifestyle.

  • Izzy Smokey 2009/08/02 13:10:53
    All I'm saying is that it's not a choice ant it's not a lifestyle. It's the way a person is. Heterosexuality isn't a choice or a lifestyle either. I didn't say that I disagreed with it, seeing as I am one of the people we are discussing. I think you should read what's written, not over analyze it.
  • cubbies... Izzy 2009/08/03 03:49:30
    that's a good point, one could argue that if it WERE a choice, everyone would be bi but leaning this way or that

    i'm not gay, but if i were, i'd just tellem' straight up, you can't help what you feel, and trying to supress or fake stuff can cause depression later on, be happy :)
  • Izzy cubbies... 2009/08/03 15:46:32
    thanks for seeing my views on things.
  • Smokey Izzy 2009/08/03 19:51:14

    I'm not going to argue with you, but you've "generalized" on your statement. What you've stated is not true in ALL cases. I know some people, both male and female that chose to be gay.

    Hey, I don't have all the answers, but I'm very, very careful in lumping everyone in the same catagory.


  • Izzy Smokey 2009/08/03 22:15:37
    if you "chose" to be gay, then you aren't TRUELY gay!!!!! at least I understand that. you are born gay. it's not a choice.
  • Smokey Izzy 2009/08/04 09:26:25

    Your "understanding" is wrong. Wait a minute, are you gay? Maybe I need to get a better understanding of who you are before commenting again.

    Because for whatever reason, you're not seeing 2 + 2 = 4.

    Please, allow me to repeat myself. I said in SOME (not all) cases, there are some people that choose to be gay. They were in a heteral sexual relationship, and for some reason, chose to be gay. I know ONE person who is my wife's BEST friend that was married to an abusive man and later in life felt more comfortable being sexually with a woman. At first she was attractive to men, and later, attractive to women.

    And there are SOME cases that people experiement with other sexes and later decide to be with one or another. And many of them would be offended if you discounted that they weren't GAY. And there are some that would tell you that they weren't BORN that way.

  • Izzy Smokey 2009/08/04 12:54:41
    yeah, whatever. I happen to be bisexual. and this convo is over, because i am sick of having a stupid argument with someone who is never gonna see the truth. and by the way, you're a twit.
  • Smokey Izzy 2009/08/04 17:22:04
    Thank you!

  • Izzy Smokey 2009/08/04 21:12:02
    yeah, whatever.
  • Buh bye 2009/08/02 03:07:30
    Buh bye
    Boom whatever you do DO NOT listen to that Pete guy, you can be a gay Christian.

    Anyway, my advice is to just wait a while, at least six months or so, but within that time bring some homosexual "themed" things into the house to see how they react, maybe rent a movie that has a homosexual couple in it, so they can see that people in homosexual relationships go through the same emotions as people heterosexual relationships. Just make sure that if you go with the movie idea that it doesn't have anything sexual in it. After you gauge their responses either decide to tell them or not tell them. If they're intolerant, then you might want to wait until you're out of the house, because some parents can go kind of crazy when their kids come out.
  • 16 Buh bye 2009/08/02 20:45:36
  • Nora 2009/08/02 03:03:21
    If I were you, I wouldn't tell them. Wait until you are much older. Considering your parents views, telling them will really make your home life miserable.
    I also suggest prayer, ask the Lord for divine guidance.
  • i00wattz 2009/08/02 02:58:45
    Go up to your dad and start making out with him. He'll get the picture, after he knocks you on your butt.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2009/08/02 02:11:48 (edited)
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Don't tell them what you are. Tell them how you feel.

    God already said having sex with your own gender is a sin, more than once in the Bible. You should read it. Believe God, then work with him on it. I would never make fun of gay people.
  • Pete 2009/08/02 02:02:57
    How can you be a Christian and not believe in God???
    You either are a Christian or you are not. Very simple. Oh, being Gay, well, let just let God handle your problems. Good luck....Peace be with you...
  • 16 Pete 2009/08/02 02:05:08
    I do believe in God.
  • Pete 16 2009/08/02 02:46:15
    Real Christian knows that it is a SIN. Read your Bible if you say you are a Christian. You can not be a Christian and sin in that manner. It's just doens't work. You either repent or continue with you sin act. You can not do both. Either you follow God Commandment or you follow your own. i hope you soon decide and follow through. Peace be with you...

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