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How do i sweet talk my wife for good sex

procallgears 2009/09/20 07:41:50
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  • AM 2014/08/11 00:18:46
    Not exactly headline news but if you're contemplating marrying someone if they can't talk about sex without restrictions...they're probably not going to engage in sex without restrictions. When married nothing is off the table ..too carnal to engage in. A definite prerequisite.

    And that's simply a good morning.
  • Paul Le... AM 2014/08/11 00:22:17
  • AM Paul Le... 2014/08/11 01:18:55
    Are the likes of you really attempting to give me pointers ? Too cute really but your pathetic snore worthy story would keep me interested more so hold my attention for a nano second at best,.
  • Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2014/08/11 00:07:05
    Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT
    If she's your wife, you should have to sweet talk her into it at all. I'm just saying if I had to sweet talk someone into sex, I wouldn't marry her. I would want her to get freaky with me when the time is right.
  • Paul Le... Yankee:... 2014/08/11 00:14:24
  • Yankee:... Paul Le... 2014/08/11 00:15:50
  • Paul Leonard 2014/08/10 23:31:51
  • Danielle Paul Le... 2014/08/11 00:04:39
  • ペンギン♥ 2009/11/10 21:57:04
    You don't
  • Milk Maid 2009/09/20 09:34:46
    Milk Maid
    Well...find out what is making her stressed out that she doesn't want to explore good sex. House over whelming? Hire a cleaning service. While that is going on...send her out to the spa, hair, nails, take her shopping for sexy lingerie, go to a sex store together and explore ideas and ask the staff questions...don't be shy about it either.
  • procall... Milk Maid 2009/09/21 04:09:27
    you get me a job and mabye i will
  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/09/20 08:50:04
    Lady Whitewolf
    LOLZ I think Ellie hit it on the money!
  • Miss Ann Thropist 2009/09/20 08:05:17
    Miss Ann Thropist
    Booze will work much better than words.
  • formadm... Miss An... 2009/09/20 08:09:47
    Agreed! Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker!
  • *Love i... formadm... 2009/09/20 08:17:06
    *Love is great when you finally find it*
    haha lol good one
  • PsychoC... Miss An... 2009/09/22 07:28:53
    not in my case lol it would have to be green lmao (yes im his wife)
  • demolitionlover13 2009/09/20 07:56:29
    idk i dont know ur wife!
  • procall... demolit... 2009/09/21 04:08:05
    you lie
  • demolit... procall... 2009/09/21 11:11:24
    hahaa well i didnt think i knew ur wife....but now im not so sher
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 07:27:30 (edited)
    hey chick lol you know me, couldnt you tell by the pic

    PsychoCarebear (hmmmm)
  • demolit... PsychoC... 2009/09/22 20:08:38
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 20:54:56
    you dont remember me?
  • demolit... PsychoC... 2009/09/22 20:58:29
    ooooooohhh ur that one chick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 21:00:16
    ya kinda lol
  • demolit... PsychoC... 2009/09/22 21:01:21
    well hiya!!!
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 21:17:09
    ha ha hey, whats up lol
  • demolit... PsychoC... 2009/09/22 21:20:29
    nufffiiinnn.... bored and tired. jus got back frum skool. and u?
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 21:21:36
    i remember those days lol school sucked but i cant wait to go back to college

    sittin here bored and in pain
  • demolit... PsychoC... 2009/09/22 21:23:13
    yahh it does suck..but thnkfully i only gots hmwrk in 1 class :)

    and y in pain???
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 21:31:15
    ya thats always a plus lol i always tried to do mine before school was out so i didnt have to take it home and alot of the teachers gave us enough time to finish in their class so that was cool. what class is it?

    several back problems
  • demolit... PsychoC... 2009/09/22 21:36:04
    yah i jus do my wrk during those llloonnggg boring lectures and its English. i gotta write a persuasive essay and wutnot

    hope u feel better soon!
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 21:41:03
    oh boy have fun with that lol i love writing essays, i love writing period and was really good at it, i had some of the best essays in all my schools

    thanks i do too but unfortunately the pain will never go away so i just have to deal with it but thankyou
  • demolit... PsychoC... 2009/09/22 21:43:29
    yahh i dont enjoy writning essays all that much especially wen im told wut to write about but im rly rly good at it also.

    and ohh...sadness :( well then i gess take lozz of painkillers
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 21:46:20
    well thats good lol

    hate pain killers and pills period plus they wont give em to me
  • demolit... PsychoC... 2009/09/22 21:49:55
    oh i c well about that homewrk...its about time i started it now soooo BYE!!! ttyl! :)
  • PsychoC... demolit... 2009/09/22 22:41:41
    okey dokey later
  • et phone home 2009/09/20 07:49:52
    et phone home
  • Ellie 2009/09/20 07:43:59
    How about you just be the sweet one she wants?
  • procall... Ellie 2009/09/21 04:08:37
    ya right you dont now bro

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