How can i pay my mom back??

they call me hippie woman lol 2008/10/14 03:49:01
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My mother and I fought for nearly 18 years of my life. We very rarely ever got along. I moved out just before I turned 18. Then a month later I found out that I was pregnant. So, I moved in with my fiance. My mother and I continued to fight and got to the point where we didnt even talk to each other. Then a few months later my fiance died of a drug overdose. My mother helped out a lot and then I stabbed her in the back again. Slowly we began to grow closer together. After me staying at a few other places I moved back in with my folks and my two younger brothers. I went through a lot of hospitalizations and a whole lot of trouble with my pregnancy and my mom would always come stay with me at the hospital and climb in the bed with me to rub my back and hold me while I was miserable and get up in the middle of the night constantly to help me go to the bathroom and she would help me wash my hair and take showers and baths and everything. She would call off work if I was really bad off and needed her help. She has done so much for me and my son. And when my water broke early friday morning she is who rushed me to the hospital and called off work for the next two weeks to help me get in the groove of caring for my son. She has sacrificed sooo much and bought so much and done so much. She even sleeps on the couch in the living room while i sleep in the rocker recliner chair next to the bassinet where my son sleeps to help me with him in the middle of the night and to be there if anything happens because she has raised all of us and helped my aunts and stuff out and she is a nurse. So, I just need to find a way to pay her back for what she has done for me. We have become best friends and we tell each other nearly everything and we are always together and we dont fight any more.
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  • Tarryn 2008/10/14 06:24:43
    wow i have to say you must of been a real pain in the ass as a kid!!!!!!
    the best way to thank her would be to say THANKYOU but do it properly like take her out to lunch or suprise her with a peice of jewellry that has a bond for the both of youbut most of all tankyou means the most......good luck with your little boy!
  • no Kidding 2008/10/14 03:53:28
    no Kidding
    Tell her Thanks and let her know you Love Her.

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