Houston, We Have An Animal Rights Problem: Should Astronauts Eat Dog Meat?

Living 2010/05/14 17:34:29
In his autobiography “The Nine Levels Between Heaven and Earth,” Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei has revealed that he and his fellow astronauts ate dog meat while in space.

In the book, the 44 year-old Liwei listed a menu that included braised chicken, steamed fish and dog meat, from Huajiang county in Gaundong, which is known for its nutritional benefits in China. The menu was carefully designed for the astronauts by Chinese nutritionists. A proverb in Southern China is that “Huajiang dog is better for you than ginseng.” Dog is widely eaten in China, where its nutritional and medicinal value is held in high regard.

This revelation has drawn an angry reaction from animal rights’ activists. Jill Robinson, the founder of Animals Asia states, “Yang Liwei is a role model for so many young people and he is one of China’s greatest heroes. We hope that he might recognize dogs as the heroes they are too: they found survivors after the Sichuan earthquake and protected people from potential terrorists during the Olympic games. Surely they deserve more.”

This same menu, including dog meat, was still in use last year.
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  • Leah 2010/05/14 18:22:47
    I would not choose to eat dog meat, but it has been eaten in many countries before now. If they wish to continue eating it, that should be their choice.
    Some cultures hold the cow to be a sacred animal, I'm sure they don't want us eating them.

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  • Arrogant 2010/06/07 21:42:16
    It is their right to choose to eat or not eat ol' Rover. And apparently China has its own version of PETA, wonder how sanctimonious and pushy they are?
  • Weegee ~ PHAET 2010/05/17 15:25:45
    Weegee ~ PHAET
    om nom nom mom:)
    om nom nom mom
  • DJ Squid 2010/05/17 15:13:09
    DJ Squid
    when i was stationed in korea i went to a korean restraunt not knowing what kind of food i would eat but then tried something called Gaegogi and asked the waiter what it was after having another bowl of it all he said was"woof woof" then i realized i was eating dog but very tasteful lol
  • Peewee ~PWCM~ 2010/05/17 15:09:47
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    I'm sure dog meat is nutritious, but as far as the medicinal properties, aren't these the same people who think bear gall bladders and Rhino horns are aphrodisiacs? I would never eat a dog, but they do. What I'm opposed to is the extreme cruelty these dogs suffer at the hands of their butchers. Supposed to make them more tasty.
  • Manster 2010/05/17 14:36:10
    If that's part of their culinary customs for over a few thousand years,that's not any of my business!Just as it's none of my concern that Sir Paul McCartney choses to be a vegetarian,but it becomes my concern if I'm paying a couple hundred bucks to see him in concert and I'm subjected to a 15 minute film about why we should all become vegetarians too! I'm paying to hear him sing and play,not share his dietary philosophy! minute film vegetarians paying hear sing playnot share dietary philosophy
  • Matt 2010/05/17 13:39:40
  • lucky 2010/05/17 12:47:38
    In the end a dog is nothing more then another animal, just because humans decided to domesticate them doesnt mean that takes them off the food chain.

    If China wants to eat dogs let them, at least thats less dogs on the street starving to death.
  • Not Falling 4 U 2010/05/17 11:57:12
    Not Falling 4 U
    if it's socially acceptable where they eat it, why should they stop just because they're in space now
  • JackSchitt 2010/05/17 11:44:18
    The Chinese should eat anything they WANT to eat. It is up to societies in different countries to determine what is a pet and what is an entree. If some Hindu animal-rights group tried to tell Americans not to eat beef, we would tell them to go screw themselves.

    With so much HUMAN misery in the world, I can't believe how these animal-rights nutjobs put their effort into working for animals. Maybe they should learn to Google the word "Darfur" or something.....they need to get a REAL cause to get behind.
  • TeardropsOfBlood4The1iiLove♥ 2010/05/17 10:38:34
    Cant stop them but I would never eat dog meat
  • EarthGirl 2010/05/17 10:15:14
    I wouldn't wat dog, but I figure taht many of us might have already...i don't know if I totally belive the ingredients list on the labelling...
  • mike224 2010/05/17 10:05:37
    definitely with Leah - in Hinduism, cows are an incarnation so sacred we cannot even become them. Yet we grind them up into hamburgers every day of the week. What makes dogs more special than cows?
  • CrabMan 2010/05/17 06:45:09
    Hey, you likeeeee Hot Dog? Mmmmmmm, so good with the yellow stuff on it, where do the yellow stuff come from???????YELLOW SNOW???
  • Cordingly 2010/05/17 06:33:48
    Who cares?
  • Zack Daley 2010/05/17 05:33:48
  • Master 2010/05/17 04:14:01
    Let them eat whatever they want to eat. I would eat dog meat.
  • John Wayne 2010/05/17 02:52:04
    John Wayne

  • Shady John Wayne 2010/05/17 13:51:06
    Maybe we all ate one....huh!
  • evceleb 2010/05/17 02:41:59
    no. thats gross
  • Mimi 2010/05/17 02:26:08
    Who gives a damn.It's their wish whatever they want to eat dogs,cats,monkeys .......
    I don't care as long as they are not eating humans.
    But I would rather not eat that.
  • Master Mimi 2010/05/17 04:11:23
    Humans are fine too but you should avoid eating their brains. Many of them are toxic.
  • King Cnut Master 2010/05/17 05:01:04
    King Cnut
    Eating humans is reportedly really bad for you, it leads to a build up of prions in the brain which create holes in the tissue. The Papua New Guinean cannibals called the resulting madness 'Kuru', we know it as CJD - the human equivalent of mad cow disease (which came about due to cows being fed beef).

    The cannibals also referred to European missionaries as 'longpigs', as human is said to taste like pork.
  • Master King Cnut 2010/05/17 17:54:12
    Yup, and I believe that's 100% fatal and incurable. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to refer to people's brains as "toxic" and its ambiguous connotations. ;)
  • Mimi Master 2010/05/17 09:05:40 (edited)
    To me cannibalism is a sin.And human who does that can't be called a human. Human's are called superior to other animals because the use their brain & understand things. If we started doing things other animals like snakes do and start eating our own species then it's clear that we are no better than them.

    People eating infants.This is just gross.
    cannibalism kids read baby meat tastes chinese eat infants hint
  • Master Mimi 2010/05/17 18:05:53
    Generally yes, but when you are truly starving to death, you would be amazed at what you would be willing to eat. The Donner Party and Holodomor come to mind. You do realize those photos aren't "real," right? That guy is a performance artist who had them taken for a conceptual exhibit.
  • Mimi Master 2010/05/17 18:53:39 (edited)
    I was talking about in general & not about starving to death condition.But are you sure those pictures are not real?Because I know this for sure that infant meat is very expensive in Japan & China.So even if the picture is a fake,but still it's a fact that infants are eaten just because they taste good.And this is sickening.
  • Sharon ... Mimi 2011/03/19 23:49:55
    Sharon Reed
    Can you produce any evidence at all that people in China and Japan eat human meat?

    In university, I did my thesis on human cannibalism and throughout my detailed research, I could never find any evidence on cannibalism practiced in China today. Mostly in polynesian islands.

    And like Master said, those pictures are from an exhibit and not real. So stop trying to spread misinformation just because there is this false stereotype about Asians.
  • Arrogant Mimi 2010/06/07 21:43:49
    Thats nasty
  • Sharon ... Arrogant 2011/03/19 23:51:05
    Sharon Reed
    That's not real. It's from an exhibition.
  • VERYwiseguy 2010/05/17 01:12:13
    I'm sure our ancestors ate them. ancestors ate
  • Rivennikk 2010/05/16 23:46:04
    That is just ridiculous. Although what really bothers me is the fact that people think it's okay to eat meat in general. If you can eat chicken while posting your opinion about how disguising that is then you are obviously confused about how dog meat differs from any other living creature that is being served to cruel, insensitive people. If you think eating dog meat is wrong, than help out by not eating any living creature at all for that matter.
  • wombat 2010/05/16 23:12:43
    Depends on their preference.
  • DaveInNH 2010/05/16 23:09:01
    Anyone who's willing to sit atop a missile and be shot into outer space should be able eat just about anything they want.
  • Shilo 2010/05/16 22:55:31
    *Shrugs* They also highly value powdered deer penis in medicine. Who am I to judge. I wouldn't eat it myself, but I don't have an issue with eating any animal as long as it follows the laws of the food chain. If you kill it, use all of it. The exception being cats, of course, but that's a personal thing. I'm *VERY* fond of Cats.
  • LittleMissPatriot 2010/05/16 22:34:06
    Why does ANYONE listen to animal rights fanatics? They are all insane!
    Animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the US and PETA do NOTHING to help animals, they just want to control and make money.
  • JCD aka "biz" 2010/05/16 22:32:31
    JCD aka "biz"
    Now I understand why I never wanted to be an astronaut!
  • Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2010/05/16 22:28:29
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Boo-bloody-hoo, dog tastes just like chicken anyway.
  • oh my s... Scott ヶ... 2010/05/16 23:10:54
    oh my science
    in some countries they cause extreme pain towards the dog moments before death because they believe it releases a chemical which makes the meat more tender :o
  • Scott ヶ... oh my s... 2010/05/16 23:12:17
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    The chemical is the fear toxin that the brain releases.
  • oh my s... Scott ヶ... 2010/05/16 23:14:38

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