Hot Topic: Is the mall punk store HOT or NOT?

Maery 2009/04/26 21:22:37
Hot Topic is still HOT
Hot Topic is NOT hot... posers!
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I think Hot Topic sucks... it's overpriced, the clothes are cheaply made, and I get so annoyed with the kids who hang out there. But I have friends who love still love it and don't think it's just for posers. So what do you guys on SodaHead think... is Hot Topic hot or not? And give your reasons!
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  • cara 2009/05/16 21:23:39
    Hot Topic is still HOT

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  • yerory 2009/05/02 00:28:09
    Hot Topic is NOT hot... posers!
    It used to be before the twilight obsession plague.
  • JB_Lover463 2009/05/01 22:49:02
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    I love Hot Topic!!! That is like my favorite store!!! I shop there all the time...even though my friends disapprove...lol
  • elizabeth 2009/05/01 22:37:43
    I think...
    I like it only cause it's got video game/band t shirts
  • Hunter 2009/05/01 22:29:54
    I think...
    It used to be okay. It's just the people that shop there now. They say "OMGZZ Hot Topic is innn." It's sad that everyone wants to be a "rocker" because it makes them "cool".
  • Ookami Synful 2009/05/01 22:04:05
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    Ookami Synful
    I loved the old Hot Topic and I still like it, the current HT too.
    It sucks that everything's pricey but most of that stuff is exclusive.
  • *just dont f**k wit me 2009/05/01 21:24:01
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    *just dont f**k wit me
    hot topic is where the real clothes is at
  • cara *just d... 2009/05/16 21:32:17
    hellz ya
  • *just d... cara 2009/05/16 21:34:11
    *just dont f**k wit me
    u right
  • Hil 2009/05/01 20:42:25
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    I like it because it's got fairy and Zelda shirts and Twilight stuff. The people in it scare me though.
  • Lil D 2009/05/01 20:06:39
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    Lil D
    I love Hot Topic!!!!!!!!!!!! They have Tokio Hotel stuff!!!!!!!!!
  • Kizzy 2009/05/01 19:33:38
    Hot Topic is still HOT
  • jess 2009/05/01 16:12:36
    I think...
    hot topic is overpriced but think about it...you cant get most of that stuff anywhere else unless you wanna go on the internet and pay even more that what hot topic is asking.so for now,it's in.
  • villevaloslady 2009/05/01 07:46:48
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    i still love hot topic, but the prices are a little to high, but i've found the most awesome clothes there, but it seems they have also stopped carrying a lot of items like before, such as Heartagram items, and also band items besides clothing and i loved them so much, but it still is hot so far and maybe they'll get some ideals from all us customers and try to get it back to be the baddest place around!
  • Randi 2009/05/01 04:29:38
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    Hot topic is a little overpriced and I'd go there more often if it were cheaper but it's still awesome.
  • Katie 2009/05/01 04:16:26
    I think...
    i haven't been really impressed by it recently.
    and they can be a bit overpriced. =/
  • Puglover 2009/05/01 03:53:51
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    Hot Topic is my favorite store! You better not be bagging on it!
  • mimi 2009/05/01 03:35:28
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    if u love music hot topic is the place to go me music is my life so i love hot topic
  • Rainy 2009/05/01 02:48:31
    I think...
    It's not really the store, it's the people. Yea, the majority of the people going there now are posers or Twilight-obsessed freaks, but I think Hot Topic is still the awesome rock music store it has always been. Just now we got to deal with these annoying people...emos. But personally I don't shop there anymore, I think the punks and goths lost their originality. I quit the style for the sake of not being called a fudging emo anymore but I still rock out to all my metal!!!
  • OKCchick 2009/05/01 02:02:56
    I think...
    Me, personally it is a bit scary but you CAN find some cool things in there. But don't judge the people that shop there. Some are nice people.
  • Chloe3956 2009/05/01 01:50:05
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    They have kool t-shirts wat can i say??
  • ~VanillaTwilight~ 2009/05/01 01:21:26
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    i lov Hot Topic! its amazing! i do agree that the clothes r a bit ovr priced but i dnt buy their clothes, i but a variation of othr shtuff. :-)
  • jbmorgang 2009/05/01 00:33:00
    Hot Topic is NOT hot... posers!
    i think your absolutly right . . . everything there is overpriced and some stuff in there is just weird . . . but since im probably what you and your friends would call "preppy" i guess my opinion is moot.
  • Lacey Smile 2009/05/01 00:29:34 (edited)
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    Lacey Smile
    haha...It is a little overpriced,but i don't really buy the clothes there anyways. I buy variations of everything else. XD
  • ~*Mizz_Dork*~ 8-) 2009/05/01 00:08:29
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    ~*Mizz_Dork*~ 8-)
    hot Topic is sooo hot. There clothes are awesome!!!
  • Hockey Girl 2009/05/01 00:08:05
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    Hockey Girl
    Hot Topic is the best store ever!! its my favorite store with walmart!!
  • katie 2009/05/01 00:05:25
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    HOT !! i love that store!!!!! it is the best!!! hot topic hot hot love store
  • CサïCサï xχx 2009/04/30 23:58:52 (edited)
  • best friend maggie 2009/04/30 23:45:11
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    best friend maggie
    I practically live at Hot Topic.
  • seashell 2009/04/30 22:51:22
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    ummm duh
  • beckettwilliams 2009/04/30 22:46:38
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    it is, its just changed a little bit because of all the kids decidin to change who they are to what evers in. Right now, Hot topic is in. Everyone wants to be rockers, punkers or some variation, when a bunch of us have been leading our life since we were youngsters. I don't discreminate, the more the merrier. Hot topic is still great, but its not like its my religion or anything.
  • Rachel 2009/04/30 22:30:03
    I think...
    hot topic is an awesome store(:
  • H8trz wish thay wuz me 2009/04/30 21:36:14
    I think...
    H8trz wish thay wuz me
    I think that evrybody iz who thay r 4 a reason so if tha "EMO" ppl want they're own store,,let them hav it,,itz lik takin Wal-Mart 4rm tha "preppy"ppl and takin tha liquor store "4rm black ppl and alcoholicz"
  • star 2009/04/30 21:11:38
    Hot Topic is still HOT
    Hot topic is so tottally still hot!
  • Rachel star 2009/04/30 22:32:07
    i agree with u
  • acvarney 2009/04/30 20:59:42
    Hot Topic is NOT hot... posers!
    It is for weird people who want ot dress like weirdos
  • ~*Mizz_... acvarney 2009/05/01 00:16:20
    ~*Mizz_Dork*~ 8-)
    Ur crazy Hot topic is sooo in. Ur just jealous!!! JK!!
  • *just d... acvarney 2009/05/01 21:26:06
    *just dont f**k wit me
    fuck u nick is gay bitch!
  • Raeyanne 2009/04/30 20:33:09
    I think...
    i like Hot Topic kinda
    its basically the American Eagle and Aeropostile for Goths, emos, punks, and scenes
    i usually just go there for bracelets and sometimes shirts
    but theyre too expensive
    they need to make their prices lower
  • ~*Mizz_... Raeyanne 2009/05/01 00:20:03
    ~*Mizz_Dork*~ 8-)
    yeah thats true but hot topic isn't just for punks,goths,or emo's.
  • Raeyanne ~*Mizz_... 2009/05/06 00:25:08
    yea but thats like
    the only people who go there
    and i hate labels so I usually put "" around them
    but ppl get confused when I try to explain so I just use what everyone else does
    its stupid that ppl havta label others by the way they dress or act or the music they listen too
    its stupid and gay

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