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cashmere sweaters 2012/09/13 23:48:23
Yes, She should get a gift card to Home Depot
No, she shouldn't
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The other day, I was at Home Depot and I heard a lady very loudly arguing with a manager there regarding having rude service at the McDonald's in Home Depot.
She expected the manager to give her a Home Depot gift card in compensation for the Mc Donald's employee's rudeness. Is this possible? Aren't they two completely different companies. I think it was rather forward and incorrect of this lady to expect that!
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  • say what? 2012/09/14 01:32:05
    No, she shouldn't
    say what?
    She should go to the grocery store and stand in the nut section where she belongs.
  • Onyx 2012/09/13 23:56:04
    No, she shouldn't
    Some people think if they are loud and obnoxious they can bully people into getting free stuff, sad and pathetic.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/09/13 23:51:20
    No, she shouldn't
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    They are two different companies - she was a loon

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