You will never guess who wins....

guess wins
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One is a dangerous big-mouthed sharp-toothed killer who it is not wise to mess with... the other is an alligator.
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  • TacoSauce 2009/03/12 17:43:46
    Hippo's are incredibly dangerous.
    It's kind of a duh who won.
    Something like 8 people a day die by hippo attacks.
    Ha I heart Discovery channel.
  • blahblahblah 2009/03/12 16:40:49
    hahahha......... *sigh* nice...
  • MJ 2009/03/12 01:38:13
    Awesome, I had a hunch the hippo would win, but was curious how!!!
  • chiglet - Daedric Sigil Mag... 2009/03/12 01:11:53
    chiglet - Daedric Sigil Mage, Smirotiel
    Not surprised at all. Hippos are actually more dangerous than alligators.
  • Colts fan in ATL 2009/03/11 13:48:25
    Colts fan in ATL
    I think hippos are pretty cool. I am not surprised that the 'gator lost. :)
  • Elizabeth 2009/03/11 06:13:12
    Is it a draw, depending on who jumps who first? Can't say I care who wins, neither has a pleasant disposition - and that's for starters.
  • patti 2009/03/11 05:26:38
    No, it's Ann Coulter messing with Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Elizabeth patti 2009/03/11 06:13:51
    Hey! I like that....GO WHOOPI!!
  • AndyHawk Elizabeth 2009/03/11 13:54:07
    Ann Coulter can beat Whoopi at anything........
  • mohengjr 2009/03/11 03:22:27
    The picture is kind of fuzzy is it really Nance Polocy ?
  • bill 2009/03/11 00:26:27
    dollars to donuts the hippo no one messes with hippie ,as a vegatarians not meat eaters I never known them to eat gators only kill when near the babies could be wrong world changes
  • Elizabeth bill 2009/03/11 06:15:47
    You are probably right on target. I saw some documentary to that effect on the National Geographic channel. On the other hand, if I were a hippo in a pond full of 'gators, I would be watching my back 24/7.
  • rickbo 2009/03/11 00:00:41
    I'm not surprised, it's pretty well known that Hippos are hungry. Although an aligator is a little different than their usual staple of vanilla ice cream scoops...

    surprised pretty hippos hungry aligator staple vanilla ice cream scoops
  • 1oct1 "Marko" 2009/03/10 23:08:12
    1oct1 "Marko"
    I seen this before, the hippo is not to be messed with!!
  • Rainbowed_Zebra 2009/03/10 22:30:56
    Yay! I was right all along... Hippos kill more people every year than any other African animal. B.A.M.F.'s

    LMAO :

    Hippo Eats Dwarf Pictures, Images and Photos
  • ladypuppylove 2009/03/10 22:13:24
  • jbandff5lover 2009/03/10 22:07:45
    LOL wowww, I totally thought the alligator would have eaten the hippo, with it's sharp teeth and all, LOL Hmm, I guess you learn new things everyday=D
  • Elizabeth jbandff... 2009/03/11 06:19:10
    It sounds logical, but look at the difference in size, plus the fact the hippo is an ill tempered and mean spirited soul.
  • BRADY969 2009/03/10 22:05:10
    Wow....Oprah eats Bill O'Rilley. Who would of thunk?

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