Hillary Clinton's Hair Clip: Hot or Not?

Melinda Miles 2010/09/21 21:00:00
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Sometimes, I really feel sorry for Hillary Clinton.

Our secretary of state never claimed to be a beauty queen. She simply set out to become a politician, and managed to achieve the highest level of success in her field (short of the presidency).

So why can't people stop talking about her looks?

Clinton's latest hair clip, which she wore during a meeting on Sunday with Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere at the U.N. headquarters, is causing a stir across the blogosphere, as the fashion police attempt to "bust" Madame Secretary for her apparent fashion faux pas.

The New York Daily News called the hairstyle -- an up-and-down 'do in which both sides were pulled up into one of those grabby clips -- a "more severe" look than Clinton usually wears. Many Huffington Post readers found it "too casual" for a U.N. appearance. And The Daily Mail said it simply "doesn't cut it."

"Mrs. Clinton’s hair was scraped back and clipped on top of her head, but looked lank and in need of some love and understanding," the British tabloid wrote.

But at least one media insider -- Kathie Lee Gifford, who can certainly relate to being made fun of -- jumped to her defense.

"She's busy and hair is not first on her list," Gifford said on the "Today" show.

Bravo, Kathie Lee! It's about time someone pointed out the obvious. Who cares what Hillary Clinton looks like? Does anyone critique Barack Obama for his choice of attire (other than that one pair of "mom jeans")?

Let the woman do her job without having to worry about looking like a fashion plate every day. And as a matter of fact, I think she looks quite pretty for a 62-year-old.

Melinda Miles is a freelance journalist who enjoys celebrity gossip and alphabetizing her bookshelves.

Hillary Clinton's Hair Clip: Hot or Not?

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  • dolphin-gab 2010/09/21 21:54:22 (edited)
    Not: She looks awful.
    ugh, she looks like shes trying to be 10 again... good luck with that!

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  • Papillon ««Ginge... 2010/09/23 11:39:06
  • ««Ginge... Papillon 2010/09/23 15:58:11
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    Ah, the nastiness never fails. When someone disagrees with you, you insult them. You're such a good little conservative. Now go kill some puppies and eat babies.
  • jms948 2010/09/22 05:01:41
    It's not the woman's physical looks that bothers me; it's what's in her head and in her heart with which I have a problem...jms
  • Papillon jms948 2010/09/22 12:11:08 (edited)
  • Honwe74 2010/09/22 04:56:17
    Hot: She looks fine.
    could care less how she looks as long as she is doing her job
  • AL Honwe74 2010/09/22 06:57:19
    Hey look its no big deal really-she can shave her butt and learn to walk on her hands if she needs to look any better!
  • Honwe74 AL 2010/09/22 17:22:19
    your point to this is ?
  • AL Honwe74 2010/09/22 19:48:34
    ha ha ha lol!!!! did i hit a nerve maybe?
  • Papillon Honwe74 2010/09/22 12:11:50
  • Honwe74 Papillon 2010/09/22 17:21:27
    who said anything about her being hot ? i said i could care less how she wears her hair
  • Papillon Honwe74 2010/09/22 22:34:20
  • Lord Nils 2010/09/22 04:52:59
    Not: She looks awful.
    Lord Nils
    Someone tell her that she ain't 20 anymore.
    Hell, she ain't even 50 anymore.
  • unicorn_lady1 2010/09/22 04:49:57
    Hot: She looks fine.
    People have got to stop doing this to all women in office. It is what she does not what she looks like that matters. Maybe you all need to look up Madaliene Albright and get over yourselves.

    Maybe we should discuss Obama's grey hair it is equally as relavent to ... NOTHING.
  • AL unicorn... 2010/09/22 06:58:44
    What woman? All I see is an old bag with a pony tail myself!
  • holidayzbeauty 2010/09/22 04:49:11
    Not: She looks awful.

    this woman is the personification of evil.
  • Tricia ... holiday... 2010/09/22 05:59:52
    Tricia ~ Hope trumps hate!
    Because she's wearing a hair clip?
  • AL holiday... 2010/09/22 21:29:37
    It's nothing but a right wing conspiracy I tell you!!! LOL
  • Nabael 2010/09/22 04:48:36 (edited)
    Not: She looks awful.
    Anyone who says anything with the last name "clinton" is hot is a banana.
  • Papillon Nabael 2010/09/22 12:14:26
  • NatAlex23 Nabael 2010/11/22 01:09:14
    If you're talking Hillary and Bill, fine. But don't rag on how Chelsea looks.

    Chelsea clinton weddingtalking hillary fine rag chelsea
  • debadow 2010/09/22 04:44:07
    She looks like a Fifth Grade Girl from the 1960's
  • Steford... debadow 2010/09/22 11:23:21 (edited)
    Steford doesn't follow
    OR 50s with a poodle skirt?
  • rick czechowicz 2010/09/22 04:38:16
    Not: She looks awful.
    rick czechowicz
    That's all we need during these tough economic times is to see more Clinton head.
  • Ava Alexander 2010/09/22 04:36:42
    Not: She looks awful.
    Ava Alexander
    Maybe its the picture, but she doesn't look good. With all her money, she should be able to hire a stylist. ( Oh, crap, I forgot, she's too cheap. I keep forgetting she refuses to pay for her failed presidential campaign and so had a fund raiser so dumbies could pay it off for her, and I did hear a rumor that they didn't pay a cent for Chelsea's wedding-that, too, was paid for by others.) That clippie thing is just too casual for that suit and for her job. Sorry, Hellary, it just doesn't work for you.
  • Loctia 2010/09/22 04:21:40
    It matters why?
  • Ava Ale... Loctia 2010/09/22 04:39:07
    Ava Alexander
    Because she's representing the United States, and she's supposed to look NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Loctia Ava Ale... 2010/09/22 05:04:42
    Representation is from your words not your hair.
  • Ava Ale... Loctia 2010/09/22 23:06:50
    Ava Alexander
    Would you go somewhere representing your employer not looking your best? I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm just saying that you should always look your best when you are out representing your employer
  • Loctia Ava Ale... 2010/09/23 00:16:32
    "Best" in terms of hair and face is subjective. She's wearing a suit and she at least did something with her hair. There's only so much some people can do.
  • Roundab... Ava Ale... 2010/09/22 06:00:04
    Roundabout ~ Pepe is my sock puppet
    But Obama takes all the money for his excesses and doesn't leave anything for her. So what's a girl to do? For all the money that B.O. spends you'd think he'd let her bring her hair stylist, I agree with you. But he's got other ways of spending money and wants her to look bad. Just a consideration.
  • Ava Ale... Roundab... 2010/09/22 23:07:07
  • HunterJ.Rouse 2010/09/22 04:09:23
    Not: She looks awful.
    I liked it the way it was, we didn't have to see so much of her face.
  • Ava Ale... HunterJ... 2010/09/22 04:39:24
    Ava Alexander
  • INFIDEL 2010/09/22 03:59:49
    Not: She looks awful.
    Perhaps if she hadn't pulled it back so severely it may have looked a little better.
  • kurosaki-kun 2010/09/22 03:57:41 (edited)
    Probably the only one who thinks this but I don't care. I like her look without the bangs. She is smiling and she looks happy so don't really care what other people think if I were her. I don't think she looks bad. Don[t really recall seeing a lot of pics of her looking like that. There's a smile for the camera for the press and media but to me here she looks genuine.
  • Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥ 2010/09/22 03:40:52
    Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥
    I think her hair stylist slept in:::: A bad hair day, on the wrong day...
  • JCLadybug 2010/09/22 03:38:48
    I like her hair pulled back...but I think she would look better with some bangs (of some form).
  • NatAlex23 2010/09/22 03:36:41
    Yes, it was a bad hair day. Yes, even the most powerful women in the world have them. She's a politician not a model. I'm pretty sure no one ever voted for her because of her hair, and I HIGHLY doubt that Obama picked her to be secretary of state simply because she could pull of a good look. Let's get over it now, shall we?
  • DoSi 2010/09/22 03:28:54
  • Little ... DoSi 2010/09/22 03:51:04
    Little Tina
    I am with you on this and I never liked Hillary. I don't know why females are so scrutinized as to their looks and males are NEVER talked about in these terms... so sexist.

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