High Heels for Kids: OK or No Way?

Living 2012/06/21 20:56:33
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These fashionable wedge heels look perfect for summer. Only problem is, they’re for toddlers. Yes, that's right: Michael Kors has unveiled the Keely Wedge in sizes 1-5 Youth. You no longer have to wait for your teen years to be stylish.

The description for the heels read: “Geometric cutouts and shimmering rhinestone studs combine to offer the fashion forward Keely wedge from KORS Michael Kors Kids. This spunky sandal sports a zip heel for easy dressing, and elasticized straps for ultimate comfort. A covered wedge heel adds chic sophistication.”

Sophistication? For an eight-year-old? Parenting blog Babble compares them to “stripper shoes,” but we think they are going a bit too far. These shoes are pretty cute, and could even work for a tween. But for little girls, they are a bit ridiculous. What do you think?
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  • sglmom 2012/06/21 21:35:25
    No way
    1. Obviously .. the 'designer' is completely detached from the REALITY of Toddlerhood .. which is running about .. enjoying playtime .. growing and living lives ..
    2. BONES in toddlers are definitely in the formative stages .. these HEELS .. even in adulthood .. are a strain on one's back and legs .. (I don't even wear heels .. and I'm in my elder years .. they are far too painful indeed)

    Just INSANE ..
    TODDLERS do not give one bit of CARE about 'sophistication' ..
    and are more interested in playing with the BOX ..
    taking the rhinestones out to glue onto cards for grandparents and parents ..
    having FUN playing ..
    than about how one 'looks' ..
    (trust me .. there's no toddler I know that would even TOLERATE these on them .. )

    Just wondering .. is this pandering to the "TODDLERS and Tiaras" crowd?

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  • Derbyhat 2012/06/25 02:37:41
    No way
    Those who wish to wear high heels (guys or gals) should research the damage they do to feet and other body areas from the unnatural stance one must endure to walk any place with them for long periods of time or distances. You would not wear these knowing you were going to be walking 10 miles in an active day.

    For the first 15 years or so, the bones are growing and are susceptable to sudden and prolonged changes in posture that alter the natural position of the bones in the feet, hips, and spine, all the way to the head. In high heels, those muscles that support the body, and although they may look great, or even spectacular in the right clothes, they will not get the proper stretch in our daily lives. This will impede their own physical developement and abilities. If they were to work out to adjust for the changes that is one thing, but very few teens will put their health before their relationships and teens being and growing into themselves.

    The ONLY practical use of high heels with children is when early gradeschool girls do dressup to look like Mommy. That is one time that spectacular tops itself! Anyone who has had a daughter and even a granddaughter, as I have, can truly love every seconds of it.
  • deborah sletten 2012/06/24 21:55:23
    No way
    deborah sletten
    For any one they should be special occasion only, they are said to cause tendon damage when worn exclusively.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/06/24 21:06:46
    No way
    Christopher Kirchen
    Most little girls when they wear their first dress might have barely learned to walk in flats let alone heels; I say postpone it.
  • fluffymarshmellow 2012/06/24 20:56:16
    No way
    What do the toddlers have to say about this?!?
  • KnightOfTheEvening1 2012/06/24 20:27:13
    No way
    The children should gradually grow up, not rush their course in life.
  • us 2012/06/24 20:09:34
    No way
    Stop making kids grow up to fast, let them be kids, because when they get older,
    they will stop and enjoy being a kid when you want them to work, and be responsible.

    Parents stop making your kids be 18, when they are only 8, let them be kids.
  • Flyingbug 2012/06/24 19:49:57
    No way
    A toddler's feet are still developing. Yes, small children like to play dressup--but these are not even for dressup.
  • dwight 2012/06/24 18:34:00
    No way
    certain things aren't to be worn by young people.
  • Wolfie 2012/06/24 17:40:16
    No way
    They are Kids not Adults. Now, sure, it's alright for dressing up or on special occasions, because I know all little girls want to feel like a woman sometimes. But. Everyday? Hell to the no. If they are treated like an adult at a young age, they will repeat "I'm a queen" when they're a teen.
  • Rubyking 2012/06/24 17:00:35
    No way
    high heels for anyone is stupid
  • Lina Blub 2012/06/24 16:40:42
    No way
    Lina Blub
    kids have to GROW and according to a family member who's a doctor, I'd say, it's freakin unhealthy, it'll distrub the growth of children, feet and spine, so ... NO definitely NO
  • Dickens 2012/06/24 15:46:20
    No way
    ..as bad as high heels are for ANY feet, what sort of lowlife, scumbag parent would put little kids in them??
  • Marianne 2012/06/24 15:36:59
    No way
    It is bad for the feet, also for adults. Chiropodists recommend a low heel.
  • KaylaE 2012/06/24 14:31:44
    No way
    I don't agree with it at all. Especially for just 'everyday' stuff. They are little kids, they should be in shoes, sandals (without heals), flip flops, things like that.

    Children with high heals on

    Children with high heals on
    ^Those are just too much^

    Childrens sandals

    Childrens flip flops

    Childrens tennis shoes

    Childrens dress up shoes
    ^Those too me are okay^

    I could even see wearing Childrens dress up shoes
    ^Those FOR Weddings or something like that ONLY
  • Lina Blub KaylaE 2012/06/24 16:41:48 (edited)
    Lina Blub
    don't forget the child beauty pageant shoes... forget child beauty pageant shoes from the French Vogue
  • Brynn Lina Blub 2012/06/25 20:00:14
    that is sick.
  • Lina Blub Brynn 2012/06/25 21:41:53
    Lina Blub
    Ikr, had to do a presentation bout child abuse, i used child beauty pageant as example, this was one of the pic i showed my class
  • Jiorgia KaylaE 2012/06/24 17:04:47
    they are the same size heal (the one for weddings and the ones that suri was wearing)...
  • KaylaE Jiorgia 2012/06/24 18:02:36
    difference is the heal, one is a skinny heal and one is not.
  • Jiorgia KaylaE 2012/06/24 18:07:36 (edited)
    That doesn't really make a difference, the damage to the knees, back, hips etc. is done from the height of the heal, not the width, if suri can walk in them then they are no different.
  • KaylaE Jiorgia 2012/06/24 21:42:23
    that's why I said for weddings ONLY on the last pair of heals. I don't know about in your family but in my family people aren't getting married all the time I personally have only been too 2 weddings in my entire life. And I do think that walking in the last pair would be a lot easier for a child too do.

    BUT like I said I think that they are 'BETTER' then the other pairs Not saying that children should wear them And if your going too let your child wear heals (which I wouldn't ever let my child wear heals, I don't even wear heals) then the last pair would be better for certain occasions, In my opinion.
  • Brynn Jiorgia 2012/06/25 20:01:06
    For ankle support it makes a big difference.
  • lunatic 2012/06/24 13:49:52
  • Billy C 2012/06/24 12:06:57
    No way
    Billy C
    I think they look silly on most people any way, not to mention, every woman I know complains about how much they hurt their feet when they take the dam things off. So why wear them anyway???? Just be comfortable ladies, shoes don't = sexy in my opinion.
  • wishastar 2012/06/24 12:02:49
    No way
    It is inappropriate ,
  • aicha.bah.334 2012/06/24 09:21:31
    No way
    heels are known to cause minor deformities on feet and can cause backaches. the least you have to wear them the better. Although I loves high heels and would never be without a closet full of them, I however know the dangers of wearing them and even though I would love to see my daughter look like a mini me, I would not put heels on her until she can hold a handbag without loosing it. lol.
  • Love_is_Supernatural 2012/06/24 08:17:40
    No way
    ........I don't really know what to say about that!
  • Cal 2012/06/24 07:29:02
    No way
    Kids want to play....I can see the broken ankles now. Heels just cannot keep up with a kid.
  • Doreen 2012/06/24 05:36:08
    No way
    Went to massage school and learned what high heels do to people and it is not pretty. To have children wear them would be a bad choice.
  • Gina 2012/06/24 04:10:48
    No way
    They grow up fast enough now as it is.
    It could cause early foot pain/problems.
  • *~The Doctor's Rose♥~* 2012/06/24 03:37:52 (edited)
    No way
    *~The Doctor's Rose♥~*
  • Miss Bela Rae 2012/06/24 03:22:06
    No way
    Miss Bela Rae
    How ridicu...you know what, I'm not even going there.
  • Call me Mark willya? 2012/06/24 03:04:37
    No way
    Call me Mark willya?
    Kids are already being allowed to dress trampy at waaaaay too young an age. Because the media makes it easier to see by showing more and more sexual situations in shows for kids, and that's DISNEY!!! My six year old Granddaughter is head over heels in LOVE with Justin Bieber, when at her age she should be worrying about coloring books and learning to read and write. The music and dances that these "teen" pop stars are performing are getting way out of hand, for any arguments I have a two word reply...

    Miley Cyrus. Daddy was so proud of his little girl on the stripper pole at the teen choice awards he mouths the words "sixteen years old." He could have just as easy added "and I'm hittin' that!)

    You know you're thinking it, so don't yell at me for saying it.
  • yg 2012/06/24 02:38:50
    No way
    That's inappropriate.
  • Simmysimfreak 2012/06/24 02:29:51
    i had a slight pair of heels when i was smaller. i went to church in them. they were low and i loved pretending to be grown up in them. i dont see a big deal. as long as its low enough and thick enough to not hamper foot growth then yea why not
  • Miss Be... Simmysi... 2012/06/24 03:24:12
    Miss Bela Rae
    I understand if they're slight heels, but the ones on the picture were huge.
  • Harley Squiggles the God \(... 2012/06/24 02:17:39
  • Jackie 2012/06/24 02:05:00
    No way
    What is with this craziness. My six year old granddaughter (whose bitrthday is coming up) has been asking for high heels.I asked her if she meant little plastic dress up heels, but no she wants the real thing. I told her it was ridiuculous, supposedly she knows some girls her age who have them. Why would anyone make such atrocious things for children? and a parent who would allow it, is a useless creature. Actually the friend she named having them, has a drunk for a mother.
  • lynda.appell2 2012/06/24 02:04:40
    No way
    Let kids be kids. I say Keds for kids. Childhood is for fun, enjoyment, not high fashion.
  • Vitalani 2012/06/24 02:01:03
    No way
    I smell serious ankle tendon, foot, and back problems for some poor stuck up mother's child!

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