High Heels Cause Muscle Strain: Are They Worth the Pain?

Living 2012/01/26 22:09:23
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Women and men agree on one thing: high heels are sexy. But a new study finds that women who commonly wear high heels walk differently than those who usually wear flats -- and may pay a price when they get home at the end of the day.

"We think that the large muscle strains that occur when walking in heels may ultimately increase the likelihood of strain injuries," study researcher Neil J. Cronin told The New York Times.

In results published last week in The Journal of Applied Physiology, scientists found that stiletto-lovers moved with shorter, more forceful strides than the those who usually wore flats, the paper reports. The heel-wearers' feet tended to have a flexed, toes-pointed position, even when walking barefoot, shortening the fibers in their calf muscles and putting more strain on them.

As a result, the researchers believe that wearing high heels causes a woman to use more energy to cover the same amount of ground as a woman wearing flats, leading to muscle fatigue.

Yikes! Our feet are tired enough at the end of the day even when we wear sneakers! Do you think high heels are worth the strain -- and pain? Or is it sexier when a woman looks carefree and comfortable?

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  • R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~ 2012/01/26 22:26:48
    R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~
    I rarely wear them. My boyfriend doesn't need me to wear heels to be sexy to him. :P I could really care less what society thinks is sexy. I'll wear whatever I like that's modest.

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  • Lew 2014/03/29 05:00:37
    I haven't experienced the inferred pain from wearing high heels and I've been wearing them for as long as some of you have been mortal. From my experiences, heels make me stand taller physically and from a personal perspective. They encourage the need to keep fit and healthy. I really love the styling lines high heels create as I assess my appearance in the mirror. The feel of elation while walking in heels with the proper sizing and comfort can only be described to those who have experienced it also.
  • Kruzer 2012/09/07 21:48:54
    Heels flatten the foot. Most men love soft, sexy arches. Heels should be highly temporary!
  • nums 2012/01/28 20:55:48
    i LOVE heels!!
  • disclaimer 2012/01/27 19:30:48
    I dance on pointe all the time--high heels are nothing.
  • Mrs. Kathy Arch 2012/01/27 15:10:40
    Mrs. Kathy Arch
    Sometimes, they make the outfit. Most of the time flats make more sense, but there are times when you just want to look sexy. :)
  • Iwillripyoweaveoff 2012/01/27 04:41:40
    Why would you bother wearing them if they hurt you? Honestly...
    Sure, they're cute.
    But how cute will it be when you can't walk cause you're in so much pain?
    You can find cute shoes that don't hurt your feet.
  • wtw 2012/01/27 03:36:23
    I like seeing them!
  • Alvin 2012/01/27 02:03:04
    If a person has the slightest inkling of how their body is put together and how it works, they would immediately realize that wearing high heels is about as stupid as trying to shave your legs with a weed-whacker,
  • FoxFairy 2012/01/27 01:34:45
    I am a bit on the short side and my line of work use to require women to wear heals and dresses. Luckily those days are gone, boots and sneakers are way more practical for someone who works with kids. athletic shoes
  • lucythetooth 2012/01/27 01:22:45
    No. No they're not.
  • Aly Hart 2012/01/26 23:55:54
  • Skooter 2012/01/26 22:58:50
    But yew luck sexy in em!
  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2012/01/26 22:46:17
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    When I wear heels, I stand up straighter, there is a sway to my hips and I feel pretty. So worth it.
  • Mz Understood 2012/01/26 22:31:54
    Mz Understood
    I'm a lip flop/bare feet kinda girl.
  • Kruzer Mz Unde... 2012/09/07 21:50:41
    You are so my kinda girl! I luv a girl in flip flops or barefoot in jeans! The very sexiest!!
  • belle 2012/01/26 22:30:20
    high heels have their place and time to wear them. But daily all day long is not it.
    women in high heels in shorts
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2012/01/26 22:27:24
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    Especially if they cause problems. Moderate heels are cute too but easier on feet.
  • R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~ 2012/01/26 22:26:48
    R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~
    I rarely wear them. My boyfriend doesn't need me to wear heels to be sexy to him. :P I could really care less what society thinks is sexy. I'll wear whatever I like that's modest.
  • Jack's Pearl 2012/01/26 22:17:26
    Jack's Pearl
    Of course not.
  • Willski 2012/01/26 22:13:00
    that's why i don't wear them much.

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