Help me! why am i peeing in bed now? and i'm 14

sasori of the red sand 2010/05/17 21:47:19
i've been being in bed for a long time. and i'm 14 i use the restroom before i go to sleep
i dont drink anything after 7. i need help. i have a bladder problem.
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  • lily_heartbreax 2010/05/18 05:16:57
    Go to a doctor It might be your kidneys..when I was younger I had a problem and I had to get kidney reflux surgery. Not fun stuff but if that's what it is,it will cure your problem.
  • The Potato Princess 2010/05/18 00:17:23
    The Potato Princess
    Wear a pull up its much simpler and cheaper then seeing a doctor!! Dont listen to that go see a doctor!
  • sasori ... The Pot... 2010/05/18 00:22:38
    sasori of the red sand
    ppl r confsuing me see a doc or dont see a doc
  • The Pot... sasori ... 2010/05/18 00:25:41
    The Potato Princess
    See a doctor
  • Doreen 2010/05/17 23:11:44
    You need to see a doctor. The two things that it could possibly be are either a bladder infection or problems with your reproductive system. I have had those problems from both in the past. If you get medication from a doctor for an infection and the bed wetting does not go away then see the doctor again and insist that they do more intense search for the cause of the problem. I had a bladder infection that lasted for a year because the doctor just "decided" that it just needed more antibiotics. I went to a different one and was told after some more specific tests that it was a very deep infection and that I needed a VERY strong antibiotic and for a longer period of time. That worked. When I was having problems before that I was having problems with my reproductive system and also found out later that I had an atopic pregnancy. I ended up getting a partial hysterectomy and that has not been a problem except for the infection. I do not mean to frighten you but I am just letting you know that you need to make the doctor do a thorough exam.
  • sasori ... Doreen 2010/05/17 23:14:17
    sasori of the red sand
    i think i need surgery right do u need surgery for very bad bladder problem or infection right?
  • Doreen sasori ... 2010/05/17 23:30:11
    I am not sure about surgery for a bad bladder because I was never approached with that possibility but it could be a possibility. I do not think that you would get surgery for an infection because they usually give antibiotics. Drink Pomegranate juice or Aronia berry because they help..oh..Acia berry juice would be good for bladder problems too. You still need to see a doctor.
  • sasori ... Doreen 2010/05/18 00:23:00
    sasori of the red sand
    ok i'll do tht
  • Diana 2010/05/17 23:03:43
    I would go to the doctor.
  • sasori ... Diana 2010/05/17 23:03:57
    sasori of the red sand
    i will
  • Crazy Emo Chick 2010/05/17 22:05:09
    Crazy Emo Chick
    You should go to the doctor
  • gingertwin2 2010/05/17 22:04:40
    Bed wetting can also be caused by sleep apnea or anything else that causes you to stop breathing in your sleep. You should get checked out by a doctor if this has happened more than once because if can be an indicator of a serious problem.
  • sasori ... gingert... 2010/05/17 22:44:17
    sasori of the red sand
    i think i ped in bead over 20x this year i guess or ver tht
  • heart of glass 2010/05/17 22:03:34
    heart of glass
    My son is 14 and has the same problem. It's gotten less and less severe over the years but he still occasionally pee's the bed. There is medication that your pediatrician can prescribe. Maybe you should discuss it with you parents.
  • sasori ... heart o... 2010/05/17 22:44:46
    sasori of the red sand
    i took medicne as a child to xtop peeing and nothing worked.
  • heart o... sasori ... 2010/05/17 22:46:59
    heart of glass
    Did you take the nose spray? Have you tried the alarm too? Do your parents know how upset you are about this? I think you need to see your doctor again.
  • sasori ... heart o... 2010/05/17 22:51:06
    sasori of the red sand
    no my parents are worried about my bed wetting, and i might go to the doctor again about it. and no i dont have nose spary dont got nose problems and
    the alarm wont wake me up to go to the bathroom
  • heart o... sasori ... 2010/05/17 23:22:01
    heart of glass
    The name of the spray is Desmopressin Nasal Spray. It helps to stop bedwetting. Google it and discuss it with your parents. The alarm didn't work on my son either, just thought I'd ask. Good luck.
  • sasori ... heart o... 2010/05/18 00:23:41
    sasori of the red sand
    ok weird but why would nasal spray stop my bed wetting? i dont get it
  • heart o... sasori ... 2010/05/18 00:28:16
    heart of glass
    It has something to do with the way it's absorbed into your system. Why don't you google it.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2010/05/17 21:55:53
  • kevracer 2010/05/17 21:51:50
    I think this problem requires more help than you'll get on SH

    by the way, that was my shoe you just peed on
  • sasori ... kevracer 2010/05/17 21:53:14
    sasori of the red sand
    my bad. and i no i wish i could stop i dont drink before i go to slepp anymore i use the restomm before i go to bed and today wen i woke up theres a problem
  • kevracer sasori ... 2010/05/17 21:55:44
    I'd go to a doctor
  • Sister Jean 2010/05/17 21:50:11
  • sasori ... Sister ... 2010/05/17 21:51:09
    sasori of the red sand
    aw come on really?
  • Sister ... sasori ... 2010/05/17 21:53:30
    Sister Jean
    well not the proper place to discuss ...go to Web.MD
  • jazzyjaz33 2010/05/17 21:49:41
    ok everytime you go to bed right before you do go to the bathroom and if you still have to go there again that's what i do
  • sasori ... jazzyjaz33 2010/05/17 21:50:48
    sasori of the red sand
    my brain oesnt tell me when to use the restroom in my sleep. i pee in my bed
  • Ana B0n B0n 2010/05/17 21:48:52
    Ana B0n B0n
    ..................lol that sucks :P sorry
  • sasori ... Ana B0n... 2010/05/17 21:49:56
    sasori of the red sand
    i need help idk why am i wetting in bed. it said if u wet in bed when ur older like a teen age, theres a problem
  • Ana B0n... sasori ... 2010/05/17 21:54:20
    Ana B0n B0n
    lol than check with a doctor! lol im sorry :P

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