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I have not heard of Dragons blood  But it sounds intresting
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Dragon's blood is a bright red resin that is obtained from different species of a number of distinct plant genera: Croton, Dracaena, Daemonorops, Calamus rotang and Pterocarpus.
distinct plant genera croton dracaena daemonorops calamus rotang pterocarpus nbsp
However, the most common species to obtain the resin from is Dracaena cinnabari, otherwise known as the Dragon's Blood Tree.

nbsp common species resin dracaena cinnabari dragons blood tree nbsp
The therapeutic properties of Dragon's blood includes the following: anesthetic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-dysenteric, antifungal, anti-hemorrhagic (reduce bleeding), anti-leukemia, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-tumor, antiviral, neurasthenic (reduce nerve pain) and wound healer and also includes analgesic (pain-reliever), anti-cancerous, anti-itch, anti-ulcerous and astringent properties.

includes analgesic pain-reliever anti-cancerous anti-itch anti-ulcerous astringent properties nbsp nbsp
It also has a protective action on the skin and coupled to the wonderful anti-bacterial properties makes it a natural to be included in a product to fight acne.

Not withstanding the anti-bacterial effect on the skin, it also exhibits powerful anti-viral properties.

Apart from all these very positive qualities, Dragon's blood also has very good anti-oxidant properties which also help to protect the DNA in the skin cell, which protects the skin from genetic alteration.

It also has a protective effect on the skin as it protects the skin from oxidative free radicals.

nbspit protective effect skin protects skin oxidative free radicals nbsp

When burnt, Dragon's Blood creates a strong herbal and spicy fragrance. It's traditionally used in Indian ceremonies to get rid of negative energies and spirits and is regarded as having cleansing properties. It's also calming, and some believe it has aphrodisiacal properties, too, especially if you leave a piece under your mattress.

As well as for burning, the resin has gained other uses throughout history. In the 18th century Italian violinmakers are said to have used it as a source of varnish for their instruments, and the Greeks and Romans regarded it as having medicinal properties. The warriors in ancient China used to carry it with them when going into battle. If they were wounded they used the resin to stop their wounds bleeding so much
properties warriors ancient china carry battle wounded resin wounds bleeding
it is rubbed on the skin and it protects against embers from fire and heat

It is used as a colouring matter for varnishes, tooth-pastes, tinctures, plasters, for dyeing horn to imitate tortoiseshell, etc.
colouring varnishes tooth-pastes tinctures plasters dyeing horn imitate tortoiseshell nbsp
Medicinal: The resin of Dragon's Blood is used externally as a wash to promote healing and stop bleeding. Internally it is used for chest pains, post-partum bleeding, internal traumas, and menstrual irregularities.

Dragon's Blood Bath Salt
bleeding internal traumas menstrual irregularities nbsp nbspdragons blood bath saltnbsp
Quantity: Prepare yourself in style for your rituals and celebrations. Made with pure seasalt and clean straight resin.
prepare style rituals celebrations pure seasalt clean straight resin nbsp
Dragon's Blood Oil:
celebrations pure seasalt clean straight resin nbsp nbspdragons blood oilnbsp
Dragon's blood oil is good for protection and empowerment and is especially helpful for defense on the astral plane. Like any sword, it has two sides; it can be used in offense as well as defense. On the other hand, some folks work love magick with dragon's blood oil--its red color amplifies the passion of a work and its Mars association increases the power. This magick oil is made by steeping the best refined Chinese dragon's blood resin in safflower oil. Like the dragon's blood palm itself, safflower is a Mars plant (and even contains the Mars metal, iron), so the power of this oil is doubled. In addition, the oil is scented with opoponax, a Mars/Pluto resin that is especially effective for protection as well as for acquiring the kind of knowledge one might wish to gain on the astral plane. It's also nicely fragrant. Dragon's blood resin is a colorant, so this oil can stain clothes. Because this is made from resins instead of essential oils, it will settle out after it sits for a while, so shake thoroughly before using. Store in a cool, dark place.

the resin from this palm tree is burned to entice errant lovers to return which is usually done by women seated near an open window, looking outside, at night. A stick of it placed under the pillow or mattress will cure impotency. Its resin is a powerful protectorate that when carried, smoldered as incense, or sprinkled around the house will drive away evil and negativity. A pinch of it added to other incenses will increase their potency and power. According to Cunningham, in order to quiet a noisy house, use the powder mixed with sugar and salt and place a bottle to be hidden somewhere in the house where it can't be found. The result will be peace and quiet within the house.
sugar salt bottle hidden house result peace quiet house nbsp
Magickal Herblists have been stirred by the properties and uses of the resin for generations. Due to its color of red and its pleasing odors. Dragons Blood is widely used in love magick and workings of the heart. Also widely used as a funeral herb, it is most common to burn the resin as incense during funeral rites, for ease of transition. It is said to place a piece of the plant under the mattress cures impotency. It is also added to love sachets and spells to give greater potency of other herbs for magick and rituals when blended together.

Dragon ink:

spells greater potency herbs magick rituals blended nbsp nbspdragon inknbsp
4 oz. Transparent Alcohol (vodka works well)
2 tsp. Dragons Blood (powdered resin)
1 tsp. Pure Vanilla (tincture)
1 tsp. Lavender (tincture)
1 cinnamon stick
2 cloves (optional)

Mix all together in an tightly sealed jar. Shake until mixed well. Place in dark cool cabinet. Bring out once a day and shake up to stir for seven days. Test the ink by placing your pen, needle or toothpick in the ink, then test on paper. If color is dark enough for you it's ready to use. If you would like it even darker then add more resin and repeat the shaking. Test everyday until you have the desired color hue

ready darker add resin repeat shaking test desired color hue
Dragon’s Blood Punch. And if you meet someone who tells you that you have dragon’s breath, say thanks and tell them, “Unlike that animated movie, this dragon can’t be tamed.”
1 750ml bottle vodka
1/2 cup orange liqueur
6 cups (48oz.) red fruit punch
6 cups apple juice
6 cups cranberry juice
2 liters ginger ale
Chill all ingredients the day before. An hour before serving, combine everything in a punch bowl. A large soup pot will do in a pinch. Stir well and add ice. We recommend using a block of ice as it will melt slower than cubes. Serve in punch cups. (FYI: Six cups is approximately one bottle of juice)

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