Have You Ever Read Books on Etiquette?

BloodlessVeins 2012/08/06 18:16:04
Try To
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Currently reading a few books about the subject. Wondering if anyone has read up on the matter. I defintly know a lot of people who try on a daily basis to be civil!
Books I'm reading:
-Etiquette for Dummies by Sue Fox
-Miss Manners' Guide To Excruciatingly Correct Behavior by Judith Martin
-Choosing Civility The Twenty-Five Rules of Conservative Conduct by P.M. Forni
-Why Manners Matter The Case for Civilized Behavior in a Barbarous World by Lucinda Holdforth.
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  • Odinsown 2012/08/12 16:25:31
    My mom beat good manners into me.
  • Bloodle... Odinsown 2012/08/13 00:55:38
    Yikes. Was it worth it?
  • Odinsown Bloodle... 2012/08/13 01:38:38 (edited)
    I am not upset about it. It seems to have worked out alright.
  • baxter 2012/08/08 12:57:23
  • Bloodle... baxter 2012/08/08 15:24:51
    Hehe. Very defiant no. Okay.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/08/07 09:16:29
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    I've never found one that explains the "why." I find etiquette and manners to be a fascinating subject because they're all things that a given culture will do, but few can tell you why they do it.
  • InoYamanaka 2012/08/07 04:11:01
    I don't have any manners. I should try to look at those....NOT for strangers and everybody, but for people I'm actually friends with.
  • Bloodle... InoYama... 2012/08/07 04:34:31
    Great. Good luck.
  • Gregaj7 2012/08/06 23:51:13
    Try To
    Try the 'Emily Post' books on the subject.
  • Bloodle... Gregaj7 2012/08/06 23:58:08
    Thank you for the book reference. I should be done with the books I have today, except for Miss Manners. Then its off to another library for me.
  • Beccy 2012/08/06 22:34:46
    Etiquette is on of the finer graces of our society
  • Sister Jean 2012/08/06 19:32:51
    Sister Jean
    to my students
  • LovelyLady 2012/08/06 19:25:25
    Quite a few books. I remember Miss Manners.
  • ray 2012/08/06 18:55:32
    Miss Manners used to be Syndicated columnist .
    Emily Post was another who wrote on this subject .

    What a wonderful world it would be if more followed your example.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/08/06 18:47:55
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Yes, I have one on my shelf for quick reference on things I may have forgotten.
  • Pat 2012/08/06 18:47:52
    No. When I was a kid (grade school), most of my friends' parents enrolled them in Miss Whitemore's School of Dance and Etiquette. My parents did not see the need to enroll me and that's why I sometimes feel socially awkward. Kidding. They learned to waltz, polka, fox trot, and also how to behave at a social gathering. The kids had to dress up for each class, including white gloves, and they learned how to graciously accept an invitation to dance as well as the proper way to hold you tea cup while standing. At the time I felt deprived but when I look back, it really was ridiculous. Last I heard, Miss Whitemore was driving around town in a one seat cart with a pony pulling her..... School of Etiquette

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