Have you ever had to call the police on your neighbor or neighbors?

Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/06/26 21:59:14
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Be it a noisy party, or an ill-supervised toddler running naked across a busy street (this happened across the street from our house a couple days ago) have you ever had a reason to call the cops with a concern about a neighbor?
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  • Nam Era... Lily Bl... 2011/06/27 17:46:00
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    Some strange people here. And they get stranger when their drugs and alcohol mix.
  • Gooky 2011/06/26 23:21:22
    Yes, I called the police on my neighbor
    Yup!I wasn't being nosy...just walking my dog and crap happened.
  • rosehalo 2011/06/26 22:57:52
    Yes, I called the police on my neighbor
    I caught him stealing from a house across the street. The police came, made him put everything back. The owners did not press charges since everything was returned. What did I get out of it? The thief came to my door, threatened me, and the next day dumped a large pile of broken glass in my yard. And I never got a thank you from the owners. People are a real work of art!
  • Lily Bl... rosehalo 2011/06/27 06:00:09
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    I guess so! What a story!
  • kent 2011/06/26 22:09:18
    No, I have never done that
    It'll get you killed in this neighborhood
    killed neighborhood trailer park boys cast
  • kent kent 2011/06/27 05:31:31
    we have a neighborhood watch program that seems to work very very well neighborhood watch program work hells angels ride
  • Sister Jean 2011/06/26 22:05:50
    Yes, I called the police on my neighbor
    Sister Jean
    drunk driver
  • sglmom Sister ... 2011/06/27 06:00:52
    THAT is one good call ..
  • Lily Bl... Sister ... 2011/06/27 06:01:59
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Good! More people need to call the cops on those, instead of turning a blind eye! Sometimes, too, a court order is the only way to make them go into treatment.
  • Eba 2011/06/26 22:02:13
    Yes, I called the police on my neighbor
    my mom was busy so i had to call em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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