Have you ever had a creepy sensation when you pass someone who looks a little crazy?

Jasmin 2012/07/28 03:05:53

I'm not scared of clowns, but there's something about Ronald McDonald that just isn't right.... He watches me when i move o.O
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  • Swordfish 2012/07/30 16:18:20
    I was in a grocery store one and this creepy old lady gave me a look that literally made me feel tired, weak, and sore and gave me tunnel vision at the same time. It was the weirdest damn thing.
  • towanda 2012/07/28 15:37:24
    Had that feeling all the time when i lived in asheville, esp downtown
  • ģhøṡτ øώl 2012/07/28 13:38:33
    ģhøṡτ øώl
    No, I AM that "someone". heh.
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/28 03:13:27
    Sister Jean
  • Jasmin Sister ... 2012/07/28 03:16:13
    horrible just horrible to feel that way
  • Azazyel's Dragon 2012/07/28 03:11:58
    Azazyel's Dragon
    Yes; and I just pray the sensation passes after I see that person.
  • Jasmin Azazyel... 2012/07/28 03:15:51
    its so creepy like their planning something
  • Azazyel... Jasmin 2012/07/28 03:19:11
    Azazyel's Dragon
    Yes, but you never know. It could be the guy (or gal) is just having a really bad day. On the other hand, it could be he (or she) is plotting to kill you...wait, not going to go there. No.
  • Jasmin Azazyel... 2012/07/28 03:20:35
    it cant be a one bad day if it happens everyday
  • Azazyel... Jasmin 2012/07/28 03:27:55
    Azazyel's Dragon
    Oh, in that case...just avoid that person as much as you can. And let others know the same. If need be, confront that person with friends. That'll scare the heck out of the creep!
  • Jasmin Azazyel... 2012/07/28 03:29:23
    i think he would just kill us all o.O kidding
  • Azazyel... Jasmin 2012/07/28 03:30:31
    Azazyel's Dragon
    Oh...then ruuuuuunnnn!
  • Jasmin Azazyel... 2012/07/28 03:31:28
    lol great advice though man
  • Kyle 2012/07/28 03:06:27
  • Jasmin Kyle 2012/07/28 03:08:50
    it's horrifying... like they want to... kill.... *shivers* ahhhhhh mommy

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