Have you ever experienced seeing , hearing or in any way contact with a SPIRIT or spirits ( Ghosts )

Witch.Nikki.Jo 2012/08/09 08:15:28
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It is MY reality that Spirits are among us. I would like to know if others have experienced this . I am NOT looking to learn anything negative, because MY reality is MY truth. IF you have and want to share please do. IF not mark No and keep your negative opinions to yourself, because NO ONE can tell me I did NOT see spirits since age 3 SOME peopledo not know when to SHUT UP and GO AWAY >>.bcarrera ! (JERK ) I specifically did not want SKEPTICS to answer just VOTE but go away, when you STOP and open you unintelligent mouth you prove how idiotic you are, @ bcarrera:: Go watch Tom and Jerry til your MIND rots then you will be completed! I NO SPIRIT, NO MIND you ae almost there )

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2016/02/14 21:02:51

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