Have you ever broken a school rule(s)?

juicii~sitrus 2009/09/21 16:26:15
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I've broken a rule (in fact I've been breaking it ever since I started grade 9)... EATING in the lobby/foyer.. ahhahah. One of my teachers frowned at me and told me I'm not allowed to have drinks or food in the lobby... but hell I see people TAKING DRINKS in the gym when they're not supposed to (for intramurals they take drinks and wear their outdoor shoes), how hypocritical perhaps? XD But yeah I broken that rule... now... have YOU ever broken a rule or two or more? Oh and I'm also breaking the no-chat sites rule in the library atm... I'm on Sodahead which is kinda like chatting cuz its a forum-ish site. XD
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  • ★yaretzuki★ 2009/09/21 22:33:07
    Yeah... I broken this one...
    yep i use to text
  • Live_for_music 2009/09/21 19:17:05
    Yeah... I broken this one...
    No phone
    and bringing alcohol
    and many more...
  • Jerry 2009/09/21 18:16:41
    Yeah... I broken this one...
    yup i broken the no sleeping during class i used to wear shirts that said bad things and cuss words no texting wile in class and or no calling during class. used my ipod during class (had it tooken away for a day) and lots more that i cant remember lol. its been since 06 that i got out of high school
  • frenchfries↑in texting I tr... 2009/09/21 17:08:14
    Yeah... I broken this one...
    frenchfries↑in texting I trust↑
    all the time,im suspended for swearing right now,i hate the no eatin class one
  • PBSmin 2009/09/21 16:41:35
    Yeah... I broken this one...
    No cell phones.
    No texting in class.
    No cutting class.
    No cheating.
    Should I continue? I think everyone has broken at least one school rule.
  • Chancy99: Plague Rat 2009/09/21 16:40:19
    Yeah... I broken this one...
    Chancy99: Plague Rat
    Wearing Bondage pants, Bringing lighters, using my phone during class(I was soaking wet((twas raining) and I called my mom to pick me up, during gym) um.. No mp3 players(on during school hours), I broken quite i few, but big deal. Hell I know alot of people who break school rules
  • ♥● Caяmεn ●♥ 2009/09/21 16:31:07
    Yeah... I broken this one...
    ♥● Caяmεn ●♥
    i was wearing my normal shoes at school

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