Have you ever been through a 'Near-Death' experience?

MissingTheO.C. 2012/06/20 10:07:10
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  • Ang 2014/09/26 01:46:56 (edited)
    Yes, this.
    a car accident, they took my gall bladder & spleen out & if they hadn't have been able to sew my liver up I would have died, I went back to work a month earlier than the doctors told me to & then got pregnant 9 months later after the doctor told me not to in the next 2 years, so from the worst experience of my life (well til my divorce that is) came the greatest joy of my life! I had an exhaust leak & passed out at t! The only other time was twice, I almost drowned, still do not know how to swim!
  • Tdog 2012/07/17 17:41:09
    Yes, this.
    A car coming so close 2 hitting mine that it felt lyk my heart had leaped out of my chest. Also a few other minor near death experiences lyk choking or nearly drowning but hey, I'm still here.
    Nothing lyk needing to be resuscitated, on the verge of death, holding on 4 dear lyf. Mine were either coincidental or accidental.
  • Tdog Tdog 2012/07/17 17:45:03
    Though, I just remembered how bad my asthma was when I was young, waking up once, during the night, coughing up my lungs, struggling 2 breathe.
    I can't remember who heard me but someone came 2 my rescue - that sure felt lyk I was going to die but that could have just been the panic washing ova me.
  • Nightsky 2012/06/30 20:42:16
    Yes, this.
    ben almost shot with a 12 gage in the head, ran over, almost got shoved off a rock bluff, a few of my friends almost drowned, and a couple other smaller things
  • Erin V. 2012/06/28 22:29:35
    Yes, this.
    Erin V.
  • princess 2012/06/24 09:44:44
    No, I haven't.
    But I know someone who has.
  • Aahz_OneAndOnly 2012/06/24 00:18:10
    Yes, I prefer not to talk about it.
    Combat Vet
    'Nuff said
  • Kitty 2012/06/21 07:36:20
    Yes, this.
    meant to click the other one but..
    I have been through lots of 'near death experiences'.
  • psiEnergos 2012/06/21 06:57:35
    Yes, I prefer not to talk about it.
  • GeorgeAMartini 2012/06/21 06:54:23
    Yes, this.
    I nearly drowned once in the middle of a lake. Scared the $%^&*! out of me. Come to think of it, I haven't been swimming since, except in swimming pools.
  • ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪ 2012/06/20 22:47:26
    Yes, this.
    ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪
    several times I actually did "die" but I was brought back.
  • XXrawwwrXX 2012/06/20 22:40:29
    Yes, this.
  • cj 2012/06/20 19:53:22
    Yes, this.
    yep. drunk naked and puking in a snow bank.... discovered after 3+ hours of laying in the snow..... I stopped drinking for over 10 years from that experience. Youth is so wasted on the young lol....
  • Miss Bela Rae 2012/06/20 19:50:38 (edited)
    Yes, this.
    Miss Bela Rae
    Once when I was little I almost drowned in a pool. I was holding my floatie and messing around, seeing how long I could stay underwater while still holding onto it, but then once it flipped over and I lost my grip on it and started sinking, but I kicked really hard and got back to the floatie.
    Then a year or two ago, I was going swimming with a lot of my family and my mom and I were about to jump in at the same time when my cousin Patrick pushed us in. My mom fell in on top of me, kicking my head on accident really hard, and we were kind of angry for a few minutes when we finally got out, but we laughed about it later and we still do.
  • lolvampirebookworm 2012/06/20 19:15:45
    Yes, this.
    I was around 6 years old and it was my first time ever at camp. I also didn't know how to swim. I jumped into the pool and went straight down. The lifeguard didn't notice that I was drowning at the time and as I started to loose my breath I started to kick my legs and drag myself near the steps so I could get out. It was one of the most scariest moments in my life. drowning
  • Rosalie 2012/06/20 19:12:34
    Yes, this.
    Got shot..
  • Fran-Halen 2012/06/20 18:51:12
  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/06/20 17:21:24
    Yes, I prefer not to talk about it.
    John Galt jr or Ron/jon
    maybe in December...
  • Anastasia Vassiliev 2012/06/20 17:06:25 (edited)
    No, I haven't.
    Anastasia Vassiliev
    Nope, I love everyone in my life, I have everything I need and I'm thankfull that I'm safe. But about to be. In colorado and nebraska winter 09-10 we got stuck in a snow storm. The roads were closed and we couldn't get off the high way. The winds were probably 100 mph. Then our car got stuck. We counted 69 cars and trucks flipped off to the side of the road. Scary!
  • Death On Two Legs 2012/06/20 16:46:01
    Yes, this.
    Death On Two Legs
    I've almost drowned 3 times
  • nikhil sharma 2012/06/20 15:58:43
    Yes, this.
    nikhil sharma
    got stuck in a snow storm in the himalayas this vacations
  • Solomonster 2012/06/20 15:45:58
    Yes, this.
  • I AM A TROUBLEMAKER 2012/06/20 15:32:13
    Yes, this.
    near kedarnath ................was coming down the icy mountain at night 8:00 clock.............missed the cliff several times................god was with me or else would be dead.................
  • Heavy 2012/06/20 15:17:16
    Yes, this.
    I have been through quite a few but they aren't that big of a deal.
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/20 14:51:19
    Yes, this.
    Sister Jean
    2 month coma coded twice
  • GreyHeart 2012/06/20 14:36:49
    Yes, this.
    very recently, almost bleed to death from a work accident, and yes still an atheist
  • merlinskiss 2012/06/20 14:29:11
    Yes, this.
    More than one. It puts your life in perspective. In my case, they made me see the senselessness of religions, patriotism and all the other bunk used to try to run your life for you.
  • Philo® ~PWCM~JLA ✩ 2012/06/20 14:08:45
  • amazinggrace 2012/06/20 14:06:53
    Yes, this.
    I almost drowned when I was about 9
  • john 2012/06/20 13:30:40
    Yes, this.
    Twice, once in a car crash and another time i nearly drowned and both times i experienced a dream like state, where i saw some family and friends who were dead, but this is who i might have been thinking about...not certain
  • HelmetGirl 2012/06/20 13:24:28 (edited)
    Yes, this.
    It happened quite some time ago. I was having trouble breathing and I was swelling like a balloon. My other half was on the road (trucker) and I was alone with my newborn. I walked over to my neighbor's and asked if she could watch the baby (she was the unofficial Godparent) and drove myself to my doctor's office. The nurse took my blood pressure and the look on her face was priceless. She had the doctor come in right away and they were like, "How did you get here?" When I told them I drove, they had a fit. They then said, "You have to go to the ER right now." So, when was having my pressure taken there, I looked up at the monitor and said, "That's impossible. Is your machine broken?" That's when they hooked me up to I don't know how many things. Within a few more minutes, I was out and didn't wake up until days later. My doctor told me how low my pulse got along with my respiration and I was shocked. Heart failure. Found out later family members stayed on watch. I'm still here though, tough as nails!! : ) I vaguely remember feeling like I was floating during the time I was out; like I could hear parts of conversation. There was no fear, no pain, nothing. It was weird.
  • White Wolf 2012/06/20 13:14:55
    Yes, this.
    White Wolf
    My mum, brother and I were watching TV, and eating chips. Part of a sharp chip got stuck in my throat and I started choking. My mum started telling me to drink some of my water but I didn't have any left in my glass, and wasn't about to get some. I was choking about for a minute. My mum didn't think of getting up and giving me the 'hoist of breath.' luckily by hitting my chest I got the chip out. I was glad I could hold my breath for 2 min. Tested it before too, I have big lungs like my dad.
  • Talmadge Monroe 2012/06/20 13:06:02 (edited)
    No, I haven't.
    Talmadge Monroe
    Not near enough my friend, not near enough.
  • irish 2012/06/20 12:55:49
    Yes, this.
    yes ,i have.
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2012/06/20 12:54:37
    Yes, this.
    Bob, the reasonable one
    I was in the navy and as an aircrewman I've been in two helicopter crashes and one plane crash...both events very exciting...the plane crash was a result of windshear as we were landing in Pittsburgh....we ended up landing sideways...very loud, lots of sparks!! LOL....we got tossed around, but everybody wobbled out the P-3 good to go....guess where we went right afterwards? yeppers, to the nearest bar!!
  • nverumind 2012/06/20 12:48:34
    Yes, I prefer not to talk about it.
    Ill just say that my heart stopped in an ambulance on the way to the Hosp a few years back. But its not a fun topic to discuss, so ill leave it at that.
  • Alexandra de la vega 2012/06/20 12:30:31
    Yes, I prefer not to talk about it.
    Alexandra de la vega
    once.....in kinda like gang war.....it was helll!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "OG" 2012/06/20 12:21:27
    Yes, this.
    Has happened on more than one occasion. I stepped over that thin red line and like to bought it. Live Hard and Fast you just might Die Young !
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2012/06/20 12:15:12
  • Christian 2012/06/20 12:03:12
    Yes, this.
    Yes and I don't want to think about it.

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