Have you caught little kids playing with matches?

Kennedy1st 2011/10/01 22:02:54
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  • Avingnon 2011/10/29 23:55:15
    i have played with them before but i make sure i do it over concrete. and that there is nothing flamable for at least 3 foot radius. :)
  • Silent_Girl 2011/10/04 22:17:50
    Yea one of my nephews....
  • Kayla 2011/10/03 21:53:09
    No I haven't
  • p18711 2011/10/03 12:45:34
    indeed caught myself
    once i burned down a footballfield-sized grassplaine by accident and we(hometowners) were lucky it stopped by itself (saw the result a day later because i ran) because there were 250 footballfields dried grass left to burn .i learned a lesson that day
    dried grass +winds+fire= nooooooooooo
  • Wrath 2011/10/03 12:02:15
    Nope, never happened to me.
  • Zolfie™ 2011/10/03 01:22:38
    I'm not sure if they were "little" but they were kids when my two friends started throwing matches at each other in the local park (still don't know why they had matches to start with there).... it started a small fire which fire fighters came and put out and of course weren't happy.
  • Ophelia 2011/10/02 18:19:39
    yes i play with matches i might have given the little kids the matches
  • Redskin 2011/10/02 18:09:34
  • wtxwoman 2011/10/02 16:51:28
    I played with matches and fire, in general, when I was a kid. All of my four kids did, too. Only one caught a waste basket on fire. Thankfully, her brother put it in the bathtub and turned the shower on it. I missed the waste basket, but didn't find out were it went until they were grown.
  • Tina Louise 2011/10/02 16:45:44
  • bud man (oYo) 2011/10/02 04:15:59
  • xxxMyHeartIsBrokenxx 2011/10/02 02:36:25
  • Recruit 2011/10/02 01:47:43
  • Anna E 2011/10/02 01:20:18
    Anna E
    Yes, our kids went through the curiosity about fire. We taught them about fire safety and when they got curious about something to do with fire, we'd supervise their experiments.
  • Zolfie™ Anna E 2011/10/03 01:21:05
    that's awesome... my parents just yelled at me.... which made me want to do them more :P .... and I did end up getting burned in very one small spot... :P
  • Anna E Zolfie™ 2011/10/03 18:33:06
    Anna E
    That sounds pretty usual. Kids usually find out the hard way that fire is hot. lol
  • Zolfie™ Anna E 2011/10/03 21:43:08
    yeah fire is hot.... of course so are you ;)
  • KATniss 2011/10/02 01:17:08
    yes, me :p
  • lucythetooth 2011/10/02 01:14:52
    My youngest had a book of them the other day. She was trying to light a few of the candles on the kitchen counter. We had a talk about only letting Mommy use anything that makes fire.
  • Loca girl n_n 2011/10/02 00:55:44
    Loca girl n_n
    i WAS the little kid playing with matches . . .
  • Redskin Loca gi... 2011/10/02 18:10:28
  • Loca gi... Redskin 2011/10/02 18:16:52
  • Redskin Loca gi... 2011/10/02 18:18:56
  • Loca gi... Redskin 2011/10/02 18:22:47
  • Redskin Loca gi... 2011/10/02 18:25:45
  • Loca gi... Redskin 2011/10/02 18:37:44
  • Redskin Loca gi... 2011/10/02 18:43:30
  • Loca gi... Redskin 2011/10/02 18:45:44
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2011/10/02 00:51:32
  • Shelly 2011/10/02 00:51:04
    I found my 7 year old cousin playing with them. He learned from his older brother -_-
  • ruru 2011/10/02 00:49:17
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/10/02 00:47:39
  • XXrawwwrXX 2011/10/01 22:57:54
    yea. my oldest daughter started playing with them at age 4

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