Have you been avoiding Burger King because of the horse meat rumors?

L.A. Times 2013/02/01 20:57:28
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After one of its suppliers was under investigation for selling beef products potentially tainted with horse meat, Burger King concluded that none of its products were affected. The chain said it came to the conclusion after conducting testing for traces of equine DNA in its beef patties.

Burger King, which is based in Miami, said it launched an independent and ongoing probe upon learning that Irish regulators had discovered equine DNA in meat in one of its suppliers' facilities.

On Jan. 24, the chain said it would no longer use products from ABP Food Group’s Irish subsidiary, Silvercrest, to supply its locations in Britain and Ireland. The fast food giant then replaced all Silvercrest meat with deliveries from another supplier as a “voluntary and precautionary measure,” it said.

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  • flaca BN-0 2013/02/02 00:18:36
    flaca BN-0
    What's wrong with horse meat? Many countries eat it. What's the difference? Horses are only slightly more intelligent than cows.

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  • Aries Tonto 2013/02/08 17:26:36 (edited)
    Aries Tonto
    I eat at home. My girlfriend is an excellent cook. Why eat anywhere else?
  • MichaelJ 2013/02/08 07:55:58
    I'm not too worried about eating horse meat. I have eaten it before and found it to be fairly tasty. Not to insult our cowboy friends but I would rather eat a horse than ride one.
  • SlaveWaterNymph 2013/02/05 23:56:44
    i never liked burger king in the first place.
  • Quazimoto 2013/02/05 19:56:03
    As long as it's not mad cow.
  • Jrogers 2013/02/05 19:08:14
    I just like mcdonalds better
  • syl 2013/02/05 18:56:56
    Especially since it was not disclosed-you could have anything in there. Remember the pink slime we were eating at McDonalds?

    I wouldn't eat horses if you paid me. Just think of how they treat the cows.
  • Tree 2013/02/05 16:45:06
    Burger King still tickles my fancy. Good food!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM
  • ellie. 2013/02/05 12:38:56
    Errmmm.... now I will, lol.
  • vannuck 2013/02/05 09:11:09
    Who use horse meat when you have fresh baby seal? baby seal
  • Dee Zyn 2013/02/05 04:03:31
    Dee Zyn
    I became a vegetarian June 2012. I can no longer stand the thought of meat. Now I only watch cooking shows if they are not cooking meat. Fur is murder..Meat is murder. Animals are tortured and exploited to give people meat. UGH Love animals don't eat them.
  • Frumshus. 2013/02/05 01:14:45
    I avoid Burger King. Period.
  • pennie 2013/02/05 00:20:24
  • TheFasterGun 2013/02/04 23:28:50
    It was news with jack in the box back in the early 82- 83 or so.
  • GAC 2013/02/04 23:25:22
    Not purposely at least. I just haven't had the incentive to go to a Burger King for months. Simply visiting others restaurants for now.
  • crashley 2013/02/04 22:59:38
    No, but ive been avoiding it for other reasons.
  • Cleaver62 2013/02/04 22:20:23
    I love horse meat!
  • LittleMistersMom 2013/02/04 22:13:52
    I avoid Burger King for an entirely different reason than rumors. How about they have horrible quality food compared to the prices, and, as for the ones in my area, I am extremely surprised they haven't been shut down by the health department. They're disgusting.
  • tdterry1999 2013/02/04 20:26:49
    I avoid them cause I don't like there food.
  • blumunofky 2013/02/04 17:56:27
    No, but I may now. A repulsive thought. However, I don't know of any burger chain that hasn't been under scrutiny at one time or another for food handling concerns, supplier quality, or shabby labor practices. Please show me a fast food place that sells wholesome food, uses products untainted by drugs, filth, or other parts of other species, practices exemplary humane killing practices, and doesn't exploit their young employees be denying them basic benefits, and I'll be a customer for life.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2013/02/04 17:20:57
    t.eliot, topbard
    ...but I never go to BK anyway.
  • trap flapper 2013/02/04 16:15:55
    trap flapper
    Horse meat is very similar to beef, but it's very lean.....I just avoid Burger King anyway because that King dude creeps me way out and one time I got a burger with bugs on the lettuce....
  • Goo gle 2013/02/04 16:15:14
    Goo gle
    Horse meat is delicious.

    Horse meat has a slightly sweet taste reminiscent of a combination of beef and venison. Meat from younger horses tends to be lighter in color while older horses produce richer color and flavor, as with most mammals. Horse meat can be used to replace beef, pork, mutton, and any other meat in virtually any recipe.
    In Japanese cuisine, raw horse meat is called sakura (桜) or sakuraniku (桜肉, sakura means cherry blossom, niku means meat) because of its pink colour. It can be served raw as very chewy sashimi in thin slices dipped in soy sauce, often with ginger and onions added. In this case, it is called basashi
  • trap fl... Goo gle 2013/02/05 12:23:38
    trap flapper
    Wow - outstanding answer!! I know working dogs, like greyhounds, love horsemeat, but it's to lean and gives no fat, which they need.....the rest was pure good lesson.
  • Julie 2013/02/04 15:23:59
  • TommyB 2013/02/04 14:55:23
    Truth be known, we would all be shocked at some of the things we've unknowingly eaten in our lives. A little canine here, a little feline there, what's a little equine now and then?
  • Avi Rosen 2013/02/04 14:38:53
    Avi Rosen
    I have been avoiding it, as any other hamburger selling facility, because I prefer to chew up the meat by myself, not so kin about pre-chewed meat...
    Some of these facilities don't even sell good meat, taste quite synthetic (McDonald's)
    (I avoid, but seldom do eat Pre-Chewed).
  • Willow 2013/02/04 14:27:03
    I've been avoiding it because it's not healthy in general.
  • hasher 2013/02/04 14:18:34
    rumors are just that rumors. i dont pay attention to all that.
  • supercar55 2013/02/04 14:04:51
  • dave b 2013/02/04 14:02:48
    dave b
    I just avoid BK because its not very good, like I avoid Wendy's and Jack in the Box, Carls Jr. etc.
  • synful90 2013/02/04 13:57:57
    i hate burger king so this doesn't affect me. i wouldn't eat there either way for many reasons. besides i worked at one of these and they were the worst employers i ever had...just saying...lol
  • yasmine.jomun 2013/02/04 13:24:05
  • Ticker 2013/02/04 09:25:50
    I think horse meat is delicious!!
  • supercar55 Ticker 2013/02/04 14:10:12
  • Ticker supercar55 2013/02/05 14:45:59
    maybe the french are good for something
  • supercar55 Ticker 2013/02/05 14:57:56
  • Aki 2013/02/04 06:26:40
    One question: What's wrong with horse meat? Considering that we kill cows to eat the meat, why wouldn't you want to eat horse meat? I heard that it's actually pretty good.
  • Bibliophilic 2013/02/04 05:16:55
    I avoid them because their food is calorie ridden and nasty. There are most likely worse substances than horse meat in BK food.

    I don't see how breeding, slaughtering and then grinding up horses is so much more terrible than doing the same to cows and pigs though.
  • Chere 2013/02/04 02:30:49
    Flame broiled smells bad. I have never liked the smell of Burger King. The drive-thru really never helped but I did eat whoppers once in awhile when I had no alternative.
    How can beef be "tainted" with horse meat?
  • Sperry23 2013/02/04 01:51:07
    I've been avoiding Burger King because the food is lousy and the service stinks on ice.
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