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Have Sex or Play Video Games?

La Saria 2009/03/05 01:04:21
Have sex.
Play video games.
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For some, this question must be extremely easy. But for game freaks and sex addicts like myself, this question will make you analyze which addiction is better. Battle of the addictions... Sex vs. Video Games.
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  • tamilselvan_poi 2009/10/04 12:51:56
    Have sex.
    have sex
  • enrique armejo 2009/09/03 03:51:10
    Have sex.
    enrique armejo
    im not addicting so video games. its sex that it comes to. sex is way better than video games. no matter what.
  • Vaius 2009/08/30 23:38:49
    Play video games.
    I like Video Games more.
  • *~*Mizz Behavedl*~* 2009/08/28 18:32:22
    Have sex.
    *~*Mizz Behavedl*~*
    Can't I play video games on my laptop while having sex? Must I have to choose? lmao
  • Mr. Penguin•the guy you've ... 2009/08/22 14:48:29
    Have sex.
    Mr. Penguin•the guy you've been waiting for•
    of course you pick my favorite things
    but uhh its both evenly for me...
    im an addict on both
  • srj2882 2009/06/26 13:44:38
    Have sex.
    i am so freakin exited to have sex but i have to be married
  • Tiffany 2009/05/24 22:54:23
    Have sex.
    I love sex it amazing!
  • Joeeey 2009/04/13 21:08:34
    Have sex.
    sex (:
  • Lindy... 2009/03/13 05:12:52 (edited)
    Play video games.
    There was a young woman from Texas
    Who...at video games...was the bestess
    When she woke from her trance
    She traded games for romance
    And found love in the back of a Lexus
  • Dark N Lovely 2009/03/12 14:32:08
    Have sex.
    Dark N Lovely
    Have sex! most def!
  • Cassidy 2009/03/12 02:12:22
    Play video games.
    Im 14 no way on sex until im older
  • , 2009/03/11 19:22:41
    Have sex.
    duh i would pick my gf over dumb video games! probably why she is pregnant.
  • Yellow Tail 2009/03/10 20:19:45
    Have sex.
    Yellow Tail
    Sorry... I meant to answer and vote but...

    NO! Not with a video game!

    How can you ever compare sex and video... video is not real... digital image, digital animation... sex is very real! nothing is an illusion, everything is hands on and more than three dimensional!

    No hands bared...

    Cheers... YT
  • Ayalina Yellow ... 2009/04/01 03:55:12
    Sex is gross. xD
  • ♥♥♫MusicalBxtch♫♥♥ 2009/03/10 17:00:14
    Have sex.
    i know how to win that game. my ex used to try to fight it, but he knew he wanted it.
  • Common Sense Conservative 2009/03/10 06:59:08
    Have sex.
    Common Sense Conservative
    Dumb question. If you're a fag you play video games.
  • Mikomi 2009/03/10 06:15:48
    Play video games.
    Never had sex. Not looking forward to it actually. xD I love Halo, and I'm a good player.
  • *~JENNBEAVER~* 2009/03/10 01:16:40
    Have sex.
    This should really be a no brainer for anyone over 21 at least
  • HIMfanaticShannon *SHTB* 2009/03/09 06:37:45
    Have sex.
    HIMfanaticShannon *SHTB*
    I love video games and sex a LOT. But I think sex calls me just a little stronger than video games. My boyfriend is as addicted to both as I am, which is good so instead of choosing, sometimes we play a video game together while we're making love. The best of both worlds right there. ;)
  • ★ SLC ★ 2009/03/09 04:13:25
    Have sex.
    ★ SLC ★
    But I'm better at playing video games.

    Naw... I'm terrible at both.
  • HIMfana... ★ SLC ★ 2009/03/09 06:38:51
    HIMfanaticShannon *SHTB*
    Haha yeah right hun. How've you been?
  • rebecca 2009/03/09 03:59:33
    Have sex.
    I'm trying to think of which I do more often... yep sex.
  • Dirk 2009/03/09 01:34:32 (edited)
    Have sex.
    Why can't I have both?


    (has been censored)
  • Ayalina 2009/03/09 01:11:22
    Play video games.
  • The Rock 2009/03/09 00:48:52
    Have sex.
    The Rock
    Sex with a warm women any day is better then any video game.
  • smiley_chick 2009/03/08 21:36:21
    Play video games.
    I like video games ALOT!!! But am i allowed to choose both???
  • Tab Bear[: 2009/03/08 19:37:28
    Play video games.
    Tab Bear[:
    Just for the fact that I dont want to and because haha I am to young
  • Justin [DF] 2009/03/08 18:29:38
    Have sex.
    Justin [DF]
    Sex for sure! If you're addicted to gaming then find somebody else that is too and have some game fetish sex, like having sex while playing co-op Halo!
  • HIMfana... Justin ... 2009/03/09 06:42:36
    HIMfanaticShannon *SHTB*
    Been there, done that. Tons of fun! lol. ;)
  • Justin ... HIMfana... 2009/03/14 17:58:18
  • HIMfana... Justin ... 2009/05/02 06:02:17
    HIMfanaticShannon *SHTB*
    My guy and I both love sex and gaming so it's fun to combine them and see who will win at the game or be able to concentrate enough to even play. XD
  • Cloud Nine Fairy 2009/03/08 18:04:11
    Play video games.
    Cloud Nine Fairy
    It can't get you pregnent!!! LMAO!
  • italianfonzi66 2009/03/08 17:37:03
    Have sex.
    have sex then play video games then have sex again
  • bams_spenzax 2009/03/08 16:00:35
    Have sex.
    I think sex is better than just a game !
  • Michaelene 2009/03/08 15:02:15
    Have sex.
    For adults, the benefits of game playing compared to the benefits of intercourse are like comparing apples and oranges.
    Sex is the winner everytime. The chemical release of an orgasm will not only help you feel good, it actually makes you a healthier person.
    Anyone who would chose playing a game over having sex has either their priorities skewed or an extremely unhealthy relationship.
  • beverlyblonde 2009/03/08 09:20:18 (edited)
    Have sex.
    r u busy 2nite? sex busy 2nite
    wait, am i allowed toanswer "both"? busy 2nite wait allowed toanswer
  • shadi 2009/03/08 07:55:55
    Play video games.
    playing video games can be quite orgasmic in its own right =)
  • xx♥EvaEXILED♥xxTakeru_Luvr 2009/03/08 07:29:56
    Play video games.
    I would challenge my bf/gf to a Guitar Hero face -off, then challenge them to Halo or GTA.
  • KwanzDog 2009/03/08 05:59:07
    Play video games.
    Play video games, have sex when I feel like it.

    Or, have sex WHILE playing video games. If your girlfriend is cool enough, she'll do it.
  • HIMfana... KwanzDog 2009/03/09 06:43:37
    HIMfanaticShannon *SHTB*
    Yep, I'm cool enough apparently. XD
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