Gwen Stefani Says She Puts on Makeup for Her Husband: Do Women Look Better With Makeup On?

The Big Question 2012/08/08 01:07:39
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  • Conservatism Rules 2012/08/08 17:10:10
    Conservatism Rules
    I personally find my love at her best waking up in the morning drinking a cup of coffee while wear one of my button down shirt and her hair a mess.

    girl wearing a mans button down shirt

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  • MYSTIC MYSTIQUE 2012/08/20 03:23:56
    not over loads of makeup though.......
  • Dave In Cali 2012/08/12 12:35:15
    Dave In Cali
    Actually, people of both genders look better with makeup on. That's why they use it on TV and movies and the like.

    Now that I've said that - I prefer my women natural. A tiny bit of war paint doesn't bug me but I hate when they put on their masks with a trowel.
  • Selena Gomez 2012/08/11 01:48:47
    Selena Gomez
    i dont wear makeup yah i think i look fine makeup makes your face get dull so no i don't think makeup makes you look better cuz when you take it off your skin is dull and lifless......so NO
  • Kid Neon 2012/08/09 21:16:13
    Kid Neon
    o.o...she's pretty
  • Angel* 2012/08/09 18:14:43
    Yes they do, but some ladies don't look good once the makeup is off, so i would prefer
    With out.
  • overdog001 2012/08/09 18:00:35
    Some women do look better with it, some women don't need it, and some women won't look good no matter how much spackle they have. ;-)
  • FunnyLittleNightmare 2012/08/09 16:55:42
    Some people do. Some just have a natural beauty.
  • Lonely girl 2012/08/09 06:21:25
    Lonely girl
    Some do.
  • Anna 2012/08/09 04:13:30
    Just about everyone does if they use it well. You might not even know it's there and just think her eyes look extra lovely that day, or her skin smoother.
  • RasHooD 2012/08/09 02:54:13 (edited)
    but it's not good 4 theme!!
  • La 2012/08/09 01:54:55
    A little natural make-up is often best. No make-up doesn't look good unless you happen to have flawless skin and no rings under your eyes. Too much make-up is silly.
  • william raggett 2012/08/09 01:43:29
    william raggett
    Well some do and some don't
  • xxx 2012/08/09 01:21:43
    She should just admit she wears make up for herself. Majority of guys either don't care for it or perfer no make up..... weird O_O
  • ttfndude 2012/08/09 01:01:43
    If a woman does use make-up it should be minimalistic because their features show their true beauty
  • Brother Bo 2012/08/09 00:55:37
    Brother Bo
    Actually, some do and some don't. Some over-do it and look bad, some under-do it and need more. How can this possibly be a Yes/No question...?

    My wife is awesome either way...
  • TheHushedScreamer 2012/08/09 00:35:46
    I honestly don't think so.
    Sometimes, most times, make up just makes you look fake.
  • Daniel 2012/08/09 00:33:04
    Some do and some don't. Women should wait till they want to hide wrinkles before wearing it.
  • dani 2012/08/08 23:57:25
    I really think it is both some look good without but some look better with it.
  • Aquaduck 2012/08/08 23:15:12
    There's no right or wrong answer to this, but I think we should all just accept a person in their natural state. When I wear it, I don't get any more or any less male attention than when i don't wear it. People tell me i look fine with or without it, some say I look pretty much the same (but i do wear a lot of eyeliner, i love the stuff). But if you think you have to put it on to look good for your husband...that is sad.

    rihanna no makeup

    Victoria Justice:
    victoria justice no makeup

    kesha no makeup


    wear eyeliner love husband sad rihanna victoria justice kesha beyonce

    beyonce no makeup
  • bettyboop 2012/08/08 23:06:11
    Some do. My older sister is a makeup artist, she is also a natural blond. Without makeup she looks anemic. Me I am half choctaw/cherokee. I have tried to put on all the makeup she advised me to wear and it either melts off or makes me look goofy.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/08/08 21:57:06
  • TasselLady 2012/08/08 21:06:29
    Not all of them. I'm getting to where I'm shying away from face makeup. I just wear a little eye makeup and some lipstick. Makeup has become expensive and a pain to apply. When I hug some guy I don't want to get makeup all over him. And it doesn't cover up my rosacea. I just wear a red reducing cream to take care of the redness, but other than that I'm planning on ditching most of it eventually.
  • Just Jenn for Now 2012/08/08 21:05:17
    Just Jenn for Now
    Personally I find natural beauty better. Of course, a little make-up isn't a bad thing, but I can't stand women with what I like to call a "10 lb cake of make-up"
  • keshaisstupidgagarules 2012/08/08 21:05:06
    its extremely offensive and psychologically damaging to my mind to hear that so many people say they look better with it. men don't have to wear it to look attractive!!! but of corse they don't, women have always had to work harder to obtain anything. women are gorgeous without makeup. period. women without makeup
  • TasselLady keshais... 2012/08/08 21:08:13
    I think most women look better without it too. I'm getting to where I'm shying away from it except for eyes and lips.
  • keshais... TasselLady 2012/08/09 01:46:56
    some makeup can be fun, but saying without it women aren't beautiful is disgusting. i agree with you
  • enlightened one 2012/08/08 20:45:17
    enlightened one
    Actually makeup is to enhance one's appearance - thus improve your best features - smooth out your worst. I guess though it depends on the results.
  • BloodlessVeins 2012/08/08 20:28:26
    I just don't like make-up all that much. As personal aesthetic appeal, yes. As "I look my best with make-up", no.
  • wtxwoman 2012/08/08 20:15:46
    I have never thought make-up made anyone look better, excepting the obviously scarred or discolored skin. As for eyelashes that look like bird wings or drawn on eyebrows, along with blown up lips on otherwise normal looking women, no, No, NO! For special occasions, yeah, maybe, but not enough to look like a clown. The women I feel sorry for are the poor things that have to be made up to face their husbands across the breakfast table.
  • runningintriangles 2012/08/08 20:15:32
    The "natural" look involves more make-up than I wear on a daily basis... like it or not, make-up helps. Even something as simple as a wee bit of concealler for those under-eye circles, makes a huge difference.

    On the other side, too much make-up is horrific. But everyone looks better with a little make-up.
  • Brother Joe 2012/08/08 19:56:53
    Brother Joe
    Leave it on ladies, you look like hell without it.
  • Caitlin... Brother... 2012/08/08 21:35:12
    Caitlin ~American Patriot~
    thanks a lot....
  • BlackwinterG36C 2012/08/08 19:56:47
    They Usually do. But a woman can be attractive without makeup as well. Its all subjective/eye of the beholder.
  • mckayla 2012/08/08 19:51:31
    Poor girls that have to put makeup on to feel pretty. Smh -.-
  • Ginny 2012/08/08 19:50:55 (edited)
    Let me tell you something, I would like girls to feel pretty confident without makeup and I do hate when girls put on tons of makeup but I just gotta ask the men who supposedly want a "natural" woman. Do you find Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, or any female star attractive? Because almost all are known for caking it or put less on so it is less noticeable on so please stop saying that if you find any star attractive. Also to the woman who don't wear makeup and think that they are "better and more real" no it doesn't. And is impossible as it sounds some woman wear makeup because they like it. To them it is art and they wear for that reason not because they shallow or lack confidence. I laugh every time a man shows a picture of Emma Watson and says now that's natural beauty!

    natural beauty

    This is the first result for supposedly "Natural Beauty"
  • lady_c5_loadmaster 2012/08/08 19:44:10
    Those women that know how to put it on properly do but then you have some women that put on too much and look like a clown or worse.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/08 19:36:56
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Very few look better with war paint on. I like to see who I'm talking to.
  • Kronan_1 2012/08/08 19:30:10
    She wasted her money and time . It was not an improvement.
  • Angela Chambers 2012/08/08 19:18:52
    Angela Chambers
  • Aquaduck Angela ... 2012/08/08 22:50:10
    She looks fake with it. Better without, in these pictures.

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