Guy sits down beside me in church......?

Ally 2013/04/23 00:39:39
Guy sits down beside me in church
last night. He sits in figure four cross- shakes his top foot- when
sitting down. Crosses his arms then uncrosses them. He pulls up the sock
on that foot eventually. He puts his foot down and smooths his hands on
his pants. Then later goes back into the figure four cross. At some
point he messes with his shirt sleeves. When standing he puts his right
hand in his pocket. What does his body language mean? It seemed like he
was fidgety- unable to sit still. Why would he be fidgety?
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  • The New Old School 2013/04/23 04:55:09 (edited)
    The New Old School
    For whatever reason, he was physically agitated. It's more common in people than you think. Some folks control it better than others but many are unaware that they're doing it. A lot of times, it is simply caused by physical discomfort.
  • Jesse 2013/04/23 02:42:29
    Maybe he has ADD or ADHD. Or maybe he's just nervous
  • Urchyn 2013/04/23 00:41:42
    Maybe he was nervous.
  • Ally Urchyn 2013/04/23 00:45:09
    Why would he have been nervous? I'm confused.
  • Urchyn Ally 2013/04/23 00:46:35
    Well maybe it was his first time to ever be in church and he was uncomfortable.
  • Ally Urchyn 2013/04/23 00:48:16 (edited)
    He has been there before so that is not it. He is the youth minister. :/
  • Urchyn Ally 2013/04/24 01:10:16
    Hmmmmmmnnn then that is curious.

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