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TrailOfTears 2012/06/13 03:55:20
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Me and this really great guy started going out last week. He's the whole nine yards; sexy, sweet, flirty, smart, nice. When im around him, i always have butterfly's in my stomach so to speak; basically all the mushy gushy crap you hear about in books. We've been friends for about 5 years now and have just started going out.
Upon him asking me out, i was unbelievably happy so i said yes and told a couple of my friends the news. They basically called me an idiot.
You see, this guy sorta has a reputation for sleeping around. In all of his past relationships, hes either flirted or slept with another girl.
I keep thinking that since iv known him longer and am closer to him than all of those other girls that maybe he wont do that with me, but then another part of my brain is calling me stupid for even thinking that i would be any different.
What do you think i should do? I really like this guy and don't want to break up with him when the relationship has barely even started, i want to see where it goes, but at the same time, i don't want to have to constantly worry about him cheating.
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  • PsychoxAngel 2012/06/13 19:45:13
    talk to him about it
    talk to him about it, it could just be a roumor
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/06/13 19:42:27
    talk to him about it
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    dude... you're 16

    dating shouldn't have to be about insecurities and issues like this; it should just be about having fun!

    just talk to him about it, and if he does anything to poop on the party, then leave, cuz the prior knowledge won't make it as bad.
  • Neelo 2012/06/13 07:25:33
    talk to him about it
    you guys have been friends for five years, right? talking to him about it and allowing him to put your worries at ease shouldn't be an issue then. and if he doesn't talk to you about it, THEN consider an alternate solution. Give the guy a chance though
  • Metaldane 2012/06/13 07:10:25
    date him
    I say date him don't bother constantly worrying about it you obviously like him a lot so give it a chance if it doesn't work out then it doesn't but you shouldn't just end it without trying for it first.
  • .: LiVi :. 2012/06/13 05:17:44
    .: LiVi :.
    So you've already been friends for 5 years. The other girls he's had flings with and slept with he probably hadn't been friends with for 5 years, or was he? If you've already been friends for 5 years (depending on how close you are) then I think it's more likely that he will respect you and you will be different from other girls. But the thing with guys like that is they get bored easily, and are easily distracted... I would say wait a long time before sleeping with him, keep it a little hard to get, don't give away all your feelings away too easily. Don't be clingy or needy, keep him chasing you and always making the effort. That way he will stay interested and will not get bored so quickly. Also to develop an intimate emotional bond with him as you slowly get closer, dig deep and find out his deepest insecurities and thoughts and desires and use those to create a deeper connection between you.

    I think you would be more of an idiot if you didn't give him a chance and threw him away on your friends' advice before he can prove himself to be good to you. Maybe he's ashamed of his reputation and doesn't want to be like that, who knows. If you never give someone a chance to redeem themselves then they never will.

    I hope that was helpful? :)
  • Schläue~© 2012/06/13 04:12:47
    If you've known him 5 years and he's just now getting around to asking you out....?
    I'd keep on my toes.
    A true friend relationship should take a while before morphing into the horizontal bop.

    Otherwise, you'll wind up a statistic as your friends suggested.
  • Fighting4U 2012/06/13 03:59:18 (edited)
    If you haven't slept with him already, don't make him wait awhile and see his reaction, then make your decision what to do.

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