Grinning British

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Grinning British
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As I opened the book randomly, my eye was immediately drawn to a black and white photo copy of a helmeted British Air Raid Precautions worker. He is holding Nazi propaganda.

"A LAST APPEAL TO REASON, BY ADOLPH HITLER" is printed in bold letters above the fine print.

The year is 1940.

The man in the photograph, holding the threatening propaganda, is grinning as he reads. It is the kind of grin which reflects the consideration of the insanity of the tyrant.

Further on in the book is a photo copy of British women in a children's shelter playing, Pin The Mustache On Hitler.

Then again, there's a photo copy of a British restaurant sans windows, due to bombing. Within the restaurant are men and women very casually enjoying tea.

Further on in the book is a photo copy of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth inspecting the damage of Buckingham Palace's north side.

The Queen is quoted--"I'm glad we've been bombed. It makes me feel I can look the East End in the face."

Just across the channel from Great Britain, France was Nazi occupied. Things looked grim, but the British did not.

I thought of this as I considered the American Revolution, and it dawned on me that America did not become a Republic because of the war. No, America became a Republic because of the richly cultivated British-American mind.

It is a different sort of mind and it worked well with the Irish genius. This is what began America as an independent nation.

Not war.

I considered that just as there are scribblings of a pre-historic time line in Arizona, so are there scribblings of a pre-historic time line in France.

If you study revolution and rebellion, what you will find is intellect. Not because it is intelligent to wage war, but because the higher intellect sees possibilities and can assess what stifles his progress.

The human race is in various stages of evolutionary advancement. It is all so very fascinating, even as I consider naked tribes in the Amazon.

It is a wonderful and beneficial thing to recognize the gifts of people.

Poeta nascitur, non fit.

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