Granny Gives Birth to Grandson: Great or Gross?

Living 2011/02/15 21:57:13
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On the surface, this seems like a story about a woman pushing the limits of medical science to help her daughter have a baby.

But really, it's about the extent of a mother's love.

Last Wednesday, Kristine Casey gave birth to her own grandson at age 61, serving as a surrogate for her 35-year-old daughter, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Her daughter, Sara Connell, and her husband, Bill, are the biological parents of the child. They had been trying to have a baby since 2004 despite Connell's infertility issues; she delivered stillborn twins after one pregnancy, and later she suffered a miscarriage.

Casey, meanwhile, carried three daughters safely to term 30 years ago.

"I thought, 'Wow, three of the happiest days of my life were giving birth to my daughters,' and I thought I could choose to do this for someone I love," she told the paper.

But the pregnancy wasn't without risks.

"As a woman gets older, the risks she takes in pregnancy clearly go up — everything from high blood pressure and diabetes to premature delivery and infant death," Dr. David Cohen, chief of reproductive medicine at the University of Chicago Medical Center, told the Tribune.

But 10 years after menopause, Casey cleared all her medical tests -- and last week, she gave birth by cesarean section to Finnean Lee Connell, her first grandchild.

"It grew beyond the two of us having a child," Connell told the paper. "It was about the closeness with my mother, and our family having this experience that was unique and special."

Do you think your mom would give birth to your baby? Would you do it for your child?

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  • belle 2011/02/16 01:53:27
    This woman of that age was pushing the envelope of having a normal baby and also of her own health needs. The daughter didn't think much of her mother to rish her life for possible a handicap child.

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  • Alexander T Steward 2012/06/27 17:08:41
  • nikki 2011/03/24 16:44:30
    i think it's gross cuz women shouldn't be having babies after the age of 40.
  • Matt Ryan 2011/03/15 18:43:23
    Matt Ryan
    It's a good thing overall, surely, but it is a little gross :)
  • HarickzRuhigGeist 2011/03/13 04:58:25
    This is Great
  • Rumble-bee 2011/02/27 15:25:40
    r u kiding me u might as well call him son if the sperm was from u'r son-in-law wich is uber gross then i don't no wat to think anymore
  • Valentine Oriön 2011/02/24 20:05:46 (edited)
    Valentine Oriön
    That's just nasty an wrong on so many levels. Find somebody younger. She only used her mom to save money probably. Oh son you know grandma delivered you so I could save money :) awkward... @_@
  • Tonia 2011/02/22 20:53:25
    What is this world coming too!! There was noone else that could carry the child for her. There could have been a lot of health issues that followed this pregnancy!!
  • onebad 2011/02/22 06:28:37
  • Tonia onebad 2011/02/22 20:57:05
    I don't c how you think that people are sticken their noses into these peoples business when the question was posed on a website where opinions are required!!
  • onebad Tonia 2011/02/23 00:34:10
  • thinqq uno!!! 2011/02/21 21:15:16
    thinqq uno!!!
    its qreat cuz evry human beinq is a blessinq.....bt wat bout da childs life in da future??
  • Tori 2011/02/21 20:39:04
    wat the...
  • AÇUCAR 2011/02/21 11:23:31
    if the woman can't have a baby on her own do some problems in her body
    i think that's ok
  • Rumble-bee AÇUCAR 2011/02/27 15:27:25
    then the womans son is not a son anymore more like brother thats how i see it
  • AÇUCAR Rumble-bee 2011/04/06 23:40:45
    well ya got me there and from your point of view it does seems wrong !!
    but it's a new live that is born in this mad world and i think that for her asking her to be the one having the baby instad of having oder woman to have it like most of the people do make hear feel that the baby is more related to her in many ways then if it was by oder person (woman)
  • Rumble-bee AÇUCAR 2011/08/06 23:00:35
    i still don't see it. it's still new life coming from other woman in topic here
  • AÇUCAR Rumble-bee 2011/08/25 22:11:30
    i guess! for her to choose her mother instead of other person
  • leslie davis 2011/02/20 02:40:57
    leslie davis
    In my opinion, no matter how you spin it, this is just plain gross.
  • ripley 2011/02/20 02:22:57
    its great! another human being was brought into the world! sure the woman was old...... but still, all children are blessings from god! and besides, she has the right to do what she wants with her body even if it means giving birth at age 61. she was doing something loving for someone she loved.
  • Little Lulu 2011/02/19 03:58:24
    Little Lulu
    What about adoption. There are a lot of children that need good, loving homes
  • JoshuaLattie 2011/02/18 19:15:07
    Thats fricken discustin. Who would want to have a baby at the age she is at.
  • danielsboo<3xoxo 2011/02/18 17:09:26
    thats just plain nasty dang grandma got any thing better then getting in bed every night god dammn
    but it was sweet of her for giving birth to her grand baby
  • I "Heart" Logic 2011/02/18 11:47:15
    I "Heart" Logic
    That is unreal, good on her for giving her daughter the joy of parenthood, people who say gross look at it this way, dont let your mum become the surrogate if it ever happens to you, but at least that woman saw her child was hurting and like any parent did everything she could possibly do to make her child happy, might seem strange to some but i think good on her. If you think its selfish that the daughter let her, maybe she insisted, maybe they couldnt find a surrogate, maybe this was what they wanted, and if they chose to why is it a problem?
  • Smokey 2011/02/18 11:23:27
    GILF? :) I think that children are a blessing no matter what.
  • JingerJewels 2011/02/18 05:18:18
    what it is this world coming to when we have menopause babies being born
  • Hannah 2011/02/18 05:14:18
    Yeah... that's kind of weird.
    Sweet, but kind of weird.
  • Wackyweirdochic 2011/02/18 04:37:17
  • MJ 2011/02/18 03:55:06
    so wouldnt the mother be the sister in reality.....
  • THAT WAS FUN 2011/02/18 03:32:12
  • Not That Serious 2011/02/18 03:27:37
    Not That Serious
    What's really gross is a 10 year old having a kid. Beat that!!!!
  • thinqq ... Not Tha... 2011/02/21 21:17:23
    thinqq uno!!!
    uqh dat IS qross!!!
  • DragonFilms Productions 2011/02/18 03:03:31
    DragonFilms Productions
    Is unbelievable that mother was able too give birth at that age. I thought in medical science that an middle aged woman is highly unable too produce a child. But non the less, the grandmother was pushing her own health into giving birth to the children. Sure the guy couldn't fertilize and the daughter had some miscarriages, but doesn't give em the responsibility of having her own mother becoming the surrogate.
  • fish 2011/02/18 02:39:12
    if she wants kids and can not have them herself she should be able to find another way for her to have her dream family
  • I<3Edward 2011/02/18 02:11:44
    ...and gross...it's a modern miracle.
  • Lola 2011/02/18 01:56:37
    Well, now that i read the story... its not that bad. It was sweet of the g-ma to do that. But it is still a little weird but thts okay!
  • tomas 2011/02/18 01:21:03
    why not?better than bungee jumping.
  • Trust Noone 2011/02/18 00:12:09
    Trust Noone
    I've notice that the word "gross" is being used to describe none approval. Persons using the gross word maybe wet behind the ears(Youngsters) , have never experienced the joy of having children,or are pro abortionist. The daughter fertilized egg was implanted in the Mother, so the baby would not suffer any consequences of his Grandmothers age.
  • Mike420 2011/02/18 00:05:17
    this is just awful i can understad wanting a baby but how could you explain that your grandmother is actually your real birth mother to you son or daughter.... or if you preferd not say anything and your kid finds out sometime down the road i see this as somthing that shouldnt be done!! and thats what grinds my gears!!!
  • Fillmore 2011/02/17 23:45:33
    Talk about "keeping it in the family"
  • Eva 2011/02/17 23:34:30
    That's great for them, but I think it's more than a little creepy. I mean, technically, the kid's grandmother is also his mother... and his mother, therefore, is also his sister. Freaky.
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