Global SodaHead Unity

Global SodaHead Unity

A place where SodaHeads from all over the world can share their unique experiences, cultural differences and local histories with those of us who are interested in learning about the diversity all around the world that truly makes life interesting.

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I've seen a few ignorant people on this site sometimes imply, other times flat out claim, that this is nothing but an American site that was created and exists solely for Americans, implying outsiders are not welcome or wanted here. Aside from the blatant xenophobic nature of those claims speaking volumes about the individuals themselves, it simply isn't true. SodaHead has always welcomed people from all over the world, this is a global community, it probably always will be and I don't know about you, but I'm eager to learn as much as I can about all the wonderful people from around the globe who come here to share their opinions and I'm interested in learning more about the places I may never get the opportunity to visit. We know what the world is like on our own doorstep, but what about our friends, what's life like for them?

I've been a SodaHead for a few years now and this website and this community welcomed me with open arms, which is why I still come back and choose to associate with the numerous friends I've made here. I've learned so much about many of you from asking my questions, answering other people's, creating and frequenting groups and my endless debating with you, but through all of that I've also learned a lot more about myself, things that I may not have learned otherwise. Had I not found this site at a point in my life when I had more questions than answers I'd probably still consider myself to be an occasionally liberal-minded conservative atheist, instead of the liberal agnostic I've come to know I am. I owe all of you a debt of gratitude for helping me find out these things about myself and I hope that I can return the favour by helping you learn more about yourselves and each other.

Thanks for joining, I hope you enjoy the group. :o)

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Please don't be offended if you don't see your country's flag represented in the image above, I could only fit so many on there, but if you'd like me to make you a SodaHead with your flag, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. :o)


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  • gracious43 2014/07/13 17:27:57
    My mother's family came from Germany, and when I was a girl, I heard all about her pride in her Germanic culture, and all of the great things that Germany and Germans had achieved. My father's family came from Ireland, and I learned to love reading and poetry and story-telling at my father's knees.

    But I am an American. I've never thought of myself in any way European. America is my roots and my birth-right.
  • No One 2013/05/29 01:25:15
    No One
    Thanks for the invite.
  • moira.faulds.14 2013/04/12 23:34:51
    This sounds good to me! Thank you for the invite. http://images.sodahead.com/pr...
  • Sir Bud. 2012/04/12 00:03:47
    Sir Bud.
    Dark,you nailed it by your observation of the xenophobes who of course aint into the SodaHead global community thing!.