Girls in Baseball Caps: Which Look Is a Fashion Don't?

Living 2011/09/23 14:35:49
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We always thought we looked super cute in a baseball cap. But apparently, it's one of the looks that girls love but guys hate.

TotalBeauty.com surveyed 100 men to find out which hair and makeup styles they liked the least, and baseball hats were a definite "don't," even on sexy actress Jessica Biel.

The guys gave the look a "4" on the sexiness scale, calling it "boring," "lazy" and "plain."

But at least one cap-lover said: "I feel like she would be easy to talk to and she is low maintenance." Now that's a guy we want to meet!

Men also dislike strong bangs, calling the look, "A little intimidating/unapproachable" and "trying to hide something and a bit pretentious."

They hate buns (the hair kind), describing the style as "The housewife on the way to the supermarket look."

Ponytails are, "A valiant attempt at hiding bed hair," red lipstick "Pretty much kills my desire to ask her out," shag haircuts look "dirty," wild curls are too "'80s" and dark and smoky eyes are too "'90s."

Did the guys get it right? Which look do you dislike?
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  • intolerantrwj 2011/09/26 21:15:10
    Strong bangs
    .... None Of the Above would have worked for me, but I did choose my Least Fave

    Had this pic been on the list, perhaps BB Caps would have been my choice ....

    girl wearing baseball cap only
  • Anna E 2011/09/26 19:50:07
    Hair in a bun
    Anna E
    Buns. UGH!
    Also, dark makeup around the eyes.

    Ballcaps on girls? Sexy. And uit dioesn't matter if they wear it backwards or not. Guys who wear ballcaps backwards just look dumb.

    ballcaps girls sexy uit dioesnt wear guys wear ballcaps dumb
    ballcaps girls sexy uit dioesnt wear guys wear ballcaps dumb
    ballcaps girls sexy uit dioesnt wear guys wear ballcaps dumb
    ballcaps girls sexy uit dioesnt wear guys wear ballcaps dumb
  • intoler... Anna E 2011/09/26 21:16:23
    .... I like your choice of pics Anna !
  • Anna E intoler... 2011/09/27 00:19:20
    Anna E
    Thanks. :)

    hehe as opposed to these?
    hehe opposed
    hehe opposed
  • intoler... Anna E 2011/09/27 12:49:10
    ..... absolutely !

    Funny .... what's wrong with that top pic ... too funny < s >
  • Anna E intoler... 2011/09/27 17:33:18
    Anna E
    lol Yeah. That one`s definitely a hat FAIL and a sunglasses FAIL. lol
  • Time Tr... Anna E 2011/09/26 22:08:14
    Time Traveler
    Fedora, the original baseball cap, would be a 10 even if it were on a dog.
  • Anna E Time Tr... 2011/09/27 00:14:38
  • Time Tr... Anna E 2011/09/27 00:54:12
    Time Traveler
    Thanks for the update, Captain Obvious.

    thanks for the update captain obvious
  • Anna E Time Tr... 2011/09/27 00:57:25
    Anna E
    Happy to help. :)
  • Alphadean 2011/09/26 19:36:50
    Each look works differently on each girl. My wife can all those looks equally well. I just happen to be extremely partial to Ponytails. Baseball caps have to be done the right way though.
  • srini 2011/09/26 19:17:23
    Hair in a bun
    Wrapped braiding (a la Yulia Tymoshenko) is much nicer a style (and keeps hair out-of-way just as well).
  • Illjwamh 2011/09/26 18:11:53
    Hair in a bun
    I never got this one. I mean if you wanna look like an elderly librarian, knock yourself out, I guess. But it's not remotely attractive.

    I'll agree with the wild curls being too '80s, and too much make-up of any kind is off-putting, but a subtle amount can look really nice (isn't that the whole point?)

    I don't really have an opinion on bangs - not that I can think of, anyway - but I think a girl in a cap can look pretty cute. Ms. Biel certainly does, anyway. And ponytails are hot; I don't care what anybody says.
  • Chrisbe 2011/09/26 17:31:18
    Girls in baseball caps
    While i chose hats many of these are just meh including smokey eyes or even too much makeup i don't want to date a clown
  • Will on the road again 2011/09/26 17:08:50
    Dark and smoky eyes
    Will on the road again
    I would much rather see a baseball cap on a woman than excessive makeup.
  • Diamond Girl 2011/09/26 16:51:51
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2011/09/26 16:43:30
  • JasonKaas 2011/09/26 15:46:55
    Hair in a bun
    I HATE girls in buns...........too old fashions or Amish. Not all girls in ballcaps look good but they have to have a ponytail going thru the back just as not everyone will look good in any or all of these choices. I think it comes down to a facial shape or features.
  • shar 2011/09/26 15:31:19
    Girls in baseball caps
    compared to all the options this makes the most sense
    the others are still popular to many
    i like pony tails and messy buns
    also it seems that girls haven't worn caps since the 90s or so
  • MorganRae 2011/09/26 14:41:40
    Girls in baseball caps
    so gross
  • 2226693 2011/09/26 14:08:03
  • JakeisHere 2011/09/26 06:26:15
    Girls in baseball caps
    TBH, I don't think girls really usually look good in baseball caps. The rest of these are all attractive lol.
  • Chukroast 2011/09/26 06:25:55
    Strong bangs
    I hate bangs.
  • Chi~Cat 2011/09/26 04:43:50 (edited)
    Dark and smoky eyes
    Slap on the paint and your boyfriend leaves ya for another chick at a party...right on..awww.....(hey just a joke, lighten up or don't wear all that goop///too bad so sad......

    Sharemascara crying on face
  • Kashee Chi~Cat 2011/09/26 17:08:42
    She must be getting ready for a Tammy Faye party. I ran into Tammy Faye at the mall
  • Chi~Cat Kashee 2011/09/26 17:22:18
    Hysterical...I lol...thought it was a plea-uhleeze...J, come back to me... ya got me on that one!
  • LB 2011/09/26 04:18:26
    Girls in baseball caps
    Geez, Picky much, boys?
  • Red Branch 2011/09/26 04:00:16
    Dark and smoky eyes
    Red Branch
    Since she has no control over that, I chose it.

    I seriously doubt that she could make a fashion don't. She would be beautiful no matter what she did.
  • Deb 2011/09/26 03:55:01
    Dark and smoky eyes
    I just picked ONE because ALL looks can be carried off. and when do we listen to what a guy says about what we like to wear?? Seriously? where is the poll on men with "man boobs" a "beer gut" etc etc...those are DEF. ugly!!
  • Indy 95 2011/09/26 03:02:36
    Dark and smoky eyes
    Indy 95
    actually i think they can all be pulled off.......you can look good in all
  • Elz 2011/09/26 01:58:51
    Hair in a bun
    theres nothing wrong with hair in a bun. it depends how neat it looks and if its not too big.
  • Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of P... 2011/09/26 00:04:41 (edited)
    Red lipstick
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET
    None of the above: All of these choices are fine and are not a fashion hazard. Sharekeshia chante Sharekerry washington Sharegabrielle union yellow boots
  • sockpuppet 2011/09/25 22:13:58
    Girls in baseball caps
    Baseball caps make everyone (including baseball players) look like cartoon morons.

    They're even worse, worn backward, sideways or with a big price tag tied on.
  • jackie *<:) 2011/09/25 21:53:48
    Girls in baseball caps
    jackie *<:)
    although i dont think they are terrible, i look good in them :) but its not the best style to show yourself off
  • nolibsperiod 2011/09/25 20:21:24
    Girls in baseball caps
    At least she the girl in the picture knows how to put one on right. If the guys who put them on backward could see how stupid they look.
  • mklprc 2011/09/25 19:54:05
    Girls in baseball caps
    One thing boys and girls have in common: both look stupid in baseball caps. The ones who really ARE stupid are easy to spot - they wear them backwards.
  • missnamecaller 2011/09/25 19:21:40
    Hair in a bun
    All of these looks are not fashion don'ts. You can rock them out if you do it right.
  • Frank 2011/09/25 17:19:59
    Hair in a bun
    Actually nothing. An attractive woman is an attractive woman. I don't care if she is wearing a baseball cap, a bun, bangs, red lipstick, overalls or a barrell- well maybe the barrell is a bit too much. But the point is I would enjoy the company of a woman no matter how she dresses or wears her hair- for the most part there are exceptions.

    Goth punk spiked wild hair
  • sm237 2011/09/25 17:12:12
    Hair in a bun
    This young lady would look great even if she were wearing a burlap sack and cowboy hat. It's not what you wear it's how and who is wearing it....
  • Coffeenoir 2011/09/25 14:42:33
    Hair in a bun
    Really don't think any of these are "fashion Dont's" , General statements like this are difficult to respond to because a lot of what looks good depends on the attitude of the person.

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