Girls... do you like guys with mustache, beard, shave, etc.?

beckfan 2008/08/15 02:48:10
i like guys with mustache
i like guys with beard
i like guys shaved
i like guys shave but with some hair on them
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  • kittybaby 2009/04/05 03:32:27
    I just like guys the way they are. I always hope they accept me the way I am and I try to do the same. I don't mind hair and I don't mind bald.........whatever makes a guy happy with himself.
  • fietje26 2008/09/21 11:44:19
    i like guys shaved
    I don't like beards and mustaches...
  • LoPeZ 2008/08/15 04:29:17
    i like guys shave but with some hair on them
    i don't mind some hair..
  • Luna Avis 2008/08/15 04:03:55
    i like guys shaved
    Luna Avis
    i don't really like face hair but a little scruff is never a bad thing
  • lonley soul that is lost 2008/08/15 03:44:09
    i like guys shaved
    lonley soul that is lost
    im young so idk
  • beckfan lonley ... 2008/08/15 21:13:26
    lol how old r u?
  • Kanaka Rican - Now's the ti... 2008/08/15 03:35:25
    i like guys with beard
    Kanaka Rican - Now's the time for ACTION
    Really thin and very well groomed....but not a guy who is too groomy...I went out with this guy who shaved his eyebrows really thin and shaved his body hair....ewww turned me right off! It was really sad cause I had a thing for him for years...we have a lot in common, but I found that kinda...well...ewwww!
  • Michelle 2008/08/15 03:06:16
    It depends on the guy really
  • Sarah Films the Clouds 2008/08/15 03:00:45
  • Janice 2008/08/15 03:00:34
  • Angel 2008/08/15 02:58:45
    All of the above
    I just like men most are all great in their own way
  • beckfan Angel 2008/08/15 03:00:11
  • assly 2008/08/15 02:57:37
    my boyfriend has a line goin from his sideburns all the way down his jawbone to his chin and its damn sexy!!!
  • TJR assly 2008/08/15 03:39:53
    Like that Backstreet Boy?
  • assly TJR 2008/08/17 04:25:35
    god its been so long since ive even seen them but im sure lol
  • .:angelbaby:. 2008/08/15 02:55:06
    i like guys shave but with some hair on them
    sum hair is ok
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2008/08/15 02:53:46
    i like guys shaved
    sd *TROUBLE*

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