Girl Fights Caught On Tape: Is The Internet To Blame?

SenorBabyMan 2010/02/02 17:12:45
Yes, the media is influencing girls to be more violent
No, girl fights are on the rise because...
I think girl fights...
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Girl fights have been caught on tape and posted up on Youtube at an alarming rate, confirming suspicions that teenage girls are increasingly settling their disputes with violence.

Experts believe that girl fights in public high schools and middle schools are on the rise - accounting for almost 80 percent of all fights. Meanwhile, a Youtube search for "girl fights" pulls up a myriad of videos relating to underage females in violent disputes.

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However, these aforementioned experts believe that girl fights are being fueled by the internet - either by influencing violence through online videos or by the glorification of fighting by friends and the media. Do you think the internet is to blame for the increase in fighting among teenage girls?
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  • Sean Moore 2013/05/31 08:35:01
    I think girl fights...
    Sean Moore
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  • Sean Moore 2012/11/14 08:12:27
    I think girl fights...
    Sean Moore
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  • lazy 2010/02/28 05:32:24
    I think girl fights...
    These fights are annoying...My friends and I were hanging out and acting stupid, and this guy was walking by... "You aren't actually fighting, are you? I saw this news story about something like this." "What news story?" Then he told me the story about fifteen year old girls fighting, and one beating the other up completely. I tried my best to reassure him and give him a friendly smile, but he seemed like he was walking up and down the streets a few times. I told my friends and we ran to my friend's backyard. So weird...
  • Sean Moore lazy 2012/11/19 03:57:56
    Sean Moore
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  • Mar-Bear 2010/02/28 05:02:32
    I think girl fights...
    Its not the internet to blame. Its those chicks faults for givin us too good of entertainment.
  • Sean Moore Mar-Bear 2012/11/19 03:55:37
    Sean Moore
    Yes It Is Is Like Word Wrestling Entertainment
  • agentchewy 2010/02/26 01:14:35
    I think girl fights...
    weren't as graphic and disturbing as they made it seem. I mean it was pretty PG-rating to me. I see more action in a Disney film then that.
  • explorer1618 2010/02/16 21:44:16
    I think girl fights...
    People just want the youtube fame and will do just about anything to do it! With Tosh.0 and late night shows eating it up " WHY NOT " .... Seems stupid to me but ---it's enterainment ?
  • a_bratz97 2010/02/16 12:52:16
    I think girl fights...
    are so stupid like why the the heck do they want to fight. im nt girly but i hate fighting (like kicking and punshing.....its really nt my type of fighting) but may be 4 others they like to fight soo......its their choise
  • Amber 2010/02/13 14:07:45
    I think girl fights...
    girl fights would happen either way. there is always some sort of highschool drama, you tube just let people share the videos. I know when I was in highschool (about 2 years ago) there was a fight almost everyday, and half of them were between girls. It's just going to happen. I find it sad that human beings have turned too violence for eveything, but there isn't really much anyone can do to stop it.
  • Sean Moore Amber 2012/11/19 04:01:11 (edited)
    Sean Moore
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  • strawberry 2010/02/10 10:57:49
    I think girl fights...
    Girls having physical fights with other girls has gone on since I remember the 1960's; especially in Jr. high and high school. They would rip each others blouses, pull hair, you name it. Many times in the hallways. Sometimes a vice principal would stop it, sometimes the girls just went their own way. No cops were called. I even had a physical fight with my younger sister when we were very young, in the kitchen. When the phone rang we broke out laughing. We notice it more because we have the internet now. Possibly the fights are more violent now with weapons.
  • Lionandthelamb 2010/02/09 20:00:13
    I think girl fights...
    I'm from Lowell, MA. I graduated from Lowell High LAST YEAR. Things like this are commonplace there. :)
  • Ash 2010/02/06 17:04:34
    I think girl fights...
    Ok, Why does it matter if it's "girl fights"
    Boys have been fighting since before school was around, and now all of a sudden, girls do it to and America says "Wh-WH-WHAT?! WE don't approve of violence from our "young girls"
    If this is the way they settle their disputes i say "Ce La Vie, survival of the fittest ect."
    the news report should have included the plethera of male vs male fights on youtube or hey, the male vs female fights.
    Sexism at it's finest
  • Ookami Ketsueki 2010/02/06 00:16:15
    I think girl fights...
    Ookami Ketsueki
    are nonsense things.....i'm a girl and i do fight only if i'm bothered, but hell, why do ppl upload those videos to the internet....that can cause more problems...
  • Necron 2010/02/06 00:04:43
    I think girl fights...
    maybe are because of the media and that stuff, but girls have brain to think what's wrong and what's good, if they want to fight is their problem and i admit that i would fight with another girl if she bothers me, but not of some stupid guy or because i see that is the new thing and that stupid things....
  • 409 2010/02/05 23:45:42
    I think girl fights...
    I don't have a problem if they're fighting for an actual reason...but seriously, all that most teenage girl fights are about is some stupid guy...or one called the other one ugly or something. And anyway, most teenage girl fights consist of a few bitch slaps and some hair puling, then its over. When teenage girls learn to actually fight, call me.
  • JCD aka "biz" 2010/02/05 12:59:45
    I think girl fights...
    JCD aka "biz"
    ought to be punished very severely, just like boy fights and bullying. Make the attacker apologize in public to the victim, do some useful, but unpleasant chores in school, and send them to bootcamp on week-ends or in the summer if they don't stop. Therapy should also be encouraged, of course.
    You don't fight in school, or bully or humiliate weaker students, or harass them sexually.
    I was a teacher in a French high school for three years, before moving to a university, and I would never have tolerated violence of any kind, and that includes hazing, which I helped get banned by the law.
  • Hales 2010/02/05 01:37:58
    I think girl fights...
    Are being a bunch of dramatic, whiny bitches T_T.
  • The Turtle 2010/02/04 23:31:15
    I think girl fights...
    The Turtle
    Are cool to watch.At my age I'd rather see women fighting.Sexy to watch.
  • Bassman50 2010/02/04 20:29:42
    I think girl fights...
    ...are just another symptom of the current gang bang culture of young people. For the last two decades there has been a steady incease in the level of violence that is considered acceptable and even desirable by the newest generations of young people. This trend began when Rap, Hip-Hop and eventually metal "artists" started glorifying criminals and violence in popular music. This concept was carried through with their gang fashions and their inability to speak coherent english. Most children who insist on wearing their sagging "Pants on the Ground" don't even know where this trend originated. The initial saggy pants were worn by criminal gang members just released from prison. Your belt is the first thing they take away from you when you are sent to prison because belts can be used as lethal weapons! When you are released from prison, you don't get your weapons back. This became a "badge of honor" for gang criminals to show that they had done hard time. Many kids think gangs are cool and do not understand that they are imitating ignorant criminals! This has become so prevelant in common culture that it has spread to nearly every aspect of our lives. The media started off following this trend and is now fanning the flames to maximize their viewers and their profit! Why do you think "The Sopranos" was such a huge success? I don't believe that show would have been nearly as popular if it had been shown in the 60s, 70s or 80s. But, that is just my opinion.
  • ßεΙgιυм ★αηαяcнy★ 2010/02/04 14:43:04 (edited)
    Yes, the media is influencing girls to be more violent
    ßεΙgιυм ★αηαяcнy★
    That's one of the reasons.
    Girls always fight all the time at my school.

    But are you all just finding this out?!
  • JCD aka... ßεΙgιυм... 2010/02/05 13:04:11
    JCD aka "biz"
    What does your school do about it?
  • ßεΙgιυм... JCD aka... 2010/02/05 13:22:32
    ßεΙgιυм ★αηαяcнy★
    Suspend them for a few days. Then it's like nothing happened, and they fight again a month later. But I guess the answer is no, they DON'T do anything about it much.
  • JCD aka... ßεΙgιυм... 2010/02/05 13:26:48
    JCD aka "biz"
    I'm in favor of MUCH more severe punishment, and public apologies, as I have said in my answer to this question. Do you believe many girls and boys in your school would agree?
  • ßεΙgιυм... JCD aka... 2010/02/05 14:07:12
    ßεΙgιυм ★αηαяcнy★
    No, that's just way too harsh. I wouldn't want them to go to boot-camp. But I mean, sweep and mop the school halls or something like that isn't too bad. ( Hell, for sweeping and mopping to me is just fun as hell. I would totally volunteer to sweep and mop. =w= )
    The boot-camp thing, no. They would not agree, and neither do I.
    The chore for cleaning some parts of the school, some might say yes. I do say yes. But not unpleasant ones. GODPLZNO.
    Apologizes, most defiantly. Everyone deserves an apology if they were picked on a lot and bullied.
  • JCD aka... ßεΙgιυм... 2010/02/06 04:49:34
    JCD aka "biz"
    I suggest harsh punishments only if the beating/bullying/hazing was very brutal or if the girls/boys won't stop fighting after they have been punished in a more lenient way.
    By-standers who enjoy watching the beating and don't call for help should also be punished.
  • ßεΙgιυм... JCD aka... 2010/02/07 02:23:25
    ßεΙgιυм ★αηαяcнy★
    With brutal, of course. That wouldn't be so harsh.
  • ProudDemocrat 2010/02/04 01:18:32
    Yes, the media is influencing girls to be more violent
    I think girl fights have always existed . . . however, the internet is a perfect enabler for this type of behavior (i'm not knocking it - it's always interesting to watch people with a lack of intelligence and restraint who turn to violence to resolve their issues, even though sometimes you just want to knock some sense into someone's head....)

    I don't think it's just the girls either (although in my opinion, it seems that typical urban girls are getting tougher and less lady-like...) I think both boys and girls who have violent tendencies will fight no matter what. This younger generation seems to be more violent compared to when I was in my teens (no - not THAT long ago!) There are a few influences that have desensitized our society towards violence, and yes, media plays a large role in it (I was involved with a major study on this.....) but they're not the only one's to blame. One could point to other social influences - such as school bullying or even a dangerous neighborhood where one needs to be tough just to survive the walk home from school. "Gang" influences exacerbate the problem to the point of blatant promotion.

    My belief is that these fights are gaining notariety because of today's techology, such as camera phones and the internet. I don't believe that technology is encouraging violence. I do, however, believe that exposure to violence - everything from video games, to TV and movies have slowly desensitized our society towards violence.
  • LucyLucero 2010/02/04 00:54:05
    I think girl fights...
    happen cause
    people like to talk.
    Girls have always been
    fighting and recording it.
    I think its getting popular
    now cause girls wanna be
    seen kicking some girls ass.
    I dont think the media has anything
    to do with it, its a trend.
  • yoyoblop 2010/02/04 00:53:51
    I think girl fights...
    Just aren't right. What happened to peace, love, and cookies?
  • Unnamed 2010/02/03 23:42:21
    Yes, the media is influencing girls to be more violent
    With the rise of cellphone usage and cell phones with video cameras and the popularity of youtube, it is mostly the Internet fueling these fights
  • I think girl fights...
    υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    Girl fights happen all the time. They just seem like they're increasing because they're being posted on the internet.
  • JCD aka... υяsυℓα ... 2010/02/05 13:05:48
    JCD aka "biz"
    Yes but when they are posted ion the Internet, it should be easy to identify the attacker and punish her/him.
  • reed67 2010/02/03 23:05:18
    I think girl fights...
    Have been going on before the internet.
  • duder 2010/02/03 22:56:01
    No, girl fights are on the rise because...
  • Light55555 2010/02/03 22:53:55
    I think girl fights...
    I think it all started with CatFights......
  • _loving_forever 2010/02/03 22:31:31
    No, girl fights are on the rise because...
    they just have problems with each other and make a big deal out of it and instead of talking they use their mouths to talk shit and hand to kick and fight
  • 5HU41B 2010/02/03 22:28:20
    I think girl fights...
    are cool. when they grab each others hair and scream.. lol but i think these fights happen coz the girls are uptight
  • yoyoblop 5HU41B 2010/02/04 00:54:47

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