Girl almost dies after Brazilian wax. Do you think bikini waxing is dangerous?

James Alex 2007/07/11 01:25:45
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An unidentified 20-year-old Australian woman with Type 1 diabetes (the kind that requires regular insulin shots) underwent a disastrous Brazilian bikini wax. During the waxing procedure, which was performed by a trainee, the woman experienced some vulval bleeding, suggesting tearing of the skin. And in the two weeks after, she developed symptoms of a worsening infection — pain, swelling, redness and discharge. By the time she sought medical help, she was reporting excruciating pain, fever, a rash that extended up to the chest and neck and severe difficulty urinating. Examination showed her external genitalia were "grossly swollen." Doctors couldn't do an internal examination because the woman was in too much pain; one was eventually performed after she'd been put under general anesthesia.
Several doctors reported "If she had not received appropriate therapy, she would have died".
Doctors continue to say "The importance of it is that it highlights a potential new phenomenon and that is the impact of the beauty industry on patients such as this...One of the problems with shaving pubic hair, as opposed to shaving your face or shaving your legs, is that it's an area that just has more bacteria in the neighbourhood, waxing also causes microscopic tears in the skin that can allow bacteria that normally sit harmlessly on the surface of the skin to slip into tiny cuts and cause infections."
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  • the vin-man 2007/07/11 08:46:42
    the vin-man
    Thats what you get when you fool with Mother Nature.Leave it alone. Leave it the way God intended it to be.

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  • Ashlie 2008/12/15 04:29:41
    just tan regularly, geez, I wouldn't even do that if I wanted skin cancer.
  • Sammy the Hatchet 2008/11/20 21:35:55
    Sammy the Hatchet
    I like a clean shave and would be happy to assist. Due to demand I need to limit the service to very attractive girls only.

    clean shave happy assist demand limit service attractive girls
  • Wayne Sammy t... 2009/01/05 21:18:32
    Listen, I think I have lost my quarter in there. Mind if I look?
  • revoltnow 2008/11/10 19:06:33
  • vigeoman 2008/09/28 23:30:10
  • Haku 2008/09/26 15:28:59
    Well from what your article says I would say yeah it's dangerous. That's why I stay away from waxing...beside the point that it hurts really really bad!
  • PLAYBOY...AKA....PAPI-CHULO 2008/08/11 15:10:29
    wow i dont know now i was think it was sexy or hottie to see a woman with a brazilian wax

    i'm a man i was think to try it one but i dont know now i'm saved to still shaved for now lol i think
  • TxAggie93 2008/07/26 15:23:07
    It sure is wherever she went....geez. I say go natural...trim it up, but don't overdo it.
  • J 2008/07/26 15:19:52
    After reading that, maybe a little. Of course you don't wait until you're halfway dead before going to the doctor. This coming from a guy who's next doctors visit will probably be in a body bag.
  • An 2008/07/13 14:12:14
    Hmm Well I Didnt Used To Think It Was ..
    But After Reading That Im Not Sure .
  • Mason 2008/07/03 07:41:38
    idk but the girl in the pic has some preety darn sexy underwear one man i would give anything for my girl to wax she only shaves thats cool but it grows back in like 1-3 days later.
  • assail 2008/06/25 00:29:27
  • lou lou 2008/06/22 21:11:40
    lou lou
    The thing with the Brazillian wax technique is that it is hard to find proper trainng. I went to school to be an esthetican(skin therapist). My teacher was totally against the brazilian wax technique so I did not learn through her. I had to find someone already skilled to teach me.
    You have to make sure your technician is prperly trained and that the wax is the right type for your skin and hair and also not recycled wax. Yup I went to a place where they reused the wax after filtering the pubes out NASTY! Also the room should be sanitary.
  • brytt lou lou 2009/01/06 08:05:15
    reused wax gross!!!!
  • SuperSam 2008/06/17 16:30:08
    she must be pretty dirty
  • .... 2008/06/06 23:31:45
  • JUSTICE 2008/06/01 13:21:06
    In the proper facility with proper sanitation and client medical history form completed and signed.
    I'm an Esthetician and I always inquire about meds. and medical conditions etc. Waxing sticks should also be discarded after every swipe.
  • Ricardo 2008/05/21 23:56:44
    This histiory is fake... Milions of women do it without problem. Just do it the correct way and keep it washed and clean. This is for those women that do not wash their body.
  • mikal 2008/05/20 13:47:15
    travelling by car has reportedly killed a lot of people but still we do it. this is one girl we're talking about who was reported to have been almost killed by having her external genitalia shaved. then again there might be other instances such as this, that haven't been reported.
  • mikal mikal 2008/05/20 13:49:42
    i meant waxed. almost killed by having her external genitalia waxed.
  • hehe. 2008/04/09 12:21:58
    i think its ugly with alot of hair
    i also think that, just because of this happening to one person shuldent mean all of us.....
  • beautybenoit 2008/03/23 11:53:17 (edited)
    Saying YES or NO to a Brazilian Wax is anyone’s option. If you say YES, …
    Some precautions to take before you decide who’s doing your Brazilian wax:
    An experienced wax applicator will:
    - REFUSE: to work on people with diabetics, heart diseases, allergies, skin diseases
    - SANITIZE: wear gloves, exchange spatulas every time he or she applies a new wax
    - APPLY KNOWLEDGE: follow step by step the appropriate protocol
    In case of a problem after a wax procedure:
    - redness does not disappear after few hours
    - swelling remains after 24 hours
    - skin infection
    *** You need to visit a physician as soon as possible!***
  • yupidee 2008/03/09 18:35:02
    waxing is sooooo sexy but so u should apreciate the woman who goes under that much pain for u but also if its going to result in a deadly infection, screw it and screw it with some hair
  • Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU 2008/03/08 17:22:11
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    well no because it was done by a trainee who will give a trainee this job.the trainee should've just watched while a professional did the job
  • hnw0414 2008/03/07 23:21:14
    u should never wax your body unlesse its your eyebrowes
  • Girl, Interrupted 2008/03/07 23:00:03
    Girl, Interrupted
    It hurts so much! But I don't have to shave for a while and it feels so much cleaner. I am not doing it to "look like a mannequin" as only one person really gets to see it, that is my husband. I do so (of course I have only done it twice) because I hate having to constantly shave. I like feeling clean. I do not want to have a jungle. It is not aesthetic reasons, but more comfort. Yet, that waxing is awful, but it is over fast!
  • Haku Girl, I... 2008/09/26 15:35:14
    But the pain doesn't go away fast! Well unless you grow a tolerance to it enough to where it doesn't bother you. Like my eyebrows I found that I rather pluck them then have them waxed. You could call me a pansy for being able to handle the plucking and not the waxing, but once you have done that wax once you have to be really determined to keep doing it...LOL.
  • Girl, I... Haku 2008/09/27 17:46:18
    Girl, Interrupted
    And you think the eyebrows are bad... Psst. it's worse down there.
  • Haku Girl, I... 2008/09/27 19:13:22
    I so pass on that...lol. I would not have enough courage to even try!
  • rishi Girl, I... 2009/03/22 05:29:26
    hi dear i am bernhard can i chat with u i really like to see on wecam my id is hard_bern@yahoo.com
  • Girl, I... rishi 2009/03/22 15:52:43 (edited)
    Girl, Interrupted
    No thank you.
  • c-kidd(crybaby) 2008/03/07 21:52:43
    t is so fucking hot
  • c-kidd(... c-kidd(... 2009/01/04 23:38:15
  • Wayne c-kidd(... 2009/01/05 21:19:48
    So is this the waxing or ripping that they are doing?
  • c-kidd(... Wayne 2009/01/06 21:35:37
    idk fucking is more like it idk fucking
  • Wayne c-kidd(... 2009/01/06 22:40:13
    But ... but the Bikini area! I can't see the Bikini area! In order to assess the dangerousness of the situation, I think we need a different angle.
  • Star 2008/02/25 20:17:32
    Nahhh! I mean it hurts a lot but nothing to be afraid off!
  • c-kidd(... Star 2009/01/04 23:38:36
  • Deleted 2007/12/13 00:30:20
  • alex 2007/11/25 20:46:07
    If she knew she had the disease then she should of consulted her GP before she underwent anything.

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