GAY, STRAIGHT, BI MEN ONLY: What Kind of Underwear do you wear ?

NO LONGER HERE 2009/03/06 19:05:56
Bikini, becuz.........
Jock Straps, becuz......
Boxer's, Becuz.....
Really Tight Short Underwear, Becuz.....
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The Under wear that you buy, when you wear ..... wut do you wear ?
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  • JD 2012/09/16 13:36:22
  • big guy 10 2009/09/30 04:54:03
    Bikini, becuz.........
    big guy 10
    they are sexy and they hold everything in place and when ya bend over they do not show.
  • Noir 2009/08/25 16:34:53 (edited)
    Boxer's, Becuz.....
    LOL i like the breize...and they're easier to take off and or reach into when your getting 'bizzy' yeah? ^^ and or commando....depends on mood or place of going hahahah sorry had to add that.......
  • sexytwilight98 2009/07/30 17:59:55
    Really Tight Short Underwear, Becuz.....
    wow omg
  • Mr. Penguin•the guy you've ... 2009/07/26 22:48:56
    Really Tight Short Underwear, Becuz.....
    Mr. Penguin•the guy you've been waiting for•
    i wear basiclly any underwear

    tight underwear becuz wear basiclly underwear
  • bmw 2009/07/22 00:38:30
    Bikini, becuz.........
    It keeps everything in place.
  • sexyrexy 2009/04/25 18:09:57
    This other type of under wear.......( Please leave Picture)
    womens thongs
  • JD sexyrexy 2012/09/16 13:37:10
  • SUPER_BABY_BOY 2009/03/19 00:53:53
    Boxer's, Becuz.....
    i wear them all the onez tat r up there. boxers becuz wear onez tat
  • Ju ju 2009/03/08 06:34:29
    Boxer's, Becuz.....
    Ju ju
  • Bobby 48 2009/03/07 18:06:49
  • Tutboy 2009/03/06 20:19:44
  • yourmom 2009/03/06 20:05:39
    Really Tight Short Underwear, Becuz.....
    I love anything but boxers, I really like briefs and jockstraps, but I usually just wear boxerbriefs because I have to change at work in front of lots of straight people. some boxers look nice, but unless you wear really really baggy pants they're a pain cuz they bunch up..and momma always told me not to get my panties in a bunch.
  • kevracer 2009/03/06 19:31:58
    This other type of under wear.......( Please leave Picture)
    commando style
  • JD kevracer 2012/09/16 13:46:00
  • NattiFan (oYo) 2009/03/06 19:25:26
    Really Tight Short Underwear, Becuz.....
    NattiFan (oYo)
    Boxerbriefs nice and tight....love the way they hold the boys in place
  • travis 2009/03/06 19:11:14
  • zack 2009/03/06 19:10:32
    Really Tight Short Underwear, Becuz.....
    when i actually decide to wear them anyway

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