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Gay-Marriage Fight Heads to New Jersey

- The battle over gay rights will move to New Jersey and the federal government, advocates said, after Tuesday's narrow rejection of same-sex marriage by Maine voters in a hard-fought contest.... Read full article »
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  • NatAlex23 2009/11/07 19:33:26
    I'm going to make this clear and simple.

    If gay marriage is against your religion, DON'T GET ONE!!!

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  • GrumpyCat kmay 2009/11/07 20:01:45
    The problem is, not all marriages are performed in churches.
  • seathan... kmay 2009/11/07 20:38:25
    The state is responsible for deciding what marriage is. Religion is something people can add to it, if they want to.
  • OUTLAW ... seathan... 2009/11/08 06:14:38
    OUTLAW 1863
    And WHAT kind of acid are YOU doing? Marriage (a product of religion) existed THOUSANDS of years before the STATE ever did. Shit! You really need to get an education before you reveal this kind of ignorance. Early man established a Deity type governing belief system LONG before he got organized to form a state form of government.
  • RLars21 OUTLAW ... 2009/11/08 15:55:54
    marriage PRE DATES religion by thousands of years.
  • seathan... OUTLAW ... 2009/11/08 19:02:27 (edited)
    "Marriage (a product of religion)"

    You start with an assumption which is incorrect. Marriage is a product of human social networking. It predates your religion by hundreds of thousands of years, as anthropologists have clearly demonstrated. Your religion has only existed for the last 2000 years.

    My marriage, and those of millions, have nothing to do with religion. The marriages of billions have nothing to do with YOUR particular religion.

    Anyone even remotely aware of human history knows that the definition of "marriage" over most of Europe for most people other than the very wealthy for most of the last 2000 years consisted merely of co-habitation, which is where the concept of "common-law" marriage comes from.

    All your ranting denunciations of my supposed ignorance and stupidity are about your personality and reaction to views you disagree with. They are nothing to do with me. You exhibit what is called psychological projection.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Yeah, well, when you are a coward who "bitches and blocks", then you can pretend that. But I can still modify my post, and point out to anyone who actually reads page 27 of a thread, that you are an intolerant coward.
  • OUTLAW ... seathan... 2009/11/13 05:03:55
    OUTLAW 1863
    I'm right and you're wrong and you know it, and the whole world will know it when they read this, because they will see that you have given up and are not replying anymore.
  • Shilo OUTLAW ... 2009/11/09 03:14:16
    Yep, that might be true. And there are countless faiths that existed well before Christianity, most of which were fine with homosexual and lesbian relationships. In fact, when Christianity was yet young, IT was the deviant.

    If you're going to use Christianity as a blunt object, at least be specific, it's hardly the only religion.
  • OUTLAW ... Shilo 2009/11/13 05:04:45
    OUTLAW 1863
    I'm right and you're wrong and you know it, and the whole world will know it when they read this, because they will see that you have given up and are not replying anymore.
  • Shilo Shilo 2009/11/13 19:39:49
    hahahaha, Outlaws reply to me is only true because he blocked me. Coward.
  • Shilo Shilo 2009/11/13 19:41:11
    Pretty cute how many times you copy/pasted that response too, it's all over this forum.
  • Niki 2009/11/07 18:54:10
    Alright, I'm glad there are rights and stuff, but seriously? "Domestic Partnership" what the hell? It has the same rights as marriage so LET THEM GET MARRIED. What is wrong with people...
  • brotherplease 2009/11/07 18:51:23
    Straight people should not be allowed to divorce. We'll see how quickly people stop crying and whining about protecting "marriage"
  • GLaDOS brother... 2009/11/07 20:01:21
    Oooh, wow, I'll agree with that one. Let's protect the sanctity of marriage by keeping people in it.
  • ┌∩┐(◣_◢... GLaDOS 2009/11/07 22:29:37
    ┌∩┐(◣_◢)Delibean ಠ_ಠ
    the wedding cake is a lie
  • GLaDOS ┌∩┐(◣_◢... 2009/11/07 23:11:57
    Not if they're baked first.
  • Shilo brother... 2009/11/09 03:18:34
    And biblically, this is true. The only allowance made for divorce was adultery.
  • brother... Shilo 2009/11/10 18:00:49
    yeah I just look at people like "masturbating on camera" Carrie Prejean and I think these people are all frauds. She ought to get a job on FOX news and come out as who she really is a FAKE. At least on Fox she won't be alone.
  • Nancy Pelosi 2009/11/07 18:44:12
    Nancy Pelosi
    How nice! Note that as sarcasm. Suppose a high level executive in a company were to be rejected as no longer capable of performing his duties in the best interest of the company. Would his superiors allow him to stick around for another 2 and a half months to make important decisions and direct his department in a way that is contrary to those who decided he has to go. CERTAINLY NOT! In most cases such an individual would be given a severance package and sent away.
  • Guyupstairs 2009/11/07 18:32:55
    Samuel Adams said it best.

    "It is -- it is high time for the people of this country, explicitly to declare whether they will be free men or slaves. It is an important question which ought to be decided. It concerned us more than anything else in life. The salvation of our souls is interested in the event. For wherever tyranny is established, immorality of every kind comes in like a torrent. It is in the interests of tyrants to reproduce or reduce people to ignorance and vice."
  • Red.M~ 2009/11/07 18:21:53
    hm...i think, gay is just a stupid term that people take advantage of. Those people shouldn't have to be doing this, because if people are in love, then they should be able to be together. It doesn't matter if they are both boys, or both girls, everyone should be happy that they found a perfect love, and should let them be. Sometimes i just don't understand the world...it's not like it hurts anyone...

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