Gadgets are getting cheaper and cheaper. Which are you looking forward to picking up in 2011?

thezilch 2011/03/09 19:24:58
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SLIDESHOW: 12 Things That Will Be Cheaper in 2011

Blu-Ray Player
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Blu-Ray Player

  1. Blu-Ray Player

    Blu-Ray Player

  2. Kindle e-Book Reader

    Kindle e-Book Reader

  3. 42" HDTV

    42" HDTV

  4. 55" HDTV

    55" HDTV

  5. Wii System Bundles

    Wii System Bundles

  6. 16GB SD Card

    16GB SD Card

  7. Full-size Digital SLR Camera

    Full-size Digital SLR Camera

  8. 17" Dual-Core Laptop

    17" Dual-Core Laptop

  9. Portable GPS

    Portable GPS

  10. External 2TB USB Drive

    External 2TB USB Drive

  11. Apple iPhone 3GS

    Apple iPhone 3GS

Gadgets are getting cheaper and cheaper. Which are you looking forward to picking up in 2011?
One thing great about technology and manufacturing is that engineers always find new, faster, and cheaper ways of building gadgets. Unlike other consumer products, by the next year, we can expect many products to be nearly 50% off. There are a number of sites that keep track of such deals and the trending of sales, including the gadgets that will be cheaper in 2011.
We've now proven this mathematically, by sifting through thousands upon thousands of tech deals that we've listed over the past couple of years. Our price trend data shows how prices dropped [...] to find out what low price points you'll likely see in 2011.

Read More: http://dealnews.com/features/12-Things-That-Will-C...

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  • mrosen814 2011/05/06 23:44:11
    a cellular phone

    cellular phone big cell phone
  • Courtney ♥♪ 2011/03/13 02:16:03
    Courtney ♥♪
    I want a Mac Book Pro :)
  • Dirty red 2011/03/12 07:05:54
    Dirty red
    I want a big flat screen tv and a new lab top computer & an ipod touch
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2011/03/12 04:49:38
    Bob, the reasonable one
    nothing to exciting, new computer and also a Kindle....
  • sugardaddy 2011/03/10 19:08:05

    weapon death ray metal melting type gadget port america ROCKET LAUNCHER BOAT KILLER
  • fdmcerberus 2011/03/10 18:14:04
    I'm still waiting for x-ray glasses. The last few pairs I bought turned out to be a bust.
  • lucky 2011/03/10 16:02:22 (edited)
    A hightec universal touch screen remote... still researching pro's and con's so i dont know which brand yet.
    hightec universal touch screen remote researching pros cons brand high tec universal remote
  • OzSin 2011/03/10 11:06:21
    The ipad has dropped $250 down here so i'm getting one in May....something to look forward to.
  • Anna=] 2011/03/10 04:03:22
    I NEED a camerea. I already have a phone, and why would I need a blue-ray player when I have a PS3? You have to have a good tv for that. =)
  • thezilch Anna=] 2011/03/10 06:39:38
    No need for a Blu-Ray Player when you have a PS3!
  • luvguins 2011/03/10 03:01:06
    I have a Kindle, and won't get an I Pad or I Phone until the price comes down. It is the principle with me. Both are made with 32 cents per hour laborers in China and marked up obscenely for retail here. Have a big HD TV , computers etc. so my wants aren't much more.
  • shadow 2011/03/10 01:42:06
    Oh..... probably about a ton of "common sense" and another ton or so of integrity....
  • Carabella 2011/03/10 01:16:09
    We're picking up an iPad2 in a few weeks.
  • LarryStylinson 2011/03/10 00:36:29
    An iphone or at LEAST an ipod or a blu-ray player.
  • melly~thwarting Satan since... 2011/03/10 00:35:41
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    I wouldn't kick a Nook color out of bed.
    kick nook color bed nook color
  • george 2011/03/09 23:50:06
    This reminds me of a cartoon I saw many years ago. Alexander Graham Bell was showing a reporter his new phone thing and on the shelf in the background was a reel to reel tape recorder. The reporter asked, "What is this over here on the shelf?" Alexander's reply, "Oh that's just something I have been tinkering with."
    There is always something new around the corner.
  • sglmom 2011/03/09 23:47:16
    As long as I have a bit of sight left .. I am going to enjoy my SLR Cameras (including Film Cameras) .. (although I am pointing out here .. because I can't see well enough to 'focus' .. I am letting the Computer Chips in the Lenses do more of the work for me). I can still 'see' light vs dark, highlight vs shadows, and things that 'pop' .. just can't quite focus on the details (so let the cameras and lenses do the work).

    The other things .. I've got my Reader/Laptop now (that is tinkered with to adapt to my visual impairment) .. but the rest .. don't really want or need. (I won't have that much time of remaining sight to let them pay for themselves in entertainment value).
  • mewycg 2011/03/09 23:38:12
    Probably the apple i-phone, and an e-reader, like the color nook if the price comes down.
  • DancingMachine 2011/03/09 23:31:53
  • Birthpangs 2011/03/09 23:30:47
  • Charlie 2011/03/09 23:02:30
    A Kindle
  • minniehaha 2011/03/09 22:53:36
    none after i pay all my taxes this year and higher gas,electric,food and what not i will be broke.lol unless obummer sends me a stimulus check roflmao
  • FireSnow 2011/03/09 22:45:24
    The things almost every teen wants.. An iphone, laptop, and a camera. =)
  • running... FireSnow 2011/03/09 22:47:58
    ...I didn't want any of those things as a teen.
  • FireSnow running... 2011/03/09 22:53:51
    Well I am referring to the current teen generation.
  • running... FireSnow 2011/03/09 23:08:39
    ...sweetie, I'm in my early 20s. I AM part of the current teen generation. I went to school with many people who are still teenagers, and have many fiends who are still teenagers.
  • FireSnow running... 2011/03/09 23:14:38
    Okk.. Im am not talking about you specifically though. Most teens are always asking for new technology. Whether its an Apple product, a television, a new computer, camera, etc.
  • running... FireSnow 2011/03/09 23:22:29
    ...really? Because I work with teenagers on a daily basis and I don't find that to be true at all.
  • FireSnow running... 2011/03/09 23:41:40
    Well I AM a teenager. I work and socialize with teenagers on a daily basis. No one knows a teenager like a teenager.
  • running... FireSnow 2011/03/10 03:23:43 (edited)
    ...you seem to think I'm much older than you. I'm 20, kitten.

    Maybe you just hang around a bunch of spoilt kids who expect such things, but I don't. The kids I work with aren't quite such... morons.

    EDIT: Again, kitten, no it hasn't. Also, bit pathetic you felt the need to block me.

    a) I wasn't arguing. I was making a point... you were just too dimwitted to grasp it.

    b) Again, I know far more about your peers, and my peers at that age, than you seem to assume. Again, kitten, I was your age once... and not that long ago.

    You ARE spoilt. Any "gadget" I wanted, any toy, anything, I would have to save up my money and pay for it myself. Even as a child.

    You have no idea what a "rough journey" is, little girl. You really are a moron. And, kid? Youth is no excuse for idiocy.
  • FireSnow running... 2011/03/11 00:01:35
    You are only 7 years older than me. I know that is not alot. The world has changed alot since you were my age. My friends and I have had a rough journey being only teenagers and an even rougher one ahead. Maybe if we want an electronic or material item its because we were never able to have them when we were younger. That does not mean we are spoiled. And if anyone is a moron, its you. You being a 20-year-old woman, I would think you have enough intelligence not to 1. Argue with a 13-year-old and 2. Try to insult me and my peers when frankly, you know nothing about us or what we've been through. Pshh.. "Morons" -___-
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/09 22:42:22
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    I added upgrades to what i have now I have a cat and dog that like to hide things if the ycan move them. LOL
  • CoolStoryBro Bn 0 ;) 2011/03/09 22:40:20
    CoolStoryBro Bn 0 ;)
    New game console thing. That would be awesome.
  • MarinerFH 2011/03/09 22:39:12 (edited)
  • thezilch MarinerFH 2011/03/09 22:53:23
    What would you suggest?
  • MarinerFH thezilch 2011/03/10 04:42:42
  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2011/03/09 22:23:59
    an e-book reader!
  • thezilch ☆Rogueo... 2011/03/09 22:39:49
    The Barnes and Noble, Nook Color looks great!
  • runningintriangles 2011/03/09 22:21:12
    Probably a new DSLR camera. I've been borrowing my dad's and my sister's cameras for the last while to get my work done, but it would be much easier to have my own. As much as I miss working in film, it's just easier with a digital camera... plus the Nikon DSLRs are awesome.
  • thezilch running... 2011/03/09 22:40:26
    Nikon glass is my favorite too.

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