Freegan-omics: Would You Ever Eat Out of a Dumpster?

Living 2010/06/07 12:00:00
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Ever complain that food is just too expensive? According to a growing fringe movement, it’s actually free. You just have to know where to look for it.

Freegans like Kit, who was interviewed by the New York Times Magazine, maintain that our society wastes far too much.

According to the Times, Freeganism is “a bubbling stew of various ideologies, drawing on elements of communism, radical environmentalism, a zealous do-it-yourself work ethic and an old-fashioned frugality.”

Freegans are dedicated to salvaging what others waste and — when possible — living without the use of currency. This means looking for sandwiches in the local dumpster … and perhaps squatting in an abandoned house in your neighborhood.

Tell us: Would you ever go Freegan?

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  • Tucker 2010/06/07 16:07:53
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    Been there done that............ Spent 30 years with a women that could not cook!

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  • Nisa PinkySwear(*~*) 2010/06/08 11:45:05
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    Nisa PinkySwear(*~*)
    HELL NO ! you dont know why that food was thrown out...it could have been bad or poisoned
  • MOJ 2010/06/08 10:50:12
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    There is usually enough food in the trash to feed a dying village for a month... materialism and consumerism maybe be "modern" but its one hell of a resource waste
  • future blk 2010/06/08 08:19:20
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    future blk
    americans are internationally known as wasters. we should reserve that, plus help our citizens lose pounds. before they start hording good food, stack them some of those 'dumptser' burgers around them. weight will be lost dramaticly or waste will be consumed!! a win win situation! this program should go in effect immediately!! lost dramaticly waste consumed win win situation program effect immediately
  • justonemom 2010/06/08 03:04:01
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    BUT, for some they are ingenious ways of living almost free ew disgusting ingenious ways living free
  • Catie 2010/06/08 02:59:59
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    u r disgusting i drink blud not eat garbage
  • StanKerr 2010/06/08 02:52:59
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    Oh boy, the hippies are back, as self righteous and silly as ever. One possible good feature of these guys, if it's true, is an emphasis on self reliance. On the other hand, if they're creative enough to survive like this, why not get a job and contribute something useful?
  • carrotcat 2010/06/08 02:42:21
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    I am a vegetarian, not a freegan. I'll stick that way
  • Driftyness 2010/06/08 01:00:04
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    But I would never do it. It's nice that they care so much about not being wasteful, but you don't need to go to extremes like that to do it.

    All I have to do is just use what I need, that's all. No need to forage.
  • drowzie 2010/06/08 00:42:49
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
  • Erica 2010/06/07 23:45:37
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    But! I do think school systems should have a place for left overs.. I see full milk cartons, uneaten sandwiches.. it is amazing how much we waste! My uncles school in CA does that. If you only take a couple of bits out of your sandwich they have a place for you to put it. It is a pretty good idea, just cut off the bites and give it to a homeless person.. Better than eating out of a dumpster..
  • Bob Pooba 2010/06/07 23:22:27
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    Bob Pooba
    Sounds good to me, there are alot of canned foods thrown away. It doesn't have to be gross, but the movement is about allot more than just dumpster food.
  • The toy soldgier 2010/06/07 22:50:11
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    The toy soldgier
    if you know what and what not to eat
  • Bay 2010/06/07 22:40:34
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    hell no.
  • ellomotto 2010/06/07 22:25:42 (edited)
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    hell if Oscar can do it... hey oscar
  • RyannLove ellomotto 2010/06/07 22:47:33
    I heard that they got rid of Oscar!
  • ellomotto RyannLove 2010/06/07 22:57:08
    damn it!
  • RyannLove ellomotto 2010/06/07 22:59:07
    and the cookie monster :((
  • ellomotto RyannLove 2010/06/07 23:00:47
    why?! People are ruining childrens t.v.
  • RyannLove ellomotto 2010/06/07 23:04:12
  • ellomotto RyannLove 2010/06/07 23:04:58
    what a load of crap! I adored the cookie monster!
  • RyannLove ellomotto 2010/06/07 23:08:40
    He was my hero cookies for the world
  • Erica RyannLove 2010/06/07 23:46:19
    People are just getting WAY to sensitive!
  • RyannLove Erica 2010/06/07 23:51:45
    I know right!
  • Erica RyannLove 2010/06/07 23:55:59
    If anyone gets offended, it becomes illegal. Stupid. My kids will see all the old "offensive" cartoons.. when I have kids..
  • RyannLove Erica 2010/06/07 23:57:16
    hell if my kids say the words hannah montanna or jonas brothers then they are getting bitch slapped
  • Erica RyannLove 2010/06/07 23:59:18
    My boyfriend is in a band! They will know Good music =D No Hannah Montanna! Or Jonas Brothers! Hello no! =D I am going to have well educated and cultured!
  • RyannLove Erica 2010/06/08 00:02:08
    Haha good you! :))
  • GOODBYE SODAHEAD 2010/06/07 22:16:19
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    You people that said it's not a bad idea and weren't joking, are FREEGAN nuts!
  • Merna 2010/06/07 21:50:54
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    How about getting a job so you can afford food?
  • Werkea 2010/06/07 20:54:36
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    you do it first
    and we might follow
  • smartaleck 2010/06/07 20:30:57
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
  • Chris D 2010/06/07 20:27:20
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    Chris D
    hmmm maybe Freegan's should just get a job like everyone else
    ew disgusting hmmm freegans job
  • Ava Alexander 2010/06/07 19:35:07
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    Ava Alexander
    Gross!! Gross!! Gross!!!
  • captkirk999 2010/06/07 18:47:28
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    No, I think it is disgusting, but when someone is desperate and starving they will eat anything.
  • Laylah 2010/06/07 18:31:22
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    Nope but then I eat takeaway all the time so I could be.. lol
  • SeaSparkzz 2010/06/07 17:38:31 (edited)
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    While I wouldn't do it myself, unless I were starving, it's not an overly bad idea.
    My longest-term friend whom I love dearly is a dirty hippie who does live like that. One day I was visiting her on this piece of property her parents owned where she was living a farm kind of life. She slaughtered a rooster for dinner and cooked it up in a stew with some veggies she got out of a dumpster. It wasn't half bad... although the rooster had rigger mortised. But hey, that was certainly a culinary experience of its own.
    Stores through out produce that has turned a little brown or gotten bruised. Much of it is still edible if you cut the bad parts off (and wash them in a mild bleach solution... my friend isn't THAT dirty.) Boxes and bags that have been damaged all get thrown away even if the product inside is not affected. It's really sad how much food we waste because consumers like me are too picky to pay for bruised fruit or open boxes.

    Actually, that could be my friend in that picture. She even dressed like that.
  • Erica SeaSparkzz 2010/06/07 23:47:28
  • SeaSparkzz Erica 2010/06/08 22:15:35
  • yemaya 2010/06/07 17:37:01
    Ew, no, that's disgusting!
    i just couldn't see myself doing this...
  • stahlnacht 2010/06/07 17:35:26
    It's actually not a bad idea.
    I've done so on dares.
    I've eaten a sandwich with this green stuff growing on the bread.

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