Foreign Exchange Students Find Hidden Cameras in Apartment: Does This Make You Think Twice About Studying Abroad?

Living 2011/07/27 20:19:58
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Living abroad is a challenging experience for anyone, but for college students studying in a foreign country is a great way to get out and experience other parts of the world before joining the workforce.

But two Bulgarian students got way more than they bargained for while studying abroad in Florida.

Vanya Amokovareva, 22, and Ralitsa Dzhambazova, 23, were disgusted to find that what initially appeared to be a security system in their Tampa apartment turned out to be surveillance cameras.

What, they don't have those in Bulgarian apartments?

When the two women realized what was going on, they immediately covered the cameras with tape and contacted police.

According to the New York Daily News, there were cameras installed in every room of the apartment where the women had already been living for three months -- including the bathroom, where a camera was aimed at the shower.

A police report noted, "These cameras at first glance appeared to be motion detectors for an alarm system or smoke detectors. Detectives will attempt to determine if the system has been active."

Amokovareva told a Tampa television station quite simply, "I'm feeling very bad."

We don't blame her, but since it's still unclear whether anyone was actually spying on them through the cameras, we hope things get cleared up before they end up on the Internet.

Read More: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/07/2...

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  • Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦ 2011/07/28 00:13:06
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    Make me think twice, no. But I sure as hell feel bad for those girls.

    And to all you creeps who are making crass remarks about how you can't wait for the videos to come on youtube or some other website so that you can perv over them-- I can't really think of only one thing to say to you that conveys my utter disgust and disappointment, so I'm going to simply tell you that you ought to really think about what you're saying.

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  • Nudenz 2011/07/29 06:35:58 (edited)
    I don't approve of being spied on. So much for going to Florida to study.
  • S123 Nudenz 2011/07/30 06:20:35
    It could happen anywhere. If you are concerned, you should just check any hotels you go to for (and maybe other places too, like public bathrooms and locker rooms) hidden cameras.
  • holdenferall 2011/07/29 06:01:55
    They're some lookers.
  • A Lionh... holdenf... 2011/08/02 04:29:07
    A Lionheart
    So that makes it ok?
  • holdenf... A Lionh... 2011/08/02 17:28:19
    Yes Lionheart, that makes it OK.
  • cccp~marxist-leninst 2011/07/29 02:14:19
    Now I don't want to travel to the United States. Security cameras are alright with permission in hallways for security, but in rooms? Bathrooms? That is an illegal invasion of privacy.
  • Dixienc cccp~ma... 2011/07/29 03:28:53
    It's not like it freakin happens everywhere and as they said...they don't even know if the cameras were active. They could have been solely for the previous tenents use and haven't worked the entire time these young ladies have been there.
  • cccp~ma... Dixienc 2011/07/29 03:33:51
    Sounds suspicious to me. I wouldn't take any chances.
  • Dixienc cccp~ma... 2011/07/29 03:37:21
    I just think I would have noticed them way before three months had passed. I would definately have asked what kind of security system it was when moving in. Sure it sounds suspicious but until we see reports that someone was actually filming in this apartment there IS a chance they were left by the previous tenants and weren't even in use.
  • cccp~ma... Dixienc 2011/07/29 03:47:15
    Yes, that is reasonable.
  • Dixienc cccp~ma... 2011/07/29 03:51:54
    We just moved my mom into a new apartment. The very first thing I saw and asked about was the keypad next to the door. We looked in every single freakin corner and nook and cranny in the entire place. I believe I would have noticed something a hell of a lot sooner than three months in. LOL
  • cccp~ma... Dixienc 2011/07/29 16:46:17
    maybe the girls rarely were at the apartment.
  • RosaG 2011/07/29 00:23:37
    Like Dawn said, there are perverts everywhere. In my city it turned out a few years ago that an Italian restaurant had a camera in the ladies bathroom (and yes, I mean in the actual thing, not just where the mirrors are or something)! They claimed it was to check whether women where doing drugs there. o.O The restaurant is closed down now and I'm SO glad I've never eaten there!
  • dawn 2011/07/29 00:06:29
    This happened in the US. there are perverts everywhere.
  • Jivey 2011/07/28 21:56:36
    Wow Dam look at the girls talk about hott hott.... However I do believe they should have been told they are being recorded.. I hope it comes out in Hi-Def
  • Jim 2011/07/28 21:55:47
    It does make me wonder if I can get a Hammer through customs though.
  • MangoLuve 2011/07/28 21:29:42
  • Jim 2011/07/28 20:34:28
    Once again Sodahead is flexing their stupid muscles. What exactly is the connection betweenn hidden cameras and studying abroad? We have voyeuristic crime happen all the time. Just because this time it involved foreign exchange students, suddenly we all have to be afraid to study in a foreign land.
  • marcie 2011/07/28 20:12:45
    I think it is an isolated incident from some jerk connected to the aptments.
  • Dixienc marcie 2011/07/29 03:30:20
    They do say they don't even know if the cameras were even active. What gets me is that they were there as long as they were and didn't see them or pay any attention to them. I do believe I would have seen them and questioned them before even moving in.
  • marcie Dixienc 2011/07/29 05:23:57
    I'm not sure wether I would have noticed them or not. I guess it depends on what they looked like and where they were placed
  • No
    That could happen anywhere, such as a dorm or hotel room, or even moving into a new house.
  • Dhawgg 2011/07/28 17:47:26
    lol.. nothin like that ever happens in the states.
  • Younesv... Dhawgg 2011/07/28 18:53:42
  • Dhawgg Younesv... 2011/07/29 00:05:00
    I was being ironic. Of course it happens everywhere.
  • S123 Dhawgg 2011/07/29 15:02:46
    It still dosn't really make sense. The question was about something that happened in the US and if you were studying abroad, you wouldn't be in the US.
  • —»♫♥☮яє... Dhawgg 2011/07/28 19:02:22
    ...it happened in Florida.
  • cccp~ma... Dhawgg 2011/07/29 02:16:11
    Sarcastic right?
  • ImaDinoRawr 2011/07/28 17:43:59
    My mother and I volunteer with a program for students who study abroad, called AFS, and we recently had this guy call my mother and say he wanted to host. Turns out the guy had two or three sexual abuse charges on his files. It's scary as hell, but there's always that risk if you plan to study abroad. It does make you second guess yourself, though..
  • Ηɑppƴ Ɲiɧiℓisʈ 2011/07/28 17:22:18
    Ηɑppƴ Ɲiɧiℓisʈ
    I'd be constantly checking for cameras.
  • Younesv... Ηɑppƴ Ɲ... 2011/07/28 18:54:44
    Hidden cameras are hard to spot ;)
    You can even have spycams in Pens and some keychains..
  • Ηɑppƴ Ɲ... Younesv... 2011/07/29 00:34:36
    Ηɑppƴ Ɲiɧiℓisʈ
    Well when I search for them I might have a chance of finding them. And I'll make sure I throw out all pens, pencils it is!
  • Younesv... Ηɑppƴ Ɲ... 2011/07/29 21:35:00
    Ahaha well i wish you luck on your quest and have a good go if you ever go study abroad ;)
    Oh if you ever want to study in holland my place is open, No camera's guaranteed and no nasty stuff either ;)(my gf will make sure of that XD)
  • Ηɑppƴ Ɲ... Younesv... 2011/07/30 02:53:39
    Ηɑppƴ Ɲiɧiℓisʈ
    Haha thanks I'll need it, with my paranoia.
    Well, I'll take your word for it :)
  • kick2head 2011/07/28 17:14:27
    I suspect this is a case where a landlord, property manager,maintenance person, etc. is a pervert.

    The first clue for these ladies should have been when they rented the apartment for $50 a month and all the other ones where going for $750 a month.

    Just kidding.
  • lawlerskates 2011/07/28 17:00:19
    It also makes me want to check out my own apartment! (not a study abroad student-but now I'm a little paranoid because I live in a complex where they house college students)
  • jessica garcia 2011/07/28 16:40:42
    jessica garcia
    This is just to creepy.........
  • Lanikai 2011/07/28 16:03:38
    BUT, please, please also check EVERY hotel room you stay in. We stayed in one in Milton Florida, and it was owned by foreigners, the fire alarm and air vent were very close together, when we shut the light off for our child to nap, there was a red light in the vent. We looked and it was a camera lens. We checked out instantly.
  • Jivey Lanikai 2011/07/28 22:05:30
    You should have taken a Picture of it and ripped it out called the cops.. I am sure that is totally against the law.. I have to tell people when they come on my property they are being recorded. I am an activist and get harassed a lot have lots of yard signs and banners i am on a main rd even.
  • Lanikai Jivey 2011/07/29 01:13:33
    We took photos and sent them to the FBI. The local cops there are more useless then tits on a bore hog.

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