(For Married People)If you caught your wife/husband in bed with another woman/man how would you react?

♫ ~ Broken Inside ~ ♫ 2009/05/10 10:06:41
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  • Joe 2009/07/31 16:01:59 (edited)
    This way
    Q: Why are divorces so expensive?

    A: Because they're worth it.
  • Catfish... Joe 2009/08/08 14:10:58
    Catfish Biff
    F*ck yeah! I am mid way thru mine, and heading towards broke, and the price is plenty fair. There is more $ to be made as I go thru life. But what price my sanity? And no more in-laws! At least not THOSE in-laws!!

    SO WORTH IT!!!!
  • SST 2009/07/17 14:48:32
    This way
    I don't know, I would have killed him at one point in our relationship, but now I think I would just join them and kick his butt later..
  • Ken 2009/07/16 22:00:30
    This way
    I'd close the door until they finished. It wouldn't hurt to let her, as long as she doesn't fall in love with the guy.
  • Catfish... Ken 2009/08/08 14:11:20
    Catfish Biff
  • amy 2009/07/15 19:19:25
    This way
    beat the shit out the woman and dump the man
  • deluxe 2009/07/15 12:05:44
    This way
    Well I would obviously be devasted and prob try to beat the living shit out of her...definately wouldn't KILL anyone as that is just CRAZY! I'm not going to prison cause my man couldn't keep it in his pants.lol Like the saying goes - Revenge is a dish best served cold...and every dog has his day!
  • Sithhobbit 2009/07/15 07:38:03
    This way
    I'd remove my sidearm from it's holster and empty the magazine. Then drop the mag, insert another, and repeat.

    I've told my wife if you want to cheat or be with someone else that's fine leave I won't cause a fuss, however if you don't I won't be held accountable for the aftermath. Fortunately I have a good wife.
  • Tucker 2009/07/14 20:27:36
    This way
    An Eye for an Eye His left one and her right one. Then tie them up with rope and drag their naked ass out to the street and start dumping out her all her shit on top of them after In had called the news station to send a camera. News @ 7:00
  • jlkjlk 2009/07/02 20:25:31
    This way
    I'd kill him and leave her
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2009/05/28 02:23:07
    This way
    if i was ever married, and my hubbie ever cheated on me and i found out, lets just say he might wont to leave before i get the chain saw out....jk
  • it's your dime 2009/05/11 09:17:53
    This way
    it's your dime
    join in
  • ♫ ~ Bro... it's yo... 2009/05/11 22:48:40
    ♫ ~ Broken Inside ~ ♫
  • Extremist Soldier of Christ 2009/05/10 15:19:40
    This way
    Extremist Soldier of Christ
    If I caught him with another woman- I will probably could be talked in forgiveness for him. But if I caught him with another man- the vile image could never leave my mind and the only thing that would go through my mind would be "aids"- no- I would definitely give him the goodbye papers and he would never enter me again in bed. Simple as that!
  • wyotech 2009/05/10 14:39:27
    My wife/husband would never cheat on me!
    We are so totally commited to each other that cheating truely is not an option for either one......we have been thru some real tough trying times and have ALWAYS known the other would be there...no matter what.

    wifehusband cheat totally commited cheating truely option real tough times

    from here to eternity....
  • J03Y W@$ H3R3~In Kira I tru... 2009/05/10 13:44:24
    This way
    J03Y W@$ H3R3~In Kira I trust~►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    well im not married but if it was my GF then it would be a spur of the moment action
  • kalynn 2009/05/10 13:24:23
    This way
    I would tell them to pack their bags and take their little playmate with them...not to let the door hit them in the a@@ as they left.
  • Edward 2009/05/10 13:05:25
    My wife/husband would never cheat on me!
    no way
  • cmdrbnd007 2009/05/10 12:37:15
    This way
    My shotgun is in the bedroom closet. That's all I'm going to say.
  • ♫ ~ Bro... cmdrbnd007 2009/05/10 21:50:37
  • sue 2009/05/10 12:10:31
    This way
  • Zelda ~ Duchess Maude Grise... 2009/05/10 12:10:22 (edited)
  • HILLBILLY 2009/05/10 10:51:42
    This way
    she would soon become x-wife #4.
  • ♫ ~ Bro... HILLBILLY 2009/05/10 21:51:12
  • E.G. 2009/05/10 10:50:19
    My wife/husband would never cheat on me!
    ...So if I found my wife in bed with another person there probably wasn't some other place for that person to sleep.

    (But as soon as that spot is available I'm claiming it before the dogs and cats do!)

    Or if there was some room left over climb in bed. These days I'm so tired when the day is over I couldn't care less if half the Osmonds and a glowing goat were in my bed, as long as the goat didn't glow too brightly. *grin*
  • Lou 2009/05/10 10:38:38
    This way
    I already told my husband, a long time ago, if I ever caught him doing that, I would turn into that Bobbitt woman, and he would be missing vital body parts. Anyway, I've got a big dog that would take care of the woman.
  • SeaSparkzz 2009/05/10 10:30:05 (edited)
    This way
    I would be intrigued. Say hi, and then leave them to what they were doing.
    My husband and I have an open/polyamorous relationship, so that kind of thing is not considered cheating for us.

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