For guys: What do you think when a girl pokes your stomach?

Jessica☮ 2009/03/12 20:12:31
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My friend told me that I should poke the kid I like in the stomach when I talk to him next and I said why? I just don't get it. So what do you think it means?
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  • dinkiedow 2009/03/12 23:05:30 (edited)
    I thinkkk.
    SHE'S TELLING YOU,WHIP IT OUT BIG BOY THAT WHAT I WANT!! thinkkk shes telling youwhip
  • Al 2009/03/12 22:22:01 (edited)
    I thinkkk.
    I think she's trying to start my motor!! And if she's smiling it usualy works!!
  • Virgil Leonheart 2009/03/12 22:04:18
    I thinkkk.
    Virgil Leonheart
    It's a sign of flirting or having fun. Me though when a girl pokes me in the stomach. I think nothing. I don't care. That's what I think of girls poking me in the stomach.
  • ctuagentdown 2009/03/12 21:22:52
    I thinkkk.
    i would try not to fart or break wind
  • flash1994 2009/03/12 20:49:34
    I thinkkk.
    i thinks it is a sign of flirting
  • Yukkione "In Science We Trust" 2009/03/12 20:35:52
    I thinkkk.
    Yukkione "In Science We Trust"
    They dont do it unless they like you.
  • Agent 2009/03/12 20:27:08
    I thinkkk.
    I'm Just glad it not a Pistol !!! LOL
  • Boomer 2009/03/12 20:20:59
    I thinkkk.
    i personally think its one of two things.
    one she is trying to get you exited but thats not a turn on to me!
    or two she is trying to see what kind of body you have without asking!
  • Big D 2009/03/12 20:18:05
    I thinkkk.
    Big D
    It means I have to do some more sit ups or look like the Pilsbury Dough Boy
  • Tutboy 2009/03/12 20:17:56
  • Angie_(... Tutboy 2009/03/12 20:23:10
    Hahaha, now thats a good one! Thanks for making me laugh today!
  • Tutboy Angie_(... 2009/03/13 11:06:28
  • Eddie Tutboy 2009/03/12 20:40:04

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