[for Christians] do you believe terrible experiences bring you closer to God?

den 2012/02/29 07:58:22
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yes because: "tribulation makes experience, experience hope and hope maketh us not ashamed that the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts"
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  • Bat Outta Hell 2012/03/05 05:36:36
    Bat Outta Hell
    I think it's when we are in the darkest parts of our lives God is the nearest to show us the way. :)
  • Guido 2012/03/01 12:13:56 (edited)
    Absolutely, it’s very common among Christians. But how many of us get closer to God when nice little things happen?
  • 8mariedawn6 2012/03/01 05:23:31
    Yes believe that many times the Lord shows us things threw bad things and that is one of them.
  • Your friendly neighborhood ... 2012/02/29 23:11:05
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    If we got everything handed to us, we would be spoiled and pathetic.
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2012/02/29 16:11:01
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru

    A loving God would not put one through horrible experiences.. OH I know, you will say God is testing US.. What an evil being..

    Why would God test us if he already has a plan for us and already knows our fate?
    He knows that some of us will sin and go to Hell. Why create them if he loves them so much? Isn't he supposed to comfort us?

    Our struggles are bullets. Every single one has the potential to take you down. Every single pain you have ever had is a wound from a bullet that didn't kill you. And when it heals, you have overcome that struggle. It's like he's shooting us in the leg and saying "I am all you have to lean on."
  • Katherine 2012/02/29 08:12:47
    I believe life is filled with lessons and with learning. Not all bad comes to harm you...

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