For all you people who still suck their thumb/fingers, why?

Mystical♥Gleek 2010/06/28 16:44:53
I just want to know why are you still sucking your thumb/finger and why won't you stop? What's the real purpose of it and is it that really hard to stop?
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  • lazurm 2013/09/26 14:47:11
    I suck my thumb because it's free, legal, without calories or drugs, comforting, a habit, gets me to sleep under any conditions, nonintrusive, quiet, instantly calming, convenient, and my mouth is perfectly formed for it, even my teeth moved to make a perfect fit.
  • Paranormal♥Spirit 2010/06/28 22:41:55
    I don't suck my thumb. But people who still do are probably still doing it for comfort.
  • Jess 2010/06/28 17:25:48
    I don't suck my thumb anymore, but i used to all the way up till i was 11. I knew it was terrible but i just couldn't help myself. Maybe it was comfort, something reassuring, something that i'd had the whole of my life, and i guess i just didn't want to lose it. Plus it always tasted nice hehe. But i guess that's why most people suck their thumb/dummy/carry around a blanket even long after they know they're too old for it. It's life. We all hold onto something from our childhood, especially those of us with more difficult experiences. We want something positive to keep with us and reassure us.
    As for why it's hard to stop, first of all like i kinda said, it's something you're used to/reassures you etc. Things like that are hard to give up. Like a lucky charm. Many people come to rely on these things even if they know they're not actually responsible for anything happening. Plus it's a habit so most people with have trouble breaking it.
    I stop when i moved up into secondary school. There was at least 3 people in my primary school who also still sucked their thumb but when i moved up and didn't know anyone, i realised i really had to stop or else have endless rounds of mocking. After i realised that, the habit was much easier to kick because i was more interested in self preservation than my thumb.
    Well there we go lol, a nice in depth explanation for sucking your thumb. I'm sure you didn't really need all that but oh well. I'm bored :) x
  • Mystica... Jess 2010/06/29 14:06:29
    Nice comment. At least you did stop at age 11. My 12 yr old niece and 10 yr old nephew are still sucking their thumbs. Hopefully, they'll stop when they get braces. They both need them really bad. There teeth are awful!
  • Jess Mystica... 2010/06/29 19:44:21
    yeah, that's the problem with sucking your thumb, but the dentist telling me i would need braces in a few years if i carried on still didn't stop me. It made my mum bug me more....but i didn't really care :/ I should think they're gonna have to make the decision themselves as they grow up and realise they should really have grown out of it. At least with me, the only person who was gonna stop me was me. Plus i was always quite rebellious in a quiet way, if you told me to stop, hell i'd just carry on!

    But yeah i know this girl who's teeth are really slanted at the side cause she didn't stop sucking her thumb till about year 9 and she was about 14......

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