Flying Cars: When will Flying Cars be available?

Peter Griffin 2009/03/18 22:45:33
Flying cars will be available in 2012
Flying cars will be available in 2020
Flying cars will be available in 2030
Flying cars will be available in 2050
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Every now and then, you hear about the exciting news about flying cars in the making. About 3 different manufacturers are already working on this but when will flying cars hit the market. Some flying cars have already been released, but failed due to their price tags. When will we see ourselves driving flying cars?
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  • Carlos 2011/08/24 15:30:12
    Flying cars will be available in 2020
    i would love to have flying cars. even though they already exist! but they wont be hitting the skies yet. there are some problems with the idea, there would be a new way to take driving tests and to decide whether to let drivers free roam in the air or make a special road for the flying cars.
  • Joanna Mesiano 2009/12/08 19:36:30
    Flying cars will be available in 2012
    Joanna Mesiano
    I think that would be cool and not cool at the same time so what do u think about flying cars do u think it will happen tell us your questions
  • Ace~Mr.Giantess~ 2009/03/19 22:21:19
    Flying cars will be available in 2012
    But I wouldn't drive them because they don't fit my code of vehicles I would drive. http://www.sodahead.com/blog/...

    I would like to have my own personal (non car) aircraft instead of a car though.
  • Lydia 2009/03/19 15:05:40
    Flying cars will be available in 2050
    We have too many traffic accidents why mess with the air traffic! Can you imagine the airspace I for one don't want to be under thier flying space keeping watch over to see if a flying car is gonna come down on me....or others...
    Do we have to bail them out too! if they go belly up like the auto business?
    Will we have enough fuel?
    Who are the ones who would be able to afford them?
    The richer get richer the poorer pays for the rich....
  • BBJOHN 2009/03/19 14:52:42
    Flying cars will be available in 2050
    Yeah When >> flying cars 2050 yeah
  • juandefuca 2009/03/19 14:21:57
    Flying cars will be available in 2050
    When pigs sprout wings.
  • bill 2009/03/19 12:32:58 (edited)
    Flying cars will be available in 2020
    It will never be for the poor man or persons only the elite and the little persons will be walking cause the cars wont be permitted to be used as the rich will lock the fuel source and it will be because of ass holes like oboma and his freaking kind if he don't get our asses blown up before then rich lock fuel source ass holes oboma freaking asses blown this is poor man unless we unite against likes of oboma
  • Lynn 2009/03/19 05:24:51
    Flying cars will be available in 2050
    How about "not in the foreseeable future"? Americans cant even drive safely, they damn sure cant fly safely....
  • P-Funk 2009/03/19 03:53:51
    Flying cars will be available in 2012
    Some of the ultralights already in production could be considered "flying cars". The reality is that flying cars, as envisioned in The Jetsons and other science fiction will probably NEVER be an everyday reality. A few elites, like Hollywood royalty and Al Gore, will be permitted to own and operate them, but not the masses. We can't even control street traffic now! What's going to happen when it's combined with air traffic? And they require too much innovation. Our over-regulated society has stifled that completely. Humanity will self-destruct before we progress far enough technologically and socially to make them feasible for the masses.

    Pigs will fly before cars do!
  • Dad 2009/03/19 00:54:18 (edited)
    Flying cars will be available in 2020
    Not only that, you sould see the boat I am having built. So all you sodaHeads I am selling tickets for a ride in both. Be the first to ride high (in the sky) with me. Warp .5 at wave top.
    Coming soon........
  • Elizabeth 2009/03/19 00:39:10
    Flying cars will be available in 2050
    Hope the car owners will show a great deal more responsibility in the air than they presently do on the ground.
  • ladypuppylove 2009/03/19 00:37:23
    Flying cars will be available in 2020
    maybe sooner
  • Irons 2009/03/18 23:37:38
    Flying cars will be available in 2012
    They have been since the late 70's

    flying cars 2012 late 70s
  • blahblahblah 2009/03/18 23:26:53
    Flying cars will be available in 2050
    yeah... i think it'll be a while before ppl really get into them...
  • Angel SA 2009/03/18 23:15:34
    Flying cars will be available in 2050
    Angel SA
    Flying cars will happen after my life span! flying cars 2050 flying cars life span
  • 1oct1 "Marko" 2009/03/18 22:58:01
    Flying cars will be available in 2050
    1oct1 "Marko"
    Then we can bail them out, can't wait.
  • blahbla... 1oct1 "... 2009/03/18 23:25:40
    hahaha nice
  • Gun665 2009/03/18 22:46:25
  • ♫Dustin♫ Gun665 2009/03/18 23:48:22
    The world will not end in 2012! >:(
  • Gun665 ♫Dustin♫ 2009/03/18 23:49:43
  • ♫Dustin♫ Gun665 2009/03/18 23:50:19
    the world will not end in 2050! >:(
  • Gun665 ♫Dustin♫ 2009/03/18 23:51:31
  • Elizabeth Gun665 2009/03/19 00:41:29
    Do you? Proof, please!
  • Gun665 Elizabeth 2009/03/19 03:33:09
  • Carlos Elizabeth 2011/08/24 15:37:29
    the world is not gonna end, when 2012 passes im gonna sue the scientist that say that the world is gonna end, im pretty sure that next year the movie is going to come out called: 2013 the REAL end of the world.
  • ♫Dustin♫ Gun665 2009/03/26 22:04:50
    well they've predicted it a few times before and the were wrong. It's like the story of the boy who cried wolf, but we haven't gotten to the end of the story
  • Elizabeth Gun665 2009/03/19 00:40:48
    That's billions of years from now!

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