First Lady's Fairy Tale of Struggle......(Ooookay)...

snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques 2012/09/05 17:12:53
Fact Check: First Lady’s False Fairy Tale of Struggle

Posted on September 5, 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama’s pitch to voters last night relied on the
premise that she and her husband understand what it is to struggle to
make ends meet. She spoke movingly about their early years–about how a
young Barack Obama drove a car that was “rusted out” and found his
furniture “in a dumpster,” how they both came from families that had to
“scrape by.” Her fairy tale–however well-delivered–was one great, big,
colorful lie.

Both Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama began their adult lives with a
leg up on the rest of America. They attended elite schools: Michelle
went to Whitney Young, the public magnet school for Chicago’s upper
class, while Barack attended Punahou, the private prep school for the
top stratum of Hawaiian society. They were accepted to Ivy League
schools despite undistinguished credentials, and both attended Harvard
Law School.

“[B]elieve it or not, when we were first married, our combined
monthly student loan bills were actually higher than our mortgage,”
Michelle said. That sounds like a raw deal–but in fact reflects their
fortunate circumstances. They had both just graduated from a very
expensive law school, and their combined income from cushy law firm jobs
dwarfed the repayments. Barack also soon enjoyed a second salary from
the University of Chicago.

They had expensive tastes, reflected in the $277,500 two-bedroom
condo they bought in 1993–a high price even by today’s standards.
Several years later, they moved into their $1.65 million mansion in Hyde
Park–with the help of fraudster Tony Rezko. Barack often told a story
of hardship on the campaign trail in 2008 about having his credit card
declined–once. The fact that he thought this counted as real hardship
speaks volumes.

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Top Opinion

  • Howler 2012/09/05 17:45:53 (edited)
    So, Barack is a Dipsy-Dumpster-Diving Democrat according to Michelle's "story"?

    I think not...

    Now if she had told a story about him being a Doped-up, Dumbed-down, Delusional, Deceiving, Democrat Dipsh*t...

    Now THAT I could believe.

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  • STU~PWCM~JLA~POTL~AFCL 2012/09/16 03:04:56
    Both of these two are off their rockers. They live the great life, yet for various reasons they are deeply jealous of earned success, and see government as a surrogate parent (steal from those who earn it, and give it to those who didn't). Their penchant for redistribution reflects their own subconscious self loathing for their lack of abilities, and their hatred for those who do have abilities and the willingness to put them to good work. Also, Barack is very angry about his lack of any "stay at home" father when he was young; redistribution not only reflects "making it right" by helping out those with little resources to the level that there is no incentive to work, but also punishes (takes money from) those that he identifies with his absentee father (those with resources, who Obama universally feels are uncharitable).
  • belle 2012/09/11 14:55:00
    Seems like to me Michelle was telling a story of another couple she knew at one time or she just really embellished the Barry and Moochelle story.

    I believe it was the made up story tryinh to make their story what she felt people would fall for and say OH how therrible that Barry and Moochelle had it so bad when they were young. NOT.
  • Sherlock Dog BL - a Gazillion 2012/09/08 22:23:37
  • ReconMarine~PWCM*AVA*BTTB*JLA* 2012/09/07 19:46:28
  • Marlene Wilkins 2012/09/07 03:48:38
    Marlene Wilkins
    She manages to shovel sh*t and look like a media star while doing it...
    The woman is a disgrace to our gender.
  • ReconMa... Marlene... 2012/09/07 19:47:16
  • Marlene... ReconMa... 2012/09/10 00:16:36
    Marlene Wilkins
    That's the part I feel sad about. She does lies like this, and makes America look Really Bad. I'm Canadian, but I like America and Americans. M. Obamination is a sh*t-spewing anti-woman who needs to be muzzled.
  • Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~ 2012/09/06 18:34:33
    Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~
    She spoon fed em' all a chit sundae and they lapped it up!
  • ReconMa... Gracie ... 2012/09/07 19:48:07
  • SimpleAmerican BN-0 2012/09/06 18:18:55
    SimpleAmerican BN-0
    Now she buys $6500 blouses at the expense of the taxpayer, goes on elaborate vacations, has the largest staff of any first lady in history... Why doesn't she just stand up, tell the truth and thank all of us for her new cushy lifestyle!

    What a crime to stand up and make this crap up! Remember she wasn't proud of her country either!!! I am tired of this couple!
  • ReconMa... SimpleA... 2012/09/07 19:51:20
  • SimpleA... ReconMa... 2012/09/07 20:17:30
    SimpleAmerican BN-0
    Definitely a hardship!
  • ReconMa... SimpleA... 2012/09/07 21:30:21
  • SimpleA... ReconMa... 2012/09/11 17:25:51
    SimpleAmerican BN-0
    Here's what I like, back in Aug. of 2011 the WH released that MObama had spent more than $10M of taxpayer money on vacations alone, and that was just in one year! Here is the headline: Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels: First Lady accused of spending $10m in public money on her vacations

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne...
  • Lanikai ReconMa... 2012/09/07 21:01:17
    With their reported taxed income, it would be nice to know how in the hell they can afford that, unless it is a reward, courtesy of the TAXPAYERS.

    Anyone left believing these two are NOT rich, needs to pay attention. They ARE the evil rich, but have their sheeple convinced they aren't.
  • ReconMa... Lanikai 2012/09/07 21:32:11
  • Lanikai ReconMa... 2012/09/07 21:34:45
    I sincerely HOPE the SEC can prove that and takes him down. Him in jail is a really happy mental image.
  • ReconMa... Lanikai 2012/09/08 03:24:07
  • snell/G... ReconMa... 2012/09/11 21:23:54
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    .....tough life....:}
  • Robin 2012/09/06 12:04:20
    I think that anytime either one of them has their mouth moving, they are lying.
  • ReconMa... Robin 2012/09/07 19:51:53
  • The Amazin' Guru of Chibis 2012/09/06 11:29:10
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    They walked a 100 miles to school barefoot in the freezing hale. For supper they had naught to eat but a lump of cold sawdust, and each night they were flogged to sleep by a starving goat. Something like that?
  • ReconMa... The Ama... 2012/09/07 19:57:28
  • mustangluver 2012/09/06 07:52:37
    Yes, she said they came from the same backgrounds where their parents loved them and provided for them..lol..well we all know that isn't true at all. She just kept saying that being rich wasn't the answer..LOL. Oh my, and now she is finally proud of America isn't she? LOL and soooooo proud of how her husband saved America..LOL. It was a dreadful boring useless speech!
  • rightside mustang... 2012/09/06 20:33:22
    If money isn't the answer, why don't they give theirs away????
  • mustang... rightside 2012/09/06 20:38:00
    Dems only share other ppls wealth.
  • rightside mustang... 2012/09/06 21:18:39
    Yup, they feel empowered when they take your money and look good giving it to someone else.
  • ReconMa... rightside 2012/09/07 19:59:28
  • rightside ReconMa... 2012/09/07 20:20:52
    Yeah, they take ours and give it to others, and it makes those folks vote for them.
  • ReconMa... rightside 2012/09/07 21:35:11
  • rightside ReconMa... 2012/09/07 21:37:32 (edited)
    If it weren't for the people that work hard and form companies, those folks wouldn't have jobs.
    Of course you know m bama and family love our country......Well maybe not, here they are at the Olympics, who do they support? michelle obama daughters with south african flags
  • ReconMa... rightside 2012/09/08 03:26:08
  • rightside ReconMa... 2012/09/08 04:22:31
    Sounds good to me
  • ReconMa... rightside 2012/09/08 04:30:52
  • rightside ReconMa... 2012/09/08 14:26:07
    Do we have to give him an oar???
  • ReconMa... mustang... 2012/09/07 19:58:58
  • rightside ReconMa... 2012/09/08 04:23:01
    That's why she's begging the people to give bama 4 more years of vacations.
  • ReconMa... rightside 2012/09/08 04:32:05
  • rightside ReconMa... 2012/09/08 14:27:06
    That 'track' has been torn up and if we don't move it to another track we'll be sunk.
  • Lanikai mustang... 2012/09/07 21:02:15
    Well can give away their money and live like the ones they profess to love so much.

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