FEMA’s Internment Camps: Hiring Has Begun?

~ The Rebel ~ 2011/12/08 21:18:03

What you are about to read may seem too far off the wall to be taken seriously. But, after you have examined the evidence, you will see that our problem is not that this story is off the wall; it is off the radar. The public is unaware that the federal government is preparing to ratchet up its control system. If you agree, then please forward this report to people you trust and who will see its relevance.

Alex Jones has published an article on the FEMA camps. He says that a major private contracting agency hired by the government has issued a call for prospective employees of these camps.

Before you dismiss this as crazy, do this: look at the map Jones has posted. The document could be a fake, but if it is, it is a very convincing fake. You had better hope it’s a fake. It’s here.

Read More: http://teapartyeconomist.com/2011/12/08/fema-inter...

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  • Katherine 2011/12/18 16:51:54
    They can pull it off. Hitler and the Nazis did.
  • Luke 2011/12/09 18:00:00
    Sent to all of my trusted friends!!!!
  • Nick Name 2011/12/09 12:06:20
    Nick Name
    Alex Jones is a professional kook.
  • Barbara 2011/12/09 07:45:45
    I've seen some of the FEMA camps in a documentary that has somehow disappeared from viewing! It's not only coming; it's here! Think you won't be sent to one? Don't be so sure!
  • wolfshadow 2011/12/09 04:19:02
    If we don't raise up... we will be locked up... check out the videos on you tube for FEMA CAMPS... some even have the ovens to get rid of our bodies. The government is also stockpiling grave liners for us.

    concentration camp

    Arbeit Macht Frei!
  • dandieselonian 2011/12/09 01:02:46
    If I go to a camp......I want to see people waterborded
  • Pegasis 2011/12/09 00:43:08
    Has anyone else noticed how closely the mapped areas resemble the areas the Russians have been predicting would be the way the USA is to be broken up----permanently?
  • Typhoon 2011/12/09 00:20:11
    IF it is a hoax, someone did their homework. The fact that the company named, KBR, was awarded a FEMA contract in 2008 to provide emergency power services makes them a logical choice for this kind of work. I did not find anything on their web site concerning this, which, if they were hiring, should be there.
  • cutter's falls 2011/12/08 23:50:33
  • Dagon 2011/12/08 23:27:44
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2011/12/08 22:59:24
    It is not a fake. We've been anticipating this for what now? Three or so years? The steps are being taken for a MAJOR MARTIAL LAW event, timed probably late next summer or early Fall, just in time to call off the election.

    How's that Hope and Change working out for ya?
  • the_old_coach 2011/12/08 21:46:26
    It IS NOT fake! Wake up, people!

    wake up america
  • Nick Name the_old... 2011/12/09 12:07:27
    Nick Name
    No, its fake. Alex Jones is a kook.
  • Josef 2011/12/08 21:42:58
    Very scary, I hope it is fake, but I'm afraid it's not.
    In Hitler-Germany people didn't believe the rumors about concentration camps.
    So be alarmed!
  • Demonic Rat Hunter 2011/12/08 21:33:35
    Demonic Rat Hunter
    And the training has too.
  • Dagon Demonic... 2011/12/08 23:28:59

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