Feeling really sick to my stomach like I'm going to vomit, but not eating in 4 days now?

izzyizzylowlow 2011/03/30 00:53:05
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I've been feeling sick since Saturday evening. I'm not pregnant either by the way. (No sexual intercourse in over a year)

I have the thing when I feel sick, I won't eat. I've been feeling nauseous on and off since then, I HAVE NOT vomited yet but sometimes the feeling of doing so gets overwhelming and I'm running to the bathroom only for nothing to happen.

I ate a sandwich last night around 1am (I'm usually up all night so that's nothing out if the ordinary), a ham sandwich to be exact, no cheese, and some freetos. I felt fine until 9 AM this morning when the nausous feeling came back.

I know i need to eat something but I'm scared to, for fear of throwing up. I'm deathly afraid of vomiting, I feel like I'd rather die than vomit.
The thought of soup just makes my stomach turn because it's hot and any form of dairy makes my stomach turn.

I'm 21 years old, female, irregular period, and have hardly any bowel movements since I hardly ever eat in fear of being sick.

I don't know what to do anymore. :(
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  • cathrine 2012/11/28 00:02:41
    hi im 13 have the same fear and problem i find that taking a stool softener helps me i always feel like im going to get sick and im so afaied of it so your not the onlu one and the stool thing i take is miralax try it :)

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  • yahni 2015/05/11 14:03:20 (edited)
    hi i am ten years old and when i go or think of school i feel like im gonna throw up or simply talking the same. i have tablet pills and salt water spray for my cold i do eat, but its hard to swallow without thinking of choking.its may 11 2015 as you know, and this has been happening since last thursday. i wake up at random times like this morning at like 2:00 to have a little cough spasm or i can't breath out my nose. help me, i really wanna go to fifth grade.
  • TaylorT... yahni 2015/05/12 15:57:40
    Hi 12 year here. I have that same thing, so now i'm homeschooled. Homeschool wasn't working so I switched to a new school called "Fusion Academy". Look it up. It's great, and they don't judge there. And what you have is anxiety, same with me. They get it. They do everything to make it most comfortable for you.
  • lexx 2014/07/27 23:23:18
    well lack of sleep could change anything in your body. when you feel nauseous try drinking water. eat more. what happens is your metabolism slows down and your body holds on to the food that you do eat because it feels as if you'll never eat again. plus you'll probably gain some weight. when you feel like you're gonna throw up try pooping and burping.
  • Bella 2013/11/11 00:46:40
    Hi I'm 13 and a girl I feel sick all the time! I'm the same as you I will do anything NOT to be sick I can't stand it it's the worse thing ever nothing's working the doctor gave me aunti nausea tablets and they are not working can anyone tell me anything that will help? This has been going on for almost a year now!
  • haley Bella 2015/05/24 01:24:00
    I have had this for many years it doesn't go away easily though I would freak out over eating because I thought I would vomit right afterwards. When you feel that your stomach is hurting try to distract yourself with a phone or something. I know that when I'm in school I carry my self phone so that if I still feel sick I got to the restroom and text my mom. Also try to take deep breaths when your stomach hurts. What makes it worse is if you think about it. I'm 12 years old and I totally get it. When eating food I would always find apples very appealing. Nothing like hot foods so try some cold thing before going to hot stuff. example: apples, Juices, Fruit, yougurt, Etc... Hope this helps
  • Tasha 2013/06/05 22:56:39
    You probably feel sick because you're not eating. Eight hours is a massive gap, to be healthy you're supposed to eat something small (with nutritional value, of course), like a banana or a little pot of salad, every hour or so. It's possible that not eating for long periods of time may be causing you to experience acid reflux as well, during which unused stomach acid tries to exit the body via the oesophagus - if you experience anything that feels like heartburn, it's probably acid reflux. Eating little and often will solve this, if it's happening, and also the feelings of sickness, most likely.
  • connor 2013/04/04 09:18:26
    hi im connor, i have not eating for 4 days, i have just a little sip of water now and again, because i got laid of work and a company called loansplusmore took all my money out my bank and i cant buy any food for another 2 weeks, fink im going to die, ive lost so much weigh feel very tired sick and hungry, but not that hungry if u know what i mean, im afraid whats goingt to happen to me :( now i dont fell like eating
  • Casey 2013/03/03 08:00:53
    you have to eat like normal (like breakfast lunch dinner )but when your eating try not to think about vomiting and drink heaps and heaps of WATER if that doesn't help go to the doctor and tell him about the problem you might be DEHYDRATED!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon :)
  • Casey 2013/03/03 07:55:59
  • sam 2012/11/30 01:09:16
    try to eat little things like crackers which should settle your stomach. try not to do anything to active, or it could make you feel worse. i would call the doctor because that never happened to me. good luck and to make you feel better im sick right now and i got the stomach flu and my tummy hurts really bad
  • cathrine 2012/11/28 00:02:41
    hi im 13 have the same fear and problem i find that taking a stool softener helps me i always feel like im going to get sick and im so afaied of it so your not the onlu one and the stool thing i take is miralax try it :)
  • Hattie Cleveland 2011/07/09 02:46:25
    Hattie Cleveland
    Your just like me, I am terrified of vomiting. The best solution is eating something, because your blood sugar may be low. Try snacking on toast and crackers and drinking some carbonated drinks such as ginger ale. Stop thinking about the pain, that just makes me stressed. Lay down with your feet up and listen to some peaceful music and try taking a nap. Hope I could help. Feel better soon!:)
  • Razzy Ratchets 2011/03/30 02:03:38
    Razzy Ratchets
    go to the doctor and get back to us.
  • Humanist 2011/03/30 02:01:41
    You need to eat! I know the thought of soup makes your stomach turn but what about just hot chicken broth? Doesn't have milk and it goes down easy. As for the never ending nausea.... You need to sleep a regular amount of time. Knock yourself out with some cold medicine to catch up on what you've been missing. As you miss sleep your body begins shutting down because your brain doesn't get the rest it needs and then it starts attacking the body... different for everyone though.
  • izzyizz... Humanist 2011/03/30 02:34:55
    I get plenty of sleep. :) When I say I'm up all night I mean it as in I sleep all day. If anything I sleep MORE then what I need to but thank you for that advice, I didn't know that!
    As for the soup thing I broke down and went and got some. It's the soup at hand chicken and mini noodles. I'm only going to drink the broth out of it and see what happens. Maybe if I don't look at it it won't be so bad. I've also gotten some 7up.
    I'm thinking I'm just really, really hungry but since I'm afraid to be sick, its hard to tell the difference when my stomach hurts and when I'm hungry.
    Sorry for the long reply!
  • NPC 2011/03/30 01:45:16
  • ThePurpleHaze 2011/03/30 00:57:38 (edited)
    Well you obviously need to eat or your you're pains are going to slowly progress until you die three weeks later. Your sickness will leave your body soon.

    Sex makes everyone feel better as well. So maybe have some. A year is a long time to be abstinent for a young person.
  • izzyizz... ThePurp... 2011/03/30 02:38:31
    Dying doen't seem so terrible right now, actually. But I get what you're saying. I'm only making it worse by not eating anything. The longer I go without eating, the more I stress myself out about being sick.

    As for the sex thing, I'm terrified of becoming pregnant. Even though the use of birth control and condoms are there to use, they're not 100% effective. I'm just one weird person.
  • ThePurp... izzyizz... 2011/03/30 11:03:34
    Birth control pill + condom + spermicide, and you are pretty much safe. But you could also just masturbate with a dildo.
  • krystal... izzyizz... 2013/08/12 10:20:13
    You people are most likely to b emetophobia
  • Sour Dime 2011/03/30 00:54:06
    Sour Dime
    Drink carbonated drinks and grainy foods like toast and crackers also keep your knees up when laying down.
  • Jonathan Sour Dime 2012/09/22 16:32:59 (edited)
    I know it s 4 days later but I went through same thing your going through. At one point I went 3 days without eating but one day a friend of mine came over and saw how skinny I was from not eating cause of my nausea. I told him how long its been going on and he simply told me to smoke marijuana to gain a appetite.
    Now I hate drugs but I was willing to do any thing to just east a full meal. He left a "joint" but I didn't smoke it till another day later.
    It took every bit of me to not do it but I didn't enough money at the time to go to a doctor, so I finally smoked.Almost instantly I was hungry and I remember eating 3 whole meals along with eating out with some friends
    I never felt so happy eating before lol! IM not going to do it again but it certainly did help me.
    Why is it illegal? I was told you get addicted to it but not once since thatday I smoked it I wanted to do it again.
    If anything it shouldn't be, cause if it helped me it could've helped you.

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