dizzy 2009/12/21 02:50:31
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So it’s more than ok to bash skinny people, regarding them as anorexics and bulimics (not true by the way), declaring at all times that men love curves (read: no man will ever find you attractive). But we all pussyfoot about the ‘fatties’. If anyone is to bash them there is uproar. Why the hell is there this double standard!!
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  • db coop34 2010/02/16 18:46:14
    it's beacuse
    db coop34
    the world is nothing but a chicken coop, u have to make others feel bad, so u can feel good about ur self
  • Riah 2009/12/28 18:34:23
    it's beacuse
    I never thought about it this way, but now that I look back I can't help but scratch my head.. if obese or chubby people claim to have a medical condition and are treated respectively so, why cant skinny people be treated the same? (certain people suffer from high metabolism and are called anorexic or bullimic) its not fair!
  • dizzy Riah 2010/02/16 19:55:07
    that is very true i am naturally a U.S size 2. many are convinced im annorexic (soon they see i eat like horse, so thats suspicious goes out the window) .. why are we bombarded with picture of REEAAALLLY thin celebs, and magazines fawn over them, when 'men prefer curves' the next week.. they totally contradict themselves....

    I dont think anyone should be put down, as a size 2 im being told that im not sexy or attractive which i dont think should be said to anyone..
  • Riah dizzy 2010/02/17 22:51:39
    everyone desrves equality and treated fairly..obese people aren't the only ones made fun of!
  • Bayley Nandety 2009/12/23 19:07:27
    it's beacuse
    Bayley Nandety
    fatties die faster !!!!! hahahahahahhahahahahhaahahaha...
  • Loud And Proud (: 2009/12/21 21:52:57
    it's beacuse
    Loud And Proud (:
    No little girl watches TV, sees a fat person and says "why can't I look like that?". No teenage girl would eat herself to death to be that way. But when a girl watches TV and sees all these pretty, thin women, they WILL think that. A teenager probably would starve themselves to look a certain way. It is a double standard, but it's the media's fault. I think a simple way to resolve this conflict is for modeling agencies to simply photograph a variety of different sized and different looking women and show that they're just as beautiful, rather than saying "you're only good enough if you look like this."
  • dizzy Loud An... 2010/02/16 19:50:31
    This may be controversial, but with child and teen obesity on the constant rise I think we need as many stick thin role models as we can throw at them.

    I blame the media for the ‘wannarexics’ though, these teenage girls see how much celebs like Lindsay and Nicole Ritchie got, every magazine cover as going mad over their thin looks, these girls see anorexia as a way of getting attention... however I think real anorexics, there are deeper physiological reasons, deeper than seeing photos in magazines
  • shellydraven 2009/12/21 03:28:21
    it's beacuse
    because people are stupid, and in trying to wipe out the last remaining "acceptable" prejudice we've simply replaced it with a new one.
  • Lyle 2009/12/21 03:26:03
    it's beacuse
    Fat people want to think they are OK and it's no big deal (no pun intended).They would like to be thin but are to lazy or have an excuse for why they can't put down the fork.

    Most men do not like fat chicks and I would bet most women don't prefer a beer belly to a six-pack.
    I will grant that both can go to the extremes either way but because the majority of Americans (North Americans) are fat, they prefer to bash thin people to make themselves feel better.
  • shellyd... Lyle 2009/12/21 03:32:57 (edited)
    I think that's PARTIALLY true. Everyone wants to believe they're ok and right now the big push is for fat people, unfortunately. However, there's really no denying that there is a problem with eating disorders on BOTH sides of the spectrum. The goal for ALL of us should be to be healthy. Not thin, not fat, or whatever else you can come up with, but healthy. People just can't get it through their heads that extremes are not healthy.

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