Fallen Angel

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I try and think things through
While you come up with a lame excuse
As to why you cheated
Why you lied
Why you tore open my heart and made me bleed

I try and reason through my crazy thoughts
I try and see what you were to me
But I come up with nothing as to why you said you loved me
I lied to myself and tried to make myself believe in you

I take my car keys and drive as fast as I can
To get away from everything thats happened
To get away from my familys questionable faces
To get away from you

I hear your ring tone
I try to ignore it
I drive faster
I break the speed limit

But its too much
I cave in and answer your worthless call
You make me cry so hard its hard to see
You say your sorry that you betrayed me
You try and think of a way to make things better

But all I can say is that Im driving at 100 miles an hour
You say to slow down and think reasonably before i do something stupid
I laugh an evil laugh and say, ''You want ME to think reasonably? You're the one that cheated. Not me. Just think about this....It'll be our last conversation because these are my last words....All i can say is....Goodbye.''
I hang up the phone and throw it down on the passenger seat

I slam my foot on the gas and scream as loud as I can and the car goes faster and faster
I grab my hair and scream louder
I push my wings out and break through the top of the car,
I fly so high it would scare you to know what I am

I hear the rustle of more wings flying to me
I turn to see Ryan flying next to me
He says, ''You should have known better than to fall in love with a human. It'll only end up getting you a lifetime of pain.''
I turn and look at him straight in the eyes and tell him, ''You would know all about that when you picked me to be your Angel....You made me this way. And Im giving it back.''
I take the dagger from my jeans pocket and stab myself in the heart as he catches me and screams into the night, ''NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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